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Oliver Cromwell’s House – 2nd April 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Oliver Cromwell’s House 2nd April 2016
Ely, Cambridgeshire


Having visited this haunted house before we were looking forward to another visit to see if similar activity occurred.

All of my séance sessions were held in the study and the bedroom.

We were joined firstly by a spirit called Antony who was in his 40s and from 1850s era. In most sessions Antony was able to move and manipulate people and pull them to the floor as well as move the bedclothes. Those who saw the bedclothes move were genuinely surprised, although it only happened in the first session. Other sessions people were just pushed and moved and had their arms lifted. Although in the third session people were pushed towards the door.

In the study we met a spirit called Thomas who at one time lived in the house, around 1890 and a more modern spirit from 1986 who passed away just outside the house as he was involved in a motorcycle crash.

Some of the guests who sat in the chair in one corner of the room felt uneasy, whilst others who stood in another corner became more uneasy with time. Many people in all groups felt dizzy or had headaches throughout these sessions which was unexplainable.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with many people in the free session experimenting with scrying in an upstairs room and getting some amazing personal evidence.

We look forward to returning in 2017.

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