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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 25/6/2011

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt

After the long walk into the main part of the woods, we decided to split the group up, with 7 people in each group.

My group staying on one of the scariest and active paths, where after explaining what was going to happen we held a séance.
The energy that stepped forward was called Desmond, he was in his early 20s, about 22 years old and he stood about 6′ tall. He looked like a farm hand or a farmer. He wasn’t very communicative although had the impression that he had passed over relatively recently.
I asked the energy to step forward and give all the guests some personal evidence. This started with me and then Julie to my left, she was being pushed and pulled like a puppet, as she had no control over which direction she would be moved next I then asked Julie to ask in her head which direction she would like to be pushed. Desmond then proceeded to move her. After a 5 or 10 minutes I asked Desmond to move onto the next person, who was Carole and he pushed her forward, I said the same thing to Carole, to ask in her head, then Sean, Kym and Ellen and finally Debra. Everyone hold some gentle pushing and pulling. There were also some gentle arm movements, but these were very few and far between.
During this period we all heard some woodland sounds, but what I cannot be sure of were the lights that we saw, as the other group were much further away and out of sight, yet throughout our séance we could all see some lights like torches. The other group confirmed that they did not leave their torches on all the time.
After the séance I conducted an EVP experiment, there were several EVPs that were captured, however the best one is

Before moving off everyone took some photos and a number of Orbs were captured, some of these photos can be seen in our ghostly gallery
We then made our way down the path to join the others, after exchanging notes the other group once again went further down the path, we stayed where they had been. After a while another male energy joined us, he was a big man, about 5’7″ in height and weighing about 20 stone, to me he looked very similar to the character Ted Bovis from Hi-De-Hi. This energy did not reveal his name at the time, as he seemed very reluctant to speak to me. A little arm movement occurred, but nothing like the first energy. At around 1.30am we all heard church bells, which was unusual because we have not heard church bells at that hour on previous visits to Pluckley woods and I very much doubt any church bells would be ring at 1.30 in the morning. The other group later confirmed that they had heard the bells at that time, but did not hear them before then. There were also some lights and shadows seen behind me in the woods, this is a very thick part of the woods and it would be impossible for someone to walk in that part without the aid of a torch.
I then conducted another EVP experiment, a few EVPs were captured, once again the best is
At this point the other group came back to join us and whilst we were standing around talking another group of people that we had seen approaching joined us. These were casual ghost hunters but what I found strange is that they had no proper torches and seemed mostly scared and they had ventured into the deepest woodland with no idea where they were and more importantly no idea how to get back to the car park.
On our way out of the woods we stopped in a thicker part of the woods, as this area was recommended to us by The Royal Marines 40 Commando that accompanied us back in April as they too heard some weird sounds at this location.
Lynn sensed a female energy was around her part of the circle, however I could not sense this energy and after a while I did sense a male energy who looked scary although I suspect he wasn’t that bad. He was however about 6’5″ and very muscular and he had an evil looking face. During this séance a group of real people wondered by. The female energy that Lynn had sensed seemed scared of the male energy that I sensed. He made his way around the circle but very little movement was apparent.
Once again another excellent evening, where everyone in my group had some physical evidence, photographic evidence captured on their own cameras and some EVPs. What more could you ask for.
Spiritualist Medium


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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 11-6-2011 Lynn

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

I took my group to tunnel 11 (the Cave). We decided to go into one of the side rooms as light was still coming through the main tunnel.
We started with a séance circle, straight away a gentlemen came through who gave me his name Ted, he was about 65-70 years old about 6′ tall, silver/grey hair, he appeared to be very smartly dressed in a brown suit with a hat, he was also carrying a briefcase an old brown leather one. I asked what he was doing here he informed he was to do with the war but not a serviceman, (Anne then informed me he was a civil servant) Ted confirmed this to me. It became very dark in the archway the appeared to be 3 soldiers only one gave his name Jeff. I was asking the guests how they were all feeling and everyone felt uncomfortable as it was so dark I asked if the energies around us could give us some proof they were there. Some of the guest arms started to move upwards, Tess at this stage said she did not want this to happen to her, everyone was pleased when this happened. A female called Evelyn popped in to say hello, everyone was getting some physical proof throughout the séance.

