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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 24th July 2015

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 24th July 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was the third time that we had investigated the Explosion Museum. The original plan was to use rooms and buildings that would be dark because it was summer. However as it turned out there was no problem with light because 24th July it rained constantly all day and it was a dark and miserable day.

Sometimes we have several members of the team present, but being July some were on holiday so I decided that Kym, Louise and I would hold two different activities in different parts of the site so that the guests could experience different aspects of ghost hunting. The first two sessions, one with each group would be a séance session, followed by a tech and gadget session both sessions would be held in different buildings.

After splitting the guests into two groups I headed off to a building known as C Mag.

We were joined by a spirit called Colin who had a Dorset accent, aged in his mid 20s and was someone who worked in this building unloading explosives. He had a colleague but this person who was aged in his late 30s was only called by a derogatory name; Stupid.

Both séances Colin and his accomplice touched, pushed, twisted and swayed people as part of the séance, many times our arms were lifted as high as we could reach and then pulled downwards so that we touched the floor.

Many guests felt uncomfortable in the room and there were odd noises heard and cold spots felt. The cold spots weren’t in the same place on each session and those who reported the coldness sometimes were the only person who could feel it. On more than one occasion people saw something that they described as a person or a shadow moving behind people. On one of the occasions a guest and I saw something that looked like a person wearing a hooded jacket, turn and walk away from the group. If the workers in this room wore felt suits which is likely during its early days then this could be an explanation of what we saw.

The following two sessions were tech and gadget sessions held in a building known as 309 which is a store room and maintenance room for all the large guns, missiles and implements of war that don’t fit in the main museum. Adjoining this building are the two former cottages.

After explaining how the gadget work and handing out kit to everyone I let people roam around the building. I had also set up a laser grid. I had hoped to use a spirit box, as it was still raining I thought it might be better to listen to that noise, but unfortunately the two spirits boxes that we brought to Gosport neither of them worked, both had the same problem which was a battery leakage. This is strange as our kit is used weekly and it was fine 6 days ago.

Nevertheless guests had lots of activity in both groups with our KII meters and Ghost Meter Pro’s (EMF meters) and had unusual spikes in the cottages. The REM Mel meter also went off a couple of times although we heard it no-one was near it on either occasion to witness what triggered it.

Many times we heard footsteps and strange bangs within the building, every time I asked the guests where they thought the noise came from, everyone pointed in different directions.

All in all this was another great ghost hunt at the Explosion Museum and we look forward to returning later in the year.

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Charlton House ghost hunt – 4th July 2015

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 4th July 2015
Greenwich, London

Since we have been to this venue before I decided to move the team around and for different activities to take place in different rooms.

This time around I used the Library for my séance sessions.

I joined Wayne & Paula for their first session in rooms that used to be bedrooms. I pointed out at various times the spirit who I could see, the first one was a stocky chap who was called Antony who was a Rose gardener and he wore a green shirt or top and light brown trousers. Wayne could sense someone in the doorway but did not know who it was.

Also when three people left the room with Paula I noticed that there were two nurses, both dressed in World War One uniforms chatting in the corridor, neither seemed to be interested in what we were doing.

The first group to the Library we started a séance on the lower level and we were joined almost immediately by a strict looking Edwardian gentleman who turned out to be a banker. He was wearing a smart three piece pin stripe suit and a top hat. Whilst he didn’t give me his name he looked to be in his late 50s. As I said at the time, he looked like the bankers from the film Mary Poppins.

The was also an old couple, walking hand in hand down the side of the room holding a small bunch of flowers, both looked to be in their 70s and the man called his wife Agatha. They looked to be on their way to church or to place flowers at a grave side. They did not interact with us.

During the séance we all heard a number of clicks and bangs within the room, one of the guests suggested that this might have been materials of the building cooling down after a hot day, although this sound was not heard by the following group. We also heard footfalls on the upper level but the sounds were not heard by everyone in the same direction.

There were a few arm movements during the first séance and some swinging of arms, this was a soldier from the First World War who was responsible for these movements although he tired quickly and the group did not encourage him to do anything.

After everyone had explored the upper level we held another séance this time sitting down and although no movement was felt by anyone it did increase the energy in the room as we heard a lot more odd noises and towards the end of the session we all clearly heard a noise that sounded like a cane being tapped on the wooden floor twice.

