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Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt – Kym

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt 17th January 2015
Ely, Cambridgeshire

Area: Kitchen
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ouija, Table Tipping

Group B  – We started with using the dowsing rods & pendulums, and once everyone had established their yes & no’s we asked spirit some questions.  Everyone had a male spirit, however possibly not the same one as there were 5 spirits with us.  We then moved to the Ouija table to find out some more information.  The first spirit that came through took the glass to ‘goodbye’, but almost immediately another spirit joined us.  It was a male spirit age 19, from 1594 called Hugh and had worked here, but was murdered here.  This spirit stayed with us all evening, having some tremendous fun at the end of the night moving the table all around the room.  As two other guests were holding the dowsing rods, I asked spirit to point the rods to where the spirit was standing, and asked spirit to take the glass to the nearest edge of the table to where he was standing, and they both moved/pointed to the same place.  We then had a female spirit join us, her name was Jenny, but spelt here surname as Roman, then seemed unsure.  She was from 1957, age 18, and again was murdered here.  We then had another female spirit, spelling her name as Voz.  She was Austrian, age 39 and from the year 1790.  She had an affair with the vicar and was pregnant, although had met the vicar in Austria, got pregnant there before coming here.  She lived here for 9 days, but was in England for 6 months.  She died of a disease but couldn’t establish which one.  And although she said she had had a miscarriage, she later said her child had been born alive.  One guest felt a tug on the hood of his jumper, turned to me to see where I was standing and was surprised to see I wasn’t that close.  Whilst 4 guests were on the Ouija, two other guests were trying table tipping, and the table rocked gently for a while.  When the Ouija session finished all 6 guests tried the table tipping, and as we only had 5 minutes left of our session I asked spirit to start moving the table quickly.  It did by rocking the table gently at first, and then got quicker, with only the finger tips touching the table once it got stronger.  Asking the spirit to walk the table around the room, the table chose not to and promptly rocked the table into the fireplace, which the guests thought was very funny.

Group C – Started by showing the guests how to use the dowsing rods & pendulums, and once they knew their yes & no movements they asked questions.  Again we had a male spirit with us, and asking spirit to point all the rods to where he was standing, they all pointed to the fireplace.  After everyone had been asking spirit various questions we tried the Ouija table, but unfortunately had no movement.  We tried table tipping but only had creaking and very slight movement.

Group A – Again we started with the rods & pendulums, and guests were able to ask the spirits various questions.  We had male & female spirits with us.  We then started with the Ouija and only had one movement spelling out the word ‘deaed’, not sure if the spirit meant dead.  I then suggested the four male guests seated around the Ouija table tried table tipping, whilst myself and the only female guest in that group tried table tipping on the other table.  Encouraging spirit girls v boys, which table can be moved first and then the most.  Both tables moved the same with rocking, then both stopped at the same time. Meanwhile two guests tried table tipping by themselves and were surprised by the gentle rocking with just them touching it.  We then tried all guests around the table and it started rocking quite quickly.  As the table was trying to slide, I suggested to spirit we use the Ouija as it slides better on the floor.  Asking spirit to lift the table one way to confirm okay to swap, the table lifted to confirm yes.  The table then slid all around the room, going slow then fast, twisting as well, and responding to our requests too.

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Fort Amherst – 13th December 2014 (Kerry)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Fort Amherst 13th December 2014
Chatham, Kent

Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums and Ouija board
Area: Radio Room

1st Session

At the start of the session we used the rods and pendulums and each guest had a turn at using them. We all had lots of movement on these, and guests were getting responses to questions. Kym and one of the guests picked up on a short man called Bob, around 5’6”, with a moustache and short dark hair. Another guest kept feeling cold spots on her, although the room we were in was very warm.
During the Ouija session a spirit came through but we were unable to get any facts from them as the glass kept moving to No for every question we asked! Spirit made it clear they didn’t like us being there. Kym and Nick (guest) heard one of the metal beds in the room rattling. We then started calling out and listening for noises, to which there were two taps on the wall behind me, followed by a tap on the door and the metal urn. Nick wandered to the other end of the room by the door and heard a noise from behind it. At exactly the same time Kym saw a black shadow on the door.

2nd Session

We again started this session with the rods and pendulums and everyone experienced lots of movement and responses. Guests also mentioned feeling cold spots.
A French male spirit came through on the Ouija, who used to work at the Fort. There were several attempts to get his name but this couldn’t be determined, although we established his age as being 44. He seemed to like Gaynor (guest) to ask the questions and would respond better to her than anyone else. Gaynor said she kept being touched on her left shoulder and she sensed that he was near her as she felt cold on that side. We heard a whistle in the room so we asked spirit to copy our whistles to which they responded each time. One of the guests saw a flash at the end of the room by the door and when we asked the spirit via the Ouija if he was by the door, he responded with a Yes. The ghost pro also responded to confirm this. On leaving the room at the end of the session we all heard three successive groans behind us.