After a short break I conducted an EVP recording and went back into the main tunnel. We decided to leave a torch on as it was too dark. As soon as we went into this tunnel I said to Sean “Hey Stu let’s get started” (I am unsure why I said this as I have known Sean for a number of years), as I looked down the tunnel a young spirit lad came walking up he said he was Stu, I asked spirit to give us some proof they were there and again Anne’s arm went up in the air as well as Lee and mine.
Another male energy came in behind me he told me his name was Terry; he was newly passed over and said he wanted help, I asked my guide to come forward to help take him over. There were some strange noises in this part they sounded like footsteps, everyone heard them but we had no idea where they came from.
After a short break of teas and coffees we were ready to tackle our next area. We were going into where Steve’s group had been, and all felt hyped up.
Straight away we lit a candle so we had some form of light we joined hands and started, Tess became a bit agitated and kept trying to pull away from the circle Sean kept a firm grip on her, both of us saw a male energy in the door where we had come from, again I asked sprit to move someone, Richard and Mark were very quiet. There appeared to be lots of soldiers standing against the wall behind Lee and myself and Richard kept shuffling and standing very straight and putting his feet together Richard said he was unaware that he was doing this, we had lots of arm movements, we asked the soldiers to come forward and talk to us, they were very reluctant to do this, we all heard what sounded like running down the tunnel. Mark started with the standing up tall, and being gently swayed, it was all very strange, after another short break I conducted another EVP experiment, everyone was very pleased to leave this area as we all felt on edge.
Our last port of call was with the rest of the group we split into 2 groups but at each end of the tunnel, I was left with just Lee, Mark, Richard and Sean, I can honestly say we did not stay here long as we all felt very uncomfortable nothing happened but we were pleased to leave.
An excellent investigation and one which I look forward to returning to.

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Perry Wood (private group) Ghost Hunt – 24/6/2011

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Perry Wood – 24th June 2011
After leaving the car park in the rain we made our way up the hill to where I have felt that it was the spookiest.

We started taking photos etc. but although some shots had orbs in them it is perfectly reasonable that some of the orbs captured could be rain droplets, however I categorise them that if an orb looks flat then it is more likely to be rain, pollen or an insect. If however it is 3D or looks more spherical then I believe these orbs to be of a spiritual nature.

Next we held a séance as my K2 metre was showing that there was indeed spiritual activity, I could already sense the energy, but I thought that it would be better to hold a séance so that the energy could make himself known to the group (Graham, Debbie, Laura & Scott). The male energy stood approximately 6’3″ in height, about 47-50 years old had dark brown or black short hair, a neatly trimmed beard and was of slim build by the name of Geoffrey. He wore a smart Green/Olive short sleeved shirt, with a black tie and had the air of authority about him. There was also a female energy present, she was in her early 20s and called Lerren, but she seemed shy and did not want to communicate.

During the séance Geoffrey started to move Laura and my hands very slowly and then twisted them until it hurt. The energy made his way around the circle trying to manipulate each person or to make them feel something. This largely proved unsuccessful, although there were little pushes or movements. Then the energy decided to do something different and make people to feel sick. He started with Laura who suddenly felt ill and nauseous. Laura said she needed to sit down as she thought she was tired, but as soon as she left the circle she felt fine. Within a matter of minutes everyone was feeling that same sickly feeling with the exception of me, but then as if a switch was turned on I too felt a strange sickness. I likened it to having a hangover and that throaty sickly feeling where you know you’ll feel better after being sick. Since this wasn’t a pleasant feeling I told the energy to stop that immediately. However shortly after this lights were seen by everyone quite close to the circle and further afield. Debbie & Scott saw lights on their own hands, Graham saw them in the distance, as did Laura who was sitting down. I didn’t see anything.

Then Graham thought he saw a real person behind Debbie as it looked solid, I decided to break the circle so that we could check and it turned out that it would have been impossible for a person to have been standing where Graham had seen something as the person would have had to have been 15′ tall, as the path slopes downwards. Various lights and humanoid shapes were then seen by Debbie, Scott and I and the whole group became very jumpy. As Scott pointed out some of the lights looked like a laser pointer or a laser target point others looked like a very bright torch. During this time we heard no-one approach or torches and since it was still raining that was unlikely.