The second group to the Library we started a séance more or less in the same spot as the first and quite quickly people around the circle started to feel pressure on their arms and hands, but more noticeably on their backs and legs. Some people were swaying uncontrollably, others being forced towards the floor.

It seemed that those in a certain spot felt the activity greater than the rest of the guests and some of those who were being moved also felt cold spots and a general coldness (this was on a hot day where the air temperature was 26-28 degrees Celsius in the day and 17 degrees at night).

During the séance we all heard noises that sounded like footfalls on the upper level, these were in different areas to the first group and these noises sounded more complete, like proper footsteps rather than the sound of just one, like something had been dropped.

Several people had their arms moved by spirit too and swayed as there were children spirit about, although I did not see these, but other people in the group could sense them.

A few times the circle of people moved clockwise so that everyone could feel the spot where it was colder and where movement seemed to occur.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity experienced by everyone.

We look forward to returning later in the year.

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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 9th May 2015

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was our second visit to the museum and considering the time of year we had planned to use different buildings as it is light later in the evening. However some of the team who came in February wanted to use the same rooms and buildings.

I chose a building called C-Mag (Magazine).

This is one of the older parts of the museum and this magazine felt interesting. A magazines room is where gunpowder or ammunition would have been kept.

Both sessions we were joined by a male spirit called Chester who was a Navy man aged in his early 30s and quite a stern type of person from Second World War era. Chester wasn’t a talkative spirit although he did oblige when asked by the guests.

Chester was able to move the majority of people’s arms and push and pull people. Some of the movements were very gentle when moving the ladies whilst other times very forceful but this only affected the men. The arm movement was on command and the pushing and pulling back only happened to a few people, usually when they least expected it!

On several occasions a few people would be pulled to the floor by their hands and arms, this was also unexpected but not forceful, it was just like a heavy weight being applied to the shoulders, which in turn made each person slowly kneel down.

In the first session at various times we called out for spirit to repeat sounds that we were making, on one or two occasions we heard a whistle back, or a knock. All of these sounded like they came from an adjacent building although this was strange because there is no adjacent building!

In the second session although we asked several times nothing unusual was heard.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with all the guests having some form of paranormal experiences in one of their sessions.

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 18th April 2015

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 18th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

This was our second investigation in Colchester of the week as we had been at The Town Hall the night before and were hoping that the spirits would make themselves known in the Hotel.

We split everyone into 4 groups and each group headed off to a different area with different team members. I chose the cellar as always because some things happen here which do not happen anywhere else in the hotel.

There was only really one spirit in the cellar, his name was Michael and he was a Dray man (he delivered ale and beer from the local brewery). He fell to his death at The Red Lion hotel (although it wasn’t called that then) in 1833 by falling down the keg drop and breaking his neck.

This wasn’t the only spirit that made an appearance although Michael was the most prominent or the strongest energy. There were also other male spirits who lurked in the background and a couple of female spirits who made themselves known to different people.

All but the last group to the cellar there was lots of arm movement on command, with the arms of people being lifted when they thought nothing was going to happen to them, people being pushed and swayed on their feet much to their surprise and amazement. Some of the guests saw what they thought were people lurking in the shadows, or people watching them.

Plus every so often one of the grates of the keg drop is loose so when people on the high street walked on it, it made a very loud bang. This didn’t help with people’s nerves, especially when they were standing closer to it!

There were also many strange noises and whispers heard by some people but not everyone, although those that heard the sounds could not always say in which direction the sound came from.

In the second group there was a male guest who said that he felt petrified, he didn’t know why but he was afraid of something, this was apparently very uncharacteristic of him as he usually wasn’t scared of anything. After the session had ended he went outside and when he came back in he felt fine.

The last group didn’t want to be moved and every time someone walked on the grate several people screamed and jumped. However another male guest in this group during the course of the séance started acting in an aggressive manner and when I looked at him he didn’t look himself and looked very angry and had the face of someone who wanted to fight. He also reported that he felt very cold and at one point unable to stand properly. I felt that had the conditions have been right he (the guest) would have gone into a trance to allow the spirit to talk, however I also felt that it wasn’t safe to do so. After I placed this guest in the centre of the circle he regained his normal look and stance and told me what he felt, although he didn’t know why he felt so aggressive.

