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Oxford Castle

Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Event Showcase: Oxford Castle

History of Oxford Castle
Oxford Castle has history dating back nearly one thousand years. Experience the confines of the 18th-century Debtors Tower, long corridors of cells of the Prison D-wing, the dark 900 year old underground Crypt and the outdoor punishment cells.
There have been many reports of ghostly activity at Oxford Castle including; The Murderer Mary Blandy from 1752 walking the Castle Mound, a strange white mist has been witnessed rising up a flight of stairs only to disappear in front of witnesses, ghostly footsteps have been heard along the Prison Wing corridor and loud thumping sounds from within the Padded Cell, plus many people have experienced the feeling of being watched and followed.
Immediately upon entering the building the visitor is confronted with the original wooden floor of the treadmill. This is amazing to see what 1000’s of footsteps over a long period can do to the floor. Also as part of the prison there is a device that prisoners would have to crank/wind for no reason as part of their punishment. This is where the nickname “Screws” came from as the Prison guard would tighten the screw to make this pointless task harder for the prisoner.


Ghost Hunting
We investigated #OxfordCastle for the first time in 2018. On our site visit we encountered a sense of loneliness in the Debtors Tower and cells, plus some unusual feeling in the punishment cells.
During our first investigation in the Crypt some shadows and/or shadow people were seen. Several guests felt unwell and had to be removed from the room (they were fine after they left the Crypt).
We also had a lot of unexplained noises and voices heard in the Cells of D wing as well as the padded cell.
Our favourite areas were; The Crypt (good for seances and EVPs), the Punishment cells (good for tech, gadgets, EVP) in the exercise yard and the Cells (good for EVP, Tech, Gadgets and solo vigils) including the Padded cell. Human Pendulum and Table tilting including Ouija boards were good in the Debtors Tower and the area outside D Wing.
Currently we don’t have any video from Oxford Castle

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