Several photos were taken at this time and strange mists were captured, odd coloured orbs and at one point Debbie asked what she thought was Scott a question (it was a tree) but more worryingly she got an answer.

After we had calmed down we walked to the lookout point and although it seemed quite spiritually quiet there seemed to be a female energy that wanted to show her energy. As she stood just to me right I held my hand out and immediately felt her warmth. It seemed as if heat was rising from the ground, but the energy wanted to pull my hand downwards. I asked everyone else to put their hands where mine were and everyone felt the heat and the pressure. Then I asked the energy to do something, but without telling the group what I had asked for. Shortly afterwards Scott started to feel this and it became visibly apparent. Then I told everyone and they all confirmed that they too had felt the same but thought they were doing themselves. I had asked the energy to close their hands to make a fist.

When we were walking back towards the car park Graham commented that as soon as we walked from the relative openness of the lookout & what used to be a mill he felt anxious as we entered the wooded area where all the strangeness happened earlier.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves with the activity that had taken place and everyone had some personal evidence of some kind.

Spiritualist Medium

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 11/6/2011

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

When I walked around Fort Horsted during the initial meeting, I thought that the first event was going to be excellent, however on the night my expectations were surpassed as the ghost hunt wasn’t just great it was exceptional!

We split into two groups and my group headed towards the left hand flank armoury room (not sure what its proper name is) and even though it was still light outside, in this room with the torches off it was as black as it could be, you literally couldn’t see you hand in front of your face, let alone anyone else.

There was a glimmer of light entering the room from the passage way, but this too was fading as the sun set.

We started with a séance and after talking people through the various safety measures, i.e. what I would do if someone was feeling unwell etc. I asked spirit to come and join us. A male energy by the name of Mark stepped forward, he was a scruffy looking person with Black hair and a long beard and he was dressed in hippy fatigues, he gave the year of his passing as 1976 and he was in his early 30s. Mark proceeded to lift the arms of myself, Charlie (guest), Rob (guest) and Laura (guest) at first and then proceeded around the circle giving everyone some form of movement, although Rob and I had probably the most movement. Many of the guest commented that I looked like a giant in the little amount of light that was entering the room, apparently my shadow looked twice as big as me. Rob commented many times that he thought that I was looking at him, when in fact I wasn’t, this was the energy Mark who was between us looking at Rob. During this session we all heard various female voices, as if someone was approaching and the footsteps, but no one ever arrived, the other group were as far away from us as possible and they were in the mirror image room on the other side of the Fort. There was no-one else on site. Yet we also heard mumbling and other random noises which we could not account for.

After the Séance I conducted an EVP experiment, the results of which are too quiet for us to hear, even when amplified I (and the experts) can hear something, but we cannot amplify it enough to decipher what is said. However there is one example which was good enough.

After this session we took various photographs down the long corridor and along the corridor and steps that were out of bounds. (The reason why it was out of bounds was because of the war time graffiti that was written in pencil on the walls and if brushed by a coat this graffiti would be lost forever) Many Orbs were captured by just about everyone who took a photo down these corridors (the best examples can be found in our ghostly gallery) We then made our way back in the hope that the food had arrived, which it had.

The second session I decided to go to the area/room in which the other group had just come from (and they went to the area that we had come from). These rooms are identical and mirror images of each other on both sides of the Fort. As we entered the room people were looking for cave spiders and taking photographs etc. and then I suggested we hold a séance, everyone stopped moving, but the strange thing is, we were standing in a mirror image of the order we stood in the last place. That was a little bizarre and no-one could figure out how that happened because we were all wandering about and just stopped in those positions.

Even before I had started a Male energy stepped forward, he seemed to be a very strong energy. He was a well presented British solider, a Captain from the First World War, of slim build, 6′ tall with short cropped black hair with a very neat moustache and when I asked his name, he told me “call me Tarzan”.