We have held numerous ghost hunts at the Red Lion Hotel and I have held many séances in the cellar, but never has a person felt aggressive for no reason or been affected by spirit in this way, let alone two people in different groups behaving in similar ways.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt that many people had paranormal encounters and experiences that they weren’t expecting.

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Explosion Museum – 7th February 2015 (Wayne)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February
Gosport, Hampshire

Missile Room and Cottages with Carl

Session 1
First of all we gave the guests a walk around as it was such a large area to show them where they could go and to give a brief summary of the location that we would be investigating.
A couple decided to go through to the cottages leading off from the main missile room while the rest of the guests spread out nicely throughout the area. Carl had placed REM Pods around the room, one of which he had placed on an old coffin carrier at the back of the room with an interactive bear. We also had a laser grid setup in the middle of the area. Guests were given ghost pros and K2 meters to communicate with spirit.
One of the guests in particular had amazing activity through her ghost pro, she established that a little girl named Carly aged 5 was with her and seemed to be following her as she moved around the area and the reason she had so much interaction with the guest (Stevie) was because she looked like her mum, most of this activity happened in the second part of the room but away from the coffin carrier where the REM Pod and bear had been placed. The next moment we were all called by Carl to go to the bear which was on the coffin carrier as it was alarming constantly and lit up like a Christmas tree as was the REM Pod.
Carly would then only communicate when Stevie asked a question or if Stevie asked her to cuddle the bear.
There was also another female spirit present in that area, a lady between 20-30 who could apparently see us which was established using the ghost pros.
As there were 2 spirits present we decided to use the SB7 which Carly came through on. She answered Stevie 4 times but we were unable to make out what she said but we could tell that the voice was that of a little girl with tone to her voice although some of us heard her say what we thought was her name “Carly” but couldn’t all be sure.

At the end of the session I spoke to the couple who were in the cottages for most of the time, they also found some unexplained goings on.
They had taken a K2 meter with them and started to call out and noticed that every time they mentioned the word “Explosion” the K2 went into the red so they decided to take photos on their phone whilst saying “Explosion” they had 2 pictures that were completely normal but the other 2 when they actually said “Explosion” had what looked like dust and shrapnel flying in to the room exactly as if an “Explosion” had happened outside and was blowing in to the room.

Session 2
Again we had a walk around with the guests. This time husband and wife guests managed to make contact with 2 spirits almost straight away using ghost pros.
They were both child spirits, a brother and sister that lived in the cottages but were playing in the missile room, running around and giggling. We then decided to bring the interactive bear and vibe pod over into the area where the guests said the children are playing and hiding.
The vibe pod and bear both lit up at times when it was claimed by the guests that the little girl was walking towards the bear, this was then also confirmed by the SB7 as a little girls voice came through saying “Happy” and “Teddy”.

We then lead the guests through to the cottages where again the word “Explosion” was used and triggered something as the K2 meter went into the red and almost immediately afterwards I (Wayne) had to leave the area feeling quite sick as did one of the guests.

Session 3
This last session became very quiet in the way of any activity. We had some movement on the K2s and also heard some footsteps which we all followed but Carl was at the front of the queue and saw with his own eyes a large shadow figure running through the missile room. We all went to investigate to see if anyone was in there mucking about but found no one.
We also tried for a time in the cottages with a laser grid but the only activity was with a guest that was using his own pendulum.

Wayne, Paula & Carl
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Shire Hall – 24th January 2015 (Wayne)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Shire Hall ghost hunt 24th January
Hereford, Herefordshire

Courtroom 2 and Cells with Sean

Session 1
We used ghost pros, Mel meters and SB7

We handed out ghost pros to the guests who were quite happy to go off to investigate the areas.
Near the toilet at the end of the cell corridor the guests managed to get information of a male spirit in his 30’s with a horse and cart who was hung, his wife didn’t live long after his death, they also had children and claimed to be together as a family.

