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Beacon Hill Fort

Sunday, May 10th, 2020

Event Showcase: Beacon Hill Fort

History of the Beacon Hill Fort
Beacon Hill Fort in Harwich, Essex was originally three blockhouses, constructed during the reign of Henry VIII, following his visit to the town in 1543.

The site was chosen for Harwich Barracks. These were built in 1803. They subsequently housed most of the Harwich army and militia camp during almost the whole French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars era, and a naval signal station.

In 1889 work began on a totally new fort, which was completed in 1892. The fort saw use in World War One, and was re-adapted in World War Two. The Beacon Hill site also from time to time housed anti-aircraft guns and torpedo tubes.

The fort was finally decommissioned in 1956.

Uncertainty still surrounds the death of Gregory Chung whose burnt and decomposing body was found at the Beacon Hill fort at Harwich in 2000. A murder inquiry was launched but the inquest heard it was probable Mr Chung, 23, set fire to himself.

Ghost Activity
Since no-one has hosted a ghost hunt at this location, there currently aren’t any recommendations of where we would recommend or where we have witnessed activity.
However we are hopeful that at our planned event in September will go ahead and we will have activity in certain areas

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Redoubt Fort

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

Event Showcase: Harwich Redoubt Fort

History of Harwich Redoubt Fort
The Redoubt Fort in Harwich, Essex was constructed between 1808 and 1810 to protect the port of Harwich against the threat of Napoleonic invasion. The fort was constructed on a hill, which allowed views in all directions.

French prisoners of war were made to help construct the fort. The fort has a central parade ground. It was originally armed with ten 24 pounder cannons. In 1861 a 68 pounder cannon was added to the fort’s weapon range.

No shot was ever fired in anger at the Fort. The fort was briefly used during the Second World War to house British troops awaiting trial.

Ghostly Activity
Witnesses have reportedly seen apparitions through the windows and heard unexplained footsteps. Many visitors to the fort have also reported being touched by unseen hands in the lower casements. There have also been many other mysterious noises and apparitions seen by visitors.

The fort is well known for the apparition of a headless soldier. In 1972 a soldier was decapitated by a cable attached to a 12 ton cannon which broke under the strain. It is rumoured that this soldier now roams the fort.

Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating the #RedoubtFort since 2017 and we have witnessed lots of paranormal occurrences as we set up waiting for guests to arrive. As well as capturing interesting photos in various rooms, we often hear disembodied whistles and names being called.

Our favourite areas are; The room with all the display cases, ouija boards are good here, the room with the boat, again ouija boards and table tilting are good here. The Cells are always quite active for tech and EVP’s as is the room with the bunk beds and the very lifelike mannequin which seems to lend itself to good séance sessions.

You can watch our videos at

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Colchester Town Hall – 28th November 2015 – Steve

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 28th November 2015
Colchester, Essex


For my séance session I held all of them in the top floor flat or what used to be a flat, the two end rooms are the strangest with odd sensations being felt by guests over several events that we have hosted here.

This time though we were joined by a male spirit called Robert who was a Council Official in 1950s and 60s who was run over by a car on the high street. This particular spirit made those who encountered him feel dizzy, disorientated and made the room feel oppressive.

We were also joined by a spirit called Peter who was from 1902, he was aged about 15 and was responsible for touching some people’s bums and making odd noises.

There was also a spirit who was from Harwich and a Fishmonger who sold his fish in the weekly market.

All séances guests felt the spirit present by way of gentle arm movement or not so gentle movement with some people being pushed or dragged to the floor by their arms. Some of the guests felt the pain of the spirit i.e. head trauma. Whilst others saw things that they could not explain – a man standing at the end of the corridor wearing a Guy Fawkes style hat (flower pot)

This was an excellent ghost hunt with all guests having some form of paranormal encounter with the spirit present.

We look forward to returning to this venue

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