Tarzan started pushing and manipulating Charlie, gentle pushes and then as the energy got more confident, stronger movements. At one stage Tarzan pushed Charlie and twisted him so that he was facing Tabitha, which surprised Charlie, as he came on this event as a sceptic. Tarzan then moved on to Tabitha and pushed her with ease much to Tabitha’s amazement. The energy had some trouble moving the next three people (Nicky, Kym & Laura) however they all spoke of feeling dizzy and that their stomachs were turning, as if the spirit were trying to move them from the inside out. However Rob was no trouble to move and at one point I asked Tarzan to either push or pull Rob so that it would be impossible for him to stand up without falling over. Tarzan happily complied and pulled Rob back so much that I and Laura had to hold him up to stop Rob from falling over. Rob was very impressed with this.

During this séance I had noticed another male energy, quite a large man wearing a white T shirt and boiler suit trousers, with a flat cap, roughly aged in his late 50s or early 60s, peering in from the opposite room, however this energy seemed reluctant to step forward or to enter the room that we were in. Although Tabitha commented that she felt that there was someone watching from the other room. Tabitha also commented that she thought my torch (which was left on outside the room) was moving or rocking. I do not know if this was the case because the torch was the only form of light, and it could have been a trick of the eyes. After this séance we made our way along the corridor for people to take photographs, and then made our way back to the hub of the Fort.

The third session, I decided that since the counterscarp galleries was a nasty and steep staircase that everyone would go there in one group. Once there we decided that we would split into our groups and we headed for the right hand side of the galleries. Within a matter of minutes a Second World War male energy made himself known to me, he was average build and about 5’6″ in height and had a very mischievous nature called Gerry. He started moving people’s arms, starting with Tabitha’s and mine and then gradually working his way around the circle. The he called out “Jefferson give me a hand” and another male energy joined us. From this moment, everyone was moved and then without any warning Tabitha started to laugh uncontrollably about absolutely nothing, she had no control over it, much to our amusement. Then Nicky started laughing for no reason, then Laura and finally Kym. The energies tried to make Charlie laugh but all that they achieved was making him smile a lot. At one point I heard one of the energies say “Oh Okey Cokey” and then everyone’s hands were being manipulated, as if we were doing the Okey Cokey. This proved very successful and much to everyone’s amazement and amusement.

Towards the end of this session a couple of people including myself smelt wet hay or straw, similar to a wet horse smell. Considering it wasn’t raining I have no idea what could have caused that smell, especially as it just came from nowhere.

I finished this session with another EVP experiment and the results of this are still being analysed although we have identified four spirit comments. (These will be added to the website when we have cleaned them up enough to hear the proper responses)

This was our first of hopefully many encounters at Fort Horsted and it was thoroughly brilliant, I for one cannot wait to return, as there are so many areas which we did not have time to visit or experience the energies that may have been there. A truly amazing ghost hunt.

Spiritualist Medium

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Thurnham Castle Ghost Hunt – 4/6/2011

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

When this event was planned it was March not too warm and very windy, hence why it was planned for June, however on the night it was very windy not very warm and with a threatening thunderstorm that fortunately didn’t spoil our evening.

We started with our picnic in what was the Gatehouse, as this was the least windiest place. We then climbed up to the mound for two reasons, one to look at the amazing view and two to watch the lightening from the passing thunderstorm.

From here we started the ghost hunt, as just behind the mound there was a very active spot, the reasons for this are unknown, but when we held a séance a male energy called Terry or Tel joined us, he was a solider from the Second World War, a Colour Sergeant. He stood approximately 5’11” and of medium build and was well presented. He proceeded to push Lynn and myself, but just on the right hand side until Lynn fell over. He then moved on to me but I was fighting to stand up, but remained upright, he then moved on to Kym and proceeded to push her downwards on the right hand side.

I then conducted an EVP experiment, the results are still being analysed but there are responses from spirit, but whether we can cut out the background noise of the wind remains to be seen.

During this time some people took photos, including me but as yet nothing exceptional has been noticed.

We then moved back into what was the main courtyard underneath some trees, which is always a good place to stand in a thunderstorm [sic].

From here we held another séance and Lynn sensed that a male energy was with us, she thought he may have been Scottish as he was wearing a kilt and his footwear was like a hessian cloth wrapped around his foot and tied together with twine in the shape of a boot. During this séance we all heard various noises but because the wind was quite strong and the trees were rattling (with the wind) we cannot rule out that these noises are fairly normal.