In the cell areas we had good activity with guests and team experiencing feelings, smells and being physically touched.
Sean and Wayne had feelings in cell 4 of dizziness and headaches but only in this cell
Wayne used the SB7 in cell 4 and heard the name “Brian” and shortly after “get out!” came through and at the same time felt a brushing across the left ear while Sean at exactly the same time whilst standing in the doorway of cell 4 felt his shoulder being grabbed.
Paula felt “cobwebs” across her face in the cell corridor near the toilet and also noticed towards the end of the session that cell 2 had its panic alarm light on which we then turned off.

Session 2
We used ghost pros, Mel meters and SB7

Again we handed out ghost pros to the guests who incidentally we all female and in their early 20’s. Ghost pros were lighting straight away so we split the guests into pairs and put each pair in to a cell and shut the doors. They all had some communication on the ghost pros.
Sean then brought all the guests back to cell 4 and asked them to stand in a circle to build energy, which had an effect on a spirit in cell 3 as it seemed as though it was a male spirit trying to push past Wayne and Paula who were standing in the doorway to cell 4 to see the female guests. As Paula was filming she said that she noticed a feeling of tingling down the back of both of her legs and felt a cold spot behind her with goose bumps on her right hand side, Wayne was also feeling the cold spot on his left between them and noticed Paula’s hair being played with by an unseen force in the light given off by the LCD screen.
Next we noticed that cell 2’s panic light had come back on which we all investigated on each of the cells and came to the conclusion that it was impossible for the panic buttons to be accidentally pushed or leaned on and at the time we noticed the light being on none of us were near the button inside the cell.
Sean and Wayne were again both being affected by spirit in cell 4 with dizziness.
We then ventured to courtroom 2 where we had ghost pro activity once more with the name Robert or Bob being very prominent. Tapping and creaking was being heard by us all in the gallery at the back of the room, again none of us were in that area at the time.
Loud footsteps were heard and felt through the floor walking away from and down the stairway to the cells from the accused chair.

Session 3
We used ghost pros, Mel meters,SB7 and Ovilus 3

Handing out the ghost pros we had immediate activity again in cell 4 with communication from a female spirit called Veronica. She died in the 1800’s and had 1 child, she was in love with an inmate but although she carried on coming back to the lady and gentlemen guests that were both holding ghost pros that she was communicating through we didn’t manage to get any more information about her.
We then tried the Ovilus 3 device in cell 4 which amazingly gave us 3 names which were Nick, Jim and Veronica. We tried to establish which spirit was giving us these names and if Nick or Jim was the inmate that Veronica was in love with but had no more communication through this device.

We then moved the session into courtroom 2.
Wayne used the SB7 in the stairwell from the accused chair to the cells with the couple that were talking to Veronica. We established from this spirit box session that there were 5 spirits with us and that both Veronica and Jim were 2 of the spirits present as they said their names clearly and with tone through this device.
Creaking was again heard from the gallery at the back of courtroom 2 with none of us in that area.

Wayne, Paula & Sean
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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 11th April 2015

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

This was our third visit to Marwell Hall and we were hopeful that it would be as active and interesting as our previous visits, as there are certain rooms which similar activity occurs every time we visit.

As always I chose the room upstairs to hold my séances, this is the room the staff don’t like, things happen in this room, it is also the room that the window bar moved on our previous visit.

In this room there were a couple of spirits; the first one I saw was a Footman he was about 5’11” and quite portly for his height, wearing faded navy trousers with leather boots and a dark Navy jacket, he was dressed similarly to the old Royal Mail uniforms. His name was Andrew although he wasn’t a talkative person he was able to move people.

The first group there was some arm movement although by comparison to other groups this was very minor because no-one (apart from me) encouraged the spirit to do anything.

The second group Andrew was able to lift everyone’s arms and twist people’s arm in the centre of the circle. He was also able to push and rock people and in some cases pull the people down to the floor by their arms. Many of the guests felt the pressure that he was able to assert on to their shoulders to force people to move. This pressure was forceful but not malicious in nature. He was also able to pull people backwards, usually quickly and surprisingly which the guests found fun and interesting because it happened so quickly and without warning. The majority of the movements were asked for and the spirit obliged with the requests.

After we finished with the séance as this room became very hot we sat around the table and asked for spirit to make some noises or repeat our knocks on the table. Many times we heard knocks and taps that sounded like they were made from underneath the table (all our hands were flat on top). Many times when everyone heard the knocks from spirit everyone pointed to a different part of the room or the table.