3rd Session

Lots of activity once again on the rods and pendulums. During the Ouija session a female spirit called Victoria came through. She was 28, died in 1925 and used to work at the Fort. She was happy to communicate with us and responded well to our questions. We heard two loud taps on one of the metal beds at the other end of the room, and we called out asking spirit to do it again, but they didn’t. I sensed there was someone standing by the door at the end of the room and when I asked if there was a spirit by the door, the glass moved to Yes.

4th Session

Once again people felt cold spots in the room during the rods and pendulums session, despite the room being the warmest in the Fort. A couple of the guests using the rods asked spirit to point them in the direction of where they were standing, and the rods moved round simultaneously to point in the same direction.
Through the Ouija in this session we connected with a male spirit called Nigel who was 27 years old. He said his wife was called Nancy, aged 28 and they had a 4 year old son called Stuart. There was lots of information coming through and we established that they all died from TB in 1907. He said both himself and his wife worked at the Fort, he was a soldier and she was a nurse.

Kerry Gasiami
Paranormal Investigator
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Landguard Fort – 29th November 2014 (Kym)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Landguard Fort 29th November 2014
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Area: Mine Room – used to create sea mines
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Table Tipping

Group C – We started by using the rods and pendulums to communicate with the spirit with us, initially there was a female spirit, aged over 20 years, and had worked here.  Her husband had also worked at the Fort and was with us too.  We tried the table tipping and had some creaks and slight movement.  We were feeling cold touches on our hands.  We also explored the surrounding rooms too.

Group D – Again started with the rods & pendulums, we had a male spirit with us, aged over 100 years!  Not sure if that was true.  He said there were between 15 – 20 spirits with us.  He had worked here in the army in the 1900’s.  He was married with no children.  We then tried the table tipping and this time the table started moving immediately.  It would lift and spin in many different ways.  We were also hearing noises in the room near us, and out in the corridor, we were seeing shadows in the doorway, and continued to hear what sounded like people talking in the room we were in.

Group A – We used the rods & pendulums again to communicate with spirit, and it was the same male spirit that was moving the table previously.  We were hearing noises outside, very loud similar to heavy footsteps.  Tried table tipping and lots of movement as before.

Group B – Using the rods & pendulums as before, and again we had the same male spirit with us.  He said he was in his twenties, and was a British Soldier here at the fort in the 1900’s.  He said his name was Robert.  Again Robert stepped forward to move the table with us, twisting, spinning as before, slow at first, then increasing the speed when asked, and changing direction when asked.  We asked the spirit to ‘walk’ the table to the door, and it did by spinning in different directions.
During the free session i joined several groups of guests, but what did amaze me, and all others that saw, some team and guests had started in an upstairs room table tipping, however the table ‘walked’ out of the room, all round the upstairs areas of the fort, and then finishing by coming down a full flight of stairs.  Pretty incredible!

I absolutely love coming to Landguard Fort, there are always new places to explore, and something different happens every time.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
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Red Lion Hotel – 22nd November 2014 (Kym)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel 22nd November 2014
Colchester, Essex

Area: Rooms 6 & 7
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group D – We started with scrying in room 6, and instantly guests that were taking it in turns to sit in front of the mirror and those standing behind were seeing an older man, moustache and beard, droopy eyes and cheeks, and whilst the first lady was wearing glasses everyone saw them disappear.  Some were seeing icy blue eyes.  One guest felt a cold breeze past her face but nobody moved to cause it.  We then moved to room 7 to use the rods & pendulums so we could connect with the spirit more, and everyone had movement.  However just before this, whilst standing in the room, some heard a noise on the bed, similar to someone sitting down on the bed.  Some sat on the bed and it felt cold in the middle, and they were feeling movement or vibrations next to them.  We asked spirit to point all the rods (four of us holding them) to wear the spirit was, and all pointed to the middle of the bed.  We then heard scratching on the wood at the bottom of the bed.  One guest sitting on the bed asked spirit to touch her, the rods moved round to touch her.  When we all asked spirit the same questions we were all getting the same answer on our rods & pendulums.  One guest (Sam) her pendulum was moving very erratically, large fast circles, but her arm was totally still.  She was feeling a static energy going up her leg and through the arm she was holding the pendulum.  Then shortly after it was completely still.

Group E – Started with scrying and again were seeing an older man with a beard and moustache.  One guest was suddenly surprised to see the face go dark and the eyes bright white with dark circles around them.  The eyes seemed to be looking straight at her which unnerved her slightly.  Then the face seemed to change to a boy then a young male.  When using the pendulums/rods the spirit said he was from 1700’s, age 40, married and lived in Essex.  One guest noticed whilst holding the pendulum, each time she moved the pendulum towards her very slowly, the pendulum swayed away from her.

Group F – Again started with the scrying and were seeing an older man with a beard.  He had grey bushy eyebrows and a dark moustache.  Initially the moustache was described like hitler’s, but then started drooping down the sides.  The eyes were flashing bright green and white every so often.  Almost witch like.  Then the face started drooping on the left side, then on the right side.  One guest sitting in front of the mirror was feeling very tingly on her face.  The forehead suddenly seemed very large then disappeared.  One guest felt very sad, wanting to cry.  In room 7, whilst using the rods & pendulums, it seemed the spirit of Alice was with us.  She answered questions, one being that this was the room she died in.  Asking to point the rods to where she was standing, all pointed to the door.