Another male energy stepped forward by the name of Godfrey he seemed to be a fun loving chap and kept showing me various battles he fought in. The amount of physical evidence was quite thin on the ground mainly because the group felt nervous standing under trees when there was a thunderstorm in the distance. The thunderstorm was quite close to us although I did not hear any thunder; the lightening however at times was very bright which we were all keen to watch.

Several photos were taken here and one or two contained bright orbs or light anomalies. These are on our Gallery page.

Our final EVP experiment took place whilst we were around the wall that once surrounded the castle, not least because it was sheltered here. There are at least two EVPs that have been captured however only one can the experts agree what is being said.

Ghost Voice captured

Spiritualist Medium

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Kings Wood Ghost Hunt – 21/5/2011

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

We started the evening with a delightful picnic just inside the woods, we couldn’t find the picnic tables, as they are painted black and the trees have grown since I was last here.
After the picnic we started the evening with a Ouija board. A male energy by the name of Peter was communicating with those around the board. He didn’t give much detail about himself as he seemed to be annoyed that were there or he just couldn’t be bothered to answer the questions. He was a tall gentleman, about 5′ 11″ or 6′ in height of slim build, with balding hair aged in his early 60s he also had a much reddened and an angular face.

After this we headed into the woods, at our first location, which was the area used in 1st World War as a launching area for barrage balloons, we came across another male energy by the name of Ezekiel who was Jewish, in his early 20s, about 5’10” in height. He proceeded to give everyone some physical evidence by pushing them. He pushed Mel (guest) until she was bent over. During this time Mel, Debbie (guest) & Lynn all smelt a very sweet perfume smell. Chris (guest) and I didn’t smell anything. At one point an unwelcome energy tried to gain the confidence of Lynn, but fortunately this energy was unsuccessful. I then conducted an EVP experiment, on inspection there were no spirit voices captured.

After this we walked further into the woods, and both Chris and I captured some orb photographs. The best of these have been loaded onto our Ghostly Gallery []

We stopped on a particular path, which when Lynn & I came here back in early April during the day we both felt uneasy and Lynn kept looking behind her, even though we both knew that there was no one behind us. The area that we had chosen to stop was the main settlement area when these woods were heavily inhabited.
Firstly a female energy who was a well-covered lady, who was wearing a blue and white striped dress with a white pinny, her hair was dark and tied back into a bun. She was about 5’4″. She seemed to be a farmer’s wife; she gently gave everyone some physical evidence in the form of gentle arm movements and gentle rocking. Then I noticed a male energy had joined us. He was a fairly stocky gentleman, about 5′ 8″ and he was the female energy’s husband. He carried with him a shepherds hook or staff and was wearing light brown or beige shirt, dark brown trousers and what looked like homemade boots. He was a very strong energy and he manipulated everyone in the circle by pushing them backwards, nearly to the point of falling over. Afterwards I conducted another EVP experiment, when I played back the recording at the time we could all hear there was a response after Lynn’s question. The result of that can be heard at []

During this session we all heard what was definitely an animal sound, but none of us could identify the animal. It sounded like a very loud cricket. As it turned out this is the sound of a Nightjar bird.

After a long walk back to the cars for tea and coffee, everyone was tired from the walking, but had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Spiritualist Medium

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Pluckley Woods Ghost Hunt – 14/5/2011 Lynns Report

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

The evening was nice and calm we had had quite high winds during the day, but when we arrived at the woods it was calm. We had 11 guests with us for the night’s investigation. Also present was Steve and myself.

My group which included, Heidi, James, Matt, Joe and Katie went our separate way; we went into a part of the woods that we had only investigated once before.
We got ourselves sorted Joe and Katie had not been on a ghost hunt before and Joe was sceptical but was very open. We started with a séance circle, within 10 minutes an energy came through behind Katie, he gave his name as Jeff, he appeared to be late 20s was about 5’10” could not make out when he had passed, he just stood looking at us. A few minutes later another energy came behind Joe this was a lady called Evelyn, I could not get her age but would have said she was about 55, 60 years old, I asked the group how they were feeling Heidi said her back was very hot, no one else reported anything.