Whilst we were sitting around the table there was a female spirit who seemed to affect one end of the room. She was Victorian in dress but did not give me her name, in fact she didn’t really talk to me, and she just paced around the other end of the room. I stated at the time this was probably because all the men were sitting at the same end and she was affecting the women of the group. Several people felt a coldness like someone breathing on them, however this moved around the table and one person felt a brush across her face whilst another felt a physical touch, a finger or hand poke in the back, which surprised her!

The third group to this room, Andrew made himself know and moved just about everyone’s arms, he also was more able (or willing) to move people. He pushed one person down to the floor in a very embarrassing manner and lifted another person’s left leg a few inches off the floor much to her amazement and surprise. Whilst this was going on other people had their arms raised above their heads and arms and faces stroked, sometimes this was asked for other times not.

Once again after finishing the séance we sat around the table in the hope that we would hear more noises, but alas we didn’t. However the female spirit came through again and affected the same end of the room, with various people feeling cold spots and they too said that it felt like someone breathing a coldness onto them.

After all groups had spent time with all the team members doing different activities in different rooms. We then (as we always do) allow the guests to investigate on their own in any of the areas that they have been and the guests may borrow our ghost hunting equipment and Ouija boards. Many guests had great paranormal experiences on their own or in small groups. One group used our writing planchette and had various letters and names written as well as objects that they asked to be drawn.

Another group upstairs the room that I held the séances managed eventually to get a long table to be moved by spirit.

This was another excellent ghost hunt and we are looking forward to our second visit later in the year.

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 7th March 2015

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 7th March 2015
Colchester, Essex

This was an unplanned event, this was a last minute decision to come to the Red Lion, but since there was a small amount of guests we were hopeful that we would have some interesting episodes.

We normally also film events here, but on this particular event we didn’t and from experience we know that when we don’t film something interesting happens that we wished we filmed!

Both groups to the cellar felt the spirit energies of; Alex, a well-dressed man, a true gent from the 1800’s and Felicity who was a shy Victorian dressed woman.

However the first group experienced lots more arm movement (all on command) as the spirit tried to move each person one by one, their hands lifted and usually hung mid-air. Most people felt cold spots near or beside them and others felt their heads being touched.

A couple of people heard some odd noises and towards the end of the session I and others heard a voice, it sounded like a question and it sounded like it was in the room with us. There is a newsagent shop above this cellar but the normal muffled voices didn’t sound like what I heard, if only we had videoed the session then I would have been able to listen to the volume of the sound!

As we finished the session there was a girl spirit who wanted some help, she was about 7 or 8 years old and she was looking for her nanny. Jason went back in the lower part of the cellar on his own and asked this girl to touch his hand. He felt some odd sensations and something that he described as a dog brushing past him.

Later when we were in the Restaurant doing a Ouija board session we had a boy called Timothy who like to play in this space. He was 6 years old but could not spell nor able to tell us the year he passed.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and some excellent paranormal evidence was witnessed by the guests.

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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 25th October 2014

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 25th October 2014
Winchester, Hampshire

This was the second time that we had held an event at Marwell Hall and we were hoping for great paranormal experiences that greeted our guests on the first event. However no-one could have expected or anticipated what happened.

All of my sessions were held in a small room upstairs, this room felt odd when I walked into it when I first visited the Hall in the summer of 2013, the feeling hasn’t subsided.

The first group we were joined by Thomas, a butler & footman from 1903. Thomas wore a purple suit and was aged in his early 40s. We were also joined by Bridget aged 19 who was very shy.

The group experienced lots of physical movement from the spirits which resulting in their hands being moved and people being pushed in their backs.

We then moved to sit around the table and whilst sitting here we heard many footsteps outside the door, which was strange because no-one else was on this floor and if they were standing outside the door on the small landing we would have been able to see their shadow under the door.

Our taps on the table often resulted in repeat noises in the room, none of which were on or near to the table we were all sitting around, but the noises came from the walls or the window shutters instead.

The second group had much the same type of physical movement to start with in the séance, although this time the spirit (the same spirit as the first group) was able to move more people and more forcefully. Several people were pulled by their arms to the floor, or pulled back off their feet and swayed to and fro.

