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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 26-10-2013 (Sue)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt Saturday 26th October 2013

Jo and I (Sue) were working in the same area of the Fort so we decided to split the groups into two smaller groups. The guests could then experience some table tipping then half way through swap and try glass work and the Ouija board.

1st vigil Group D – We began by trying to communicate with spirit via the Ouija board but we only had very light movement on the glass. I then took the guests to try table tipping. Very quickly the table was tilting, spinning and moving around the room. The table tilted towards Matt (Guest) and seemed to respond best to his masculine voice. We asked Sprit to take table to where he was stood and the table was dragged with force towards the far corner.

2nd Vigil Group A– We started with the Ouija board. I could see the energy of a male spirit standing in the doorway. I did not say anything to the guests as it seemed the Spirit man was just observing us. Then Chris  (Guest) became quite jumpy, he kept touching his face and neck. I asked Chris if he was ok and he said no it felt like someone was stood behind him and had touched his face and neck. We continued to ask the spirit gentleman questions and the planchette was moving around the board and giving us answers but again the spirit seemed to respond better when the male guests spoke. Feel spirit likes a dominant male voice. We heard the sound of feet dragging on the floor and we kept seeing a dark mass coming from the doorway to just a little way in behind where we was stood and back to the doorway again. Chris continued to feel uncomfortable in this area.

3rd Vigil Group B – Again we had good responses to our questions on the Ouija board. Then a guest (Vicky) became very emotional. Vicky said she had the feeling she wanted to cry. There was cold spots felt by several guests and again we heard the same scrapping / dragging of feet noise that we had heard on the previous vigil. The male spirit was doing much the same and standing in the doorway then just coming up behind someone. We removed the Ouija board and tried just a glass on the table. The glass instantly was drawing shapes circles, squares, zig-zag etc moving faster around the table. Myself and Steve (Guest) suddenly both looked up at the exact same time. We both see in the doorway a very large oval shape glow of light it was approximately 36” high by 20” wide. This oval shape of light moved from the doorway and travelled along the back of the table behind the guests and back to the doorway again. There are no windows and you have to walk down steps, round the corner and through a doorway to get to the area we was in, so there is no way this can be caused my natural light, also no torches were on. I have never witnessed anything like this huge shape of light before. Both Steve (Guest) and I were very shocked to have witnessed this and after describing to each other what we see, we both agreed we had seen the identical shape of light.

4th Vigil Group C – Again good movement on the glass and Spirit gave us his name as Ivan on the Ouija board. We also heard knocking coming from under the table. I had without the guests knowing stood one of the male guests in a certain position around the table (as the men seemed to be effected the most). I never tell guests what other guests had previously experienced. The male guest that was stood in this exact spot started rubbing the back of neck and looking behind him. He said that he felt someone was stood right up close behind him and it was making him feel uneasy. This is what had happened most of the night.

This was my second visit to Fort Borstal and I must admit this place has become a favourite of mine.  So many guests have been touched and have felt spirit stand up close behind them. The large white shape we witnessed move along the back of the room was amazing. We heard the sound of feet scraping on the floor and had movement on the glass and communication on the Ouija board. A very active night at an amazing location. I cannot wait to return to Fort Borstal.

Special thanks to all the guests.

Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Borstal – 27-09-2013 (Kym Paranormal Investigator)

Monday, November 11th, 2013

FORT BORSTAL GHOST HUNT  27th September 2013

I was looking forward to tonight…knew that it would be a great night!  Fort Borstal is fast becoming a special place to us all.  And with my first group ready to go we set of for the Officers Mess.  After explaining to the guests how to use the kit (Ghost Pro’s and KII’s) we all explored the several rooms off the long corridor.  With the Ghost Pro’s lit up everyone was able to ask the various spirits different questions.  We then tried the ouija board and writing planchette but no movement, however we were hearing various noises and tapping around us.  Encouraged by spirit present we tried some table tipping, and were all extremely surprised when the table started rocking very gently, with all guests touching the table very lightly.