I asked Evelyn if she could give us some evidence that she was there with us asked if she could move someone, push them or touch one of us, straight away Joe and mine arms started to move up Joe was speechless, I let my hand go limp so Joe knew it was not me doing this, I thanked Evelyn for her effort and asked if she could do anything else, at this point, Joe was started to be turned towards me and his arm was still be moving up and down, I asked spirit if they could move anyone else, Matt who was standing next to Joe noticed a strange feeling in his arm it then started to move upwards as well, at this point I noticed another energy behind Heidi, I asked Heidi if she was OK, she said that she still felt very hot on her back I explained there was an energy behind but was unable to tell her anything about them as they would not show themselves to me, I asked this energy if they would be able to give Heidi some prof that they were there by either moving Heidi or lifting her arms, spirit coopered and went on to move Heidi and James arm up, the only person at this point who had had no evidence was Katie, I asked spirit to please move Katie in some way and both our arms were lifted, poor Joe and Matt were still being turned and having their arms moved this went on for some time. Heidi said that James and her arm was now swinging back at forth,
Joe and Matt arms were now being swung quite violently I asked spirit to please be a bit more gentle, they did not oblige. I decided at this point to thank spirit and asked everyone to drop hands.

We took some photos (many orbs caught on camera) and made our way out of the woods to the footpath as we were making our way down all 5 of us noticed a very sudden drop of temperature, I suggested we did a séance there. As soon as we started Joe had the sensation of being pushed by the shoulders down into the ground, all 5 of us heard running in the wood were we had come from. Joe said that it was no way an animal as there was only 2 foot steeps, (there was no way a human could have been running in there as the trees were very close together and there was no torch). I must say at this point I felt quite unsettled and made the suggestion we went to find then rest of the group.
Everyone said they had had a good hour and was looking forward to the rest of the evening.
Joe said he was definitely a believer now.

Trainee Medium / Paranormal Investigator

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Pluckley Woods Ghost Hunt – 14/5/2011

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Pluckley screaming woods never cease to amaze me, this time our ghost hunt was split into two groups, with Lynn taking 5 people to a different part of the woods. My group continued further into the woods to the particular area where we have had so much activity in the past.

The séance started off quite normally with some gentle pushing and pulling and gentle arm movements, but as time went on the movements were getting more defined and forceful, the energy that was responsible was a male energy about 5’10” in height and of slim build and looking at him I would have put him in his early 30s. He was dressed as a typical farmer of 1870s and was wearing a white shirt and green/olive trousers. He gave his name as Mark, and as soon he became aware of what he was able to do, he began pushing Diane (guest) and Graham (guest) into extreme positions, whereas I, Chris, Debbie, Zoe & Kim (guests) were just gently rocked. During this period of time we all heard various noises from within the woods, some sounded familiar (like rabbits etc.) but some sounded unusual including some voices, which were not coming from the direction of the other group. At one point something touched me on the back of the knee which startled me, as I thought it could have been an animal, but it wasn’t. I don’t know what it was but it felt like a hand.

I then proceeded with an EVP experiment, and although I can hear noises after people asked their questions, it is too quiet to be able to understand what is being said.
Once the other group joined us, we continued down the path to where we heard the female scream on a previous ghost hunt. The energy that joined us here was very forceful and pushed some of the guests to the ground. This séance circle was split 50/50 between gentle movements and harsh movements. Fortunately I was on the gentle side and a male energy by the name of Thomas made himself known to me. He was quite a tall (5’11”) stocky man who was mostly bald and had a very wicked sense of humour and he knew what he was able to achieve with us. During this very energetic séance we didn’t hear too many unusual noises until we had nearly finished. It sounded like a circus in the distance, not too far away, but we could hear music. Bearing in mind this was 1.30am the likelihood of it being music in these woods is slim, because we met the Police back at the cark park who were in the area looking for anything unusual, they were just checking the area as they do every weekend. Once we finished the séance I conducted another EVP experiment and the results from this session are much more audible. and there are two more which were captured but the Ghost Hunt Events audio expert and myself cannot agree on what is being said.

All in all another excellent night of ghost hunting in Pluckley woods and everyone had some form of evidence, two people had some really excellent evidence because they were pushing to the ground and one of them (Joe) couldn’t get up immediately.