Suddenly we were all shocked to hear an almighty bang and a metal swinging sound. Having no idea what this noise could be, I immediately asked Jason (GHE team, who was filming this session) and he replied that it was the window shutter that had moved. This was exceptionally unusual because for this metal bar to swing (it keeps the window shutters shut) it has to be lifted up before it can swing freely. Watch the video at

After this nerve racking séance session we decided to sit around the table and try some more table rapping. Much to my delight there were some more repeat sounds of our raps and more footfalls outside of the door.

The third group had much the same pushing and pulling in the séance, although this time just about everyone was affected. When we sat down around the table more noises were heard but they were not as loud as the previous two sessions, which was unfortunate.

After the controlled sessions we allowed the guests to investigate on their own in any of the rooms that we had used so far or return to a room with our ghost hunting equipment and experiment. Many guests had strange and unusual paranormal encounters during this free time.

We look forward to returning to Marwell Hall in 2015.

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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 7th February 2015 (Kerry)

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Equipment: Ouija and table tilting.
Location: Lab Building

Session 1

I decided to use the upstairs of the building and began the session in the room at the far end of the corridor. We started with the Ouija board and the glass started moving immediately. A female spirit came through who told us her name was Lorraine and aged 56. She died in 1865 and was connected to the building in some way, although we were unable to receive any more information from her. We then connected with a male spirit by the name of Geri. He was 24 and died in 1767. When asked if he knew the other spirit by the name of Lorraine, he said he did and when asked how he died he said he died on a boat that crashed into the harbour along with seven others. A guest then asked how many spirits were in the room, and the glass moved to 8. Geri said the spirits of the other people who died with him were all there in the room with us.
During this we all heard what sounded like a chair being dragged across wooden floorboards downstairs, but there was no one else in the building, no furniture downstairs and no wooden floorboards. The floors were all carpeted. We all found this very strange.
We moved to another room at the top of the stairs to try some table tilting, and the table started moving immediately. A slight rocking to start with, then gradually started moving faster. A guest suggested asking spirit questions via the table so we then established our directions for yes and no responses. We had Geri with us again moving the table. After a while the movements became much stronger and I sensed that a different spirit had taken over. The movements became aggressive and the table started twisting and moving around the room. At one point it was difficult to keep up and a couple of the guests came off the table as it was going too fast. This just left myself and guest, Mary, who sensed that this male energy was not very pleasant. The table then stopped suddenly and we had no more movement. All had gone quiet so we started calling out to see if we would get any noises, and then heard footsteps out in the corridor. When asked if spirit could do that again, we had no response but we did all hear quite a loud hiss and wondered where it had come from.

Session 2

We began in the room at the far end of the corridor and during the Ouija session we contacted two male spirits. The first was Dave, aged 47 who only died within the last five years. He was with his wife in spirit but had a son who was still alive. He told us that he was in the Navy and he worked on the submarines. We then had a spirit by the name of Colin who was 33 years old. He died in 1948 and was in the Marines.
We moved to the other room to try some table tilting and once again we had movement straight away. We had a strong energy with us who was able to manipulate the table with ease. It was moving all around the room, then I asked spirit to walk the table through the door along the corridor and into the room at the end, which it then proceeded to do so. It was quite a narrow corridor and guests found it difficult to move around with the table but they managed to keep their fingertips on it, and it walked right down into the other room and continued spinning and twisting around the room. I then asked spirit to walk the table back again to the room we started from and it did so. The guests all commented how amazing this was. When we were back in the room the table walked over to the window and pushed a guest against it, then gave a couple of nudges as if wanting the guest to move out of the way, which he did. I asked spirit if they were able to touch us and the table responded with a yes. One of the guests said she felt a touch on her hand. I then asked if spirit could pull one of the ladies’ hair and nothing happened at first, then I got a sharp but gentle tug on the back of my hair. All guests present were in front of me and there was no one else in the room.

Session 3

We started again with the Ouija, but unfortunately didn’t get any movement after quite some time trying so decided to try the table instead. It took a while to move but eventually it tilted up on one side and did a half spin then stopped. There were only very slight movements after that but it needed a lot of encouragement.
We tried the Ouija again and got a bit of movement initially, but spirit seemed reluctant to answer questions and all we were able to find out was that the spirit was female and aged 54.

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