Fort Borstal

With my second group, again after a brief explanation of kit, everyone explored the area.  We then wanted to try the ouija table and had movement with the glass immediately.  The spirit gave us T K as his initials, and aged 9.  We then felt the energy change, and the spirit confirmed he was a sargeant.  The spirit didn’t seem to want to answer any questions so we let the glass move wherever.  The glass was moving continuously in circles and when any of the guests asked in their head for the glass to stop and change direction it did, including to those not on the table.  The guests also took it in turns to ask the spirit to draw various letters, numbers and shapes – to which the spirit responded.  Or if the spirit didn’t want to draw the letter, the glass would find the letter on the table and go there.  The glass was then moved all around the edge of the table, being very careful not to drop off the side.  The glass then very quickly stopped, so the guests continued exploring all the rooms, some with dowsing rods which amazed the guests when they moved whilst they were holding them.  Wendy & Andy (guests) went down to the last room and felt a male spirit with them.  We had placed a stone on the floor earlier and Andy was asking spirit to move it, but whilst asking this he could see lights above the stone.  Andy also felt a strong blow on his neck.  Wendy was feeling very uncomfortable in that room, and after a previous bad experience at Rye Castle had decided to come and find me.  They then wanted to try table tipping so the three of us tried this, and immediately we had the table rocking gently.  I called the other guests to join us, and some more joined in.  The table continued to rock, becoming more rapid, with eventually the table lifting off the ground.

Fort Borstal experiments

With the free session I joined Wendy & Andy in the Caponier and we had movement on the ouija board.  The spirit said he was male, aged 8 and the initials T S.  Andy also heard a male groan twice.  We then tried some table tipping but with only some slight movement we decided not to stay.  I then took my first group back down to the Officers Mess and with only 20 minutes left we went straight to room 4 for some table tipping.  Immediately we started feeling the table moving: rocking gently at the start.  Then with all our fingers very lightly on the table, the table started moving more rapidly.  All of us were amazed at this.

Fort Borstal - Pendulums

A great end to an amazing night!

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Timeball Tower ghost hunt – 9-3-2013

Friday, May 17th, 2013

The Timeball Museum ghost hunt 9th March 2013
Deal, Kent

We have held several ghost hunts at The Timeball and every time something odd or unusual has happened, on this occasion it was no different. The venue is a small venue so we don’t hold fixed groups, instead we allow all guests to wander freely and I join them frequently to see if the active spirit will do some physical to them.

The first session on the upper floor a Fisherman called Frank was present, he was aged in his 40s and whilst holding a séance he was able to gently move some people’s arms. There was also a French girl present, her name was Anne Marie and she was in her 20s & wearing a blue & white dress. She had very noticeable long brunette hair. Several of the guests reported some strange cold spots.

The second session we recorded some EVP (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) experiments, however nothing notable was heard during the analysis. Whilst asking out to spirit to make some noise we all heard some gently tapping on the floor and on the table. This tapping could not be another person since the whole group were in this room at the time. We were joined by a male spirit called Daniel who was aged in his early 50s. Daniel was a very camp character and generally rather playful and sarcastic in his responses. Daniel was quite a tall slim man but had a “professor” looking hairstyle which reminded me of typical 1970s hair styles.

After this session we tried to do some scrying in one of the middle floor rooms. An older gent who was approximately in his 80s with a small face was trying to superimpose his features over a guest, but unfortunately the guest could not see it. There was also a female energy present called Maddie and was dressed in typical 1950s attire and she wore a yellow & red flower summer dress, but once again the same guest could not see any change.

