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Theatre Royal ghost hunt – 23rd May 2015

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Theatre Royal ghost hunt 23rd May 2015
Margate, Kent

As a team we always look forward to our events at the Theatre Royal, as we can only visit a couple of times a year due to the venue being used until late at night. However whilst we don’t meet the same spirits we do usually have a good night and have plenty of things to write about.

As always all the guests were split into three smaller groups and each group headed off with a different team member. My area for the night was underneath the stage, which I have used on previous ghost hunts.

The first spirit that I encountered looked like a very serious gentleman about six foot in height and of a slim build aged in his mid to late 50s, notably sporting a well-groomed yet thin beard, wearing a grey three piece evening suit and top hat. This gentleman did not tell me his name but during the course of the evening he told me that he was a doctor who had a summer residence in Margate. This gent was from the 1900’s approximately.

All groups of guests were moved by this spirit sometimes he would be able to push and pull everyone in the group, other times it would only be a few chosen people. The first group everyone was moved and touched within the group when asked to be moved by the spirit and many times people were pushed or pulled to the floor or towards the direction of the theatre. The second and third groups the level of movement was less than the first group but it still affected everyone in the group. Many guests were pulled by their arms to the floor whilst others were lifted towards the ceiling.

There was also a female spirit who I first heard the shuffle of a dress, or more of a “swish” of a dress in the first session. This lady had some affinity with guests who were sisters or those guests who were related to each other, as we had several guests in each group who were related activity centred around them. Some of this activity became unwelcome and our séances had to be stopped to avoid the spirit from inflicting their anguish on the guests.

Many guests also smelt different aromas not associated with the building and some described it as “old perfume” or similar to a sweet tobacco. Since I didn’t smell it I cannot describe the smell.

After our three controlled sessions we allowed the guests to venture off on their own with our ghost hunting equipment to hold their own style ghost hunt or to experience parts of the theatre that the public never see or visit. Many guests reported strange sensations and feelings although a few had some unusual photographs.

This was another enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity felt and sensed by the guests and we look forward to returning to the Theatre Royal in August 2015.

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