Group A – Again in the mirror all were seeing an older male with a beard and a moustache.  White eyes too.  One guest thought she saw a woman wearing something on her head that made her look like a nun.  In room 7 everyone had their rods & pendulums moving, the rods pointing to the window this time to show where Alice was standing.  Asking if her killer was in the room with us now, answered yes.  Asked to point rods to wear he was standing and they all pointed to the door.  One guest asked for his name and got William in his head.  Asking the pendulum to confirm this was correct – yes.

Group B – Again in the mirror we were seeing an older man, described similar as before, then suddenly we saw what looked like a nun.  In room 7 we had Alice with us again, and asking to point the rods to where she was standing they pointed to between the two chairs the two ladies were sitting in.  We then heard a noise in the bathroom, the door being open, and asked spirit to point the rods to where they had made a noise and they pointed to the bathroom.  Asking spirit to point the rods to where they were going to make a noise next, they pointed to the bed, but we didn’t hear a noise.

Group C – With our last group of the night, we again started with scrying.  Some being slightly sceptical saying our eyes are seeing things, but were surprised when they started seeing the face changing.  They were again seeing an older male, described similar to the previous sessions.  We then moved to room 7 and used the rods & pendulums to communicate with spirit.  Again we had Alice with us, saying she was pregnant by the Judge, who had killed her by beating her to death.  Two guests had decided to stay in room 6, and using a a mug turned upside down on a small table they tried some glass/mug work.  They had a male spirit called Hugh, who didn’t like women.  The mug continued to moved around the table, with just the two of them touching, even with their fingers turned nail side down.  They were very surprised it even worked with a mug!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
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Police Cells Museum – 8th November 2014 (Kym)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Police Cells Museum 8th November 2014

Area: Men & Women’s Cells
Equipment: Ouija, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums
Group B – We all explored the cells briefly, and one guest felt a finger touch her throat, quite forcefully.  We then all started using the dowsing rods and pendulums to find out which spirits were with us.  One guest felt she had a teenage boy with her aged 17 however when we started using the ouija it was a young boy called Harry aged 7.  He had come here in 1934 with his parent who had been arrested.  He only stayed a short while before taking the glass to goodbye.
We then had another spirit wishing to talk with us.  He was a Prison Warden, from Poland, and had worked here for 5/6 years in 1929.  He was 23 years old with the initials V K.  Asked if he had affected the female guest earlier touching her throat, he said yes.  Asked if he had strangled someone, he said yes but was sorry for what he had done.  Whilst we were all in the cell we heard footsteps in the corridor but no-one there.  We were also feeling cold spots around us in the corridor, and some guests saw a light.
We did explore the ladies cell next door, and as some guests went to walk into the last cell, they felt a cold draught pass them and the flag hanging above the door was swaying.
Group A – Starting with the rods & pendulums we had a male prisoner with us.  We tried the Ouija but no movement.  As one of the guests from the previous group was sensing the name of a spirit in the womens cells we decided to try the Ouija there.  Although we had no movement with the glass, we were feeling cold on our legs and hands touching the glass, feeling tingling sensations in different places, and could smell cigarette smoke.  Lots of creaking and taps under the table too.
Area: Court Room
Equipment: Writing Planchette & Table Tipping
Group B – Guests Lesley, Paula & Louise started with the automatic writing and immediately the pen started moving around the paper.  They had lots of random writing but did get the initial J, and numbers 8 and 0.  We also heard a bell ring near us but couldn’t find anything to identify it.  Meanwhile near the entrance guests Karen, Justin, Paul & Terri started with table tipping.  None of them had tried this before and were literally amazed when the table started moving, more so when I stepped away and left them to it.  They all knew each other so trusted each other not to manipulate the table.  The also took it in turns with just two of them at a time and it still moved on command.  With four of them touching the table they had it spinning on one leg.  I then swapped the groups so they could try both activities, and whilst I was with the four guests doing automatic writing we could all hear heavy footsteps walking around both groups.  We heard one particular loud noise and when I went to investigate it sounded like a big heavy bench sliding across the floor, and when looking one of them was not in line with all the others.  The guests doing the table tipping felt they had a female spirit with them, the table was moving very gently, as if the female spirit was dancing with them.  Just as we were finishing a guests KII started lighting up to red.
Group A – Guests Andrew, Karen & Sue started with the table tipping and had a lovely female spirit with them, possibly the same as the previous session.  She was able to move the table everywhere she was asked, even when all the guests turned their hands palm side up.  With the other group the picture drawn looked like a male fist pointing.  Cold spots were felt and noises heard by all.  I swapped the groups over and just as I was starting with the table tipping Mark was suddenly surprised to see a  shadow behind me.  Both groups again had activity immediately, Christmas trees being drawn on the paper which was relevant to the guests, and the table was spinning a lot, and would continue to rock with just Mark & Katie.
This was a great venue, with fantastic guests, and lots of activity in every session.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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