The fourth session we tried some table tilting, well actually the female members of the team and guests tried table tilting with little response. There were three spirit energies present; Elisa, aged in her mid-50s who was a working girl, Jenny, a young 15 year old watched over by her father (who I couldn’t see clearly) and Daniel (the character we met in an earlier session) however the spirit Daniel suggested to me that if the men were on the table he would move it, so three of us placed our hands on the table. I was not expecting much because I don’t have a lot of luck when it comes to table movements and generally it doesn’t work for me. However to my surprise the table gently glided across the floorboards making no noise in an anti-clockwise direction and then abruptly rocked and moved in a more determined motion, all without making a sound. When asking whether the table could be moved in the other direction (clockwise) the table only rocked. After we finished with the table as no more movements were felt several of the men reported being touched in strange places, namely all below the waist, which was very likely of Daniel as he was that way inclined!

Using the Ovilus (a device that converts EMF pulses into words) several words were heard by everybody although there were no “stand out” moments. We tried some glass movements on a table and once again this only worked for the men twisting violently and the majority of the time the glass travelled two thirds over the edge of the table. Many shapes and numbers were “drawn” on command plus some other random movements.

The final session was another EVP session in one of the quieter rooms. There were several responses to the guests questions, however only one was clearly audible and that can be heard at

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt which had many memorable moments for some. We will be returning to this venue later in the year.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 30-11-2012

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

FORT BORSTAL 30th November 2012

Group B
Myself & Jo were in the Officers Mess area, and started with a seance circle.  Immediately spirit made themselves known on the Ghost Pro’s and KII’s, by moving guests with gentle swaying and arm movement.  We heard a whistle, and one of the guests reported seeing a white shadow in the corridor.  As the spirit got used to moving us, we all ended up being in very different positions to when we started.  We then tried some glass movement which proved successful, but just as we were starting one of the guests watching had her arm moved up.  We established the spirit of James was present (he had made himself known to us previously) and some of the guests had established the name Greta from a spirit they were communicating with through the Ghost Pro.  Jo stayed in the first room with some guests and continued with a séance circle. A young girl called Emily made herself known, enjoying moving the guests arms, and they had the urge to sing Ring O Roses and Oranges & Lemons.

Group C
Our second group was very large, and we started with 17 persons doing a séance circle.  Many guests were gently swayed, and some had their arms moved.  We then split up into smaller groups, with myself staying with four guests and continuing with a séance circle.  We had gentle arm movement and being pushed.  We heard what sounded like a male burp/growl next to us, and one guest had her hair tugged several times.  Jo assisted a group doing glass movement – they had a female spirit called Sam aged in her thirties.

Group A
Again we started with a séance circle, and had some arm movement and swaying.  We also heard an unexplained noise in the corridor.  We then split into smaller groups, with myself with a group doing glass movement.  We established James was still with us, and seemed to enjoy taking the glass to the edge of the table.  He continued to do this throughout and would also take the glass all around the edge of the table, quite rapidly at items.  The KII and Ghost Pro that were under the table were lit up constantly.  I then took some of the guests back to base while Jo stayed behind with some guests that wanted to try glass movement and table tipping.  Jo & guests had a very active session with table tipping.

Free Session
For the last session I took a group of guests to the Caponier for a ouija board session.  The spirit that came forward said they were called Emily age 9 and needed help to pass over.  However when I got Steve to help, he said the spirit present was a male called Geoff age 79 from 1944, and that he was tricking us.  Geoff also said he was the ‘Emily’ from the earlier séance session.  Just a reminder that spirits like to play tricks on us too. Great night again at Fort Borstal and look forward to returning.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 10-11-2012

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

LANDGUARD FORT 10th November 2012

After spending most of the evening with Steve I had the opportunity to take four guests to the Radio Control Room.  We immediately had spirit present on the Ghost Pro.  We asked spirit if he would like to communicate with us through the ouija board which he replied yes.  We had movement straight away, but very gently.  We asked for spirit to spell his name, but all we got was “yes” and lots of random small movements.  We tried the glass movement which again was very gentle and random.  Whilst doing this we were hearing noises around us which sounded like footsteps, voices and singing.  We were joined by three more guests, moved to a smaller room next door and continued having gentle movement with the glass.  After a short while it stopped and all guests split up and went off to explore the Fort. An amazing venue – too big to see everywhere in one night – can’t wait to return.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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