Spiritualist Medium

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Pluckley Woods Ghost Hunt – 23/4/2011

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Well where do I begin? It was a fantastic night not least because of the spiritual activity more on than later, but also because we were joined by some members of the Royal Marines 40 Commando who informed me earlier in the week that they would be in the woods. I was told “don’t try and find us, we’ll find you” and they certainly did within 5 minutes of us being in the woods, which I thought was quite impressive because we didn’t see or hear anything until they turned their torches on, we probably walked straight past them after leaving the car park!

We headed for an area where we have had excellent experiences in the past and this was no exception. After a quick rundown of what I intended to do and what is likely to happen to those within the circle we started holding a séance. Almost immediately a male energy made himself known to me. He stood approximately 5’6″ aged in his late 50s or early 60s, quite a bald headed man with patches of hair and quite gaunt looking. He gave his name as Jeffery and he made a point of telling me that his name was spelt with a J. He also gave his date of passing as 1910 and he was a local baker. He very quickly started pushing Andy (guest) to my left and without me asking (although Andy did) he moved our arms slowly upwards. After this Jeffery made his way over to Ruben (guest) and started to gently rock Ruben, much to his surprise and then moved Rubens and my arms. The male energy was quite reluctant to move the female guests at first but after a while and with some encouragement Jeffery began to move Lynn’s (Paranormal Investigator) and Ruben’s arms. During this period of spirit manipulation we all heard noises in various directions but mainly in the thicker part of the woods. These noises sounded like people walking through the undergrowth, but the Marines who were watching, soon ventured in the direction of the noises with their torches and they saw absolutely nothing. The noises also continued when a torch light came on which if it were an animal I would have expected the noise to stop. There were lights (possibly orbs) further down the path, Justine (guest) saw these on a number of occasions, as did the Marines and every time they (the Marines) investigated and reported that they could not see anything.

Another male energy that was in his early 20s came to join us, but the only information he would give was Henry as his first name. He was a lot stronger and had no difficulty in moving Ruben, Andy and myself. Both energies continued to move everyone for quite a while, during this time though the noises in the woods were getting louder and or nearer but these noises did not sound like animals or people as it was not consistent with footfalls.

Just before I was about to break the circle I saw a huge flash of light in the sky above the tree tops which was some distance away (It was a cloudless sky and no aircraft had been heard flying overhead). The Marines and Andy also saw this flash of light but they did not know what it was, as I thought that maybe it was something to do with the RM as there were a number of them in the woods.

After undertaking an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment, I decided to play back the recording to see if we could hear anything, we all heard one particular answer to a question asked by one of the Marines ([There were three EVPs captured during this session] Lynn asked to use the K2 Metre (EMF) and the results were quite astonishing, although the energy did seem reluctant to step forward at first.

After a short break I decided that we would head further down the path which is the direction in which several guests and the RM had seen various lights, this was also the same place that I (and guests) had heard a female scream the last time Ghost Hunt Events investigated Pluckley woods.

During the séance held here there were a couple of energies that had stepped forward but none were giving any definite evidence at first, although the K2 Metre was showing sustained and persistent activity. Some of the RM had joined in and as soon as two male energies joined us from the same direction that we had come, everyone’s arms lifted almost immediately to shoulder height. The two energies were dressed like woodsmen from late 19th Century but they did not reveal their names or any personal information. During this séance there were several noises but once again they didn’t sound like footfalls, more like something being dropped from waist height. There were also mist formations according to the guests and RM, although I did not see anything. We broke this circle quite early, or earlier than planned because the RM wanted to take us to a particular part of the wood where they had experienced some strangeness before we had arrived.

This part of the wood was very dense with small trees and plants and extremely dark. Almost immediately after creating the séance circle I had a strange sensation that I had lost vision in my right eye, a couple of the RM had either pains shooting down their backs or a dizzy sensation. A female energy had joined us; she gave her name as Marie and 1946 as the date of her passing. She was a Land Girl during the war years in and around the village of Pluckley and was dressed in a white/beige top and a dark green skirt. She appeared to be in her early 20s (although she didn’t tell me her age, but then again I didn’t ask – you should never ask a lady her age!). Marie quickly moved behind Justine and began to give gentle but definite pushes on Justine’s back and some slight arm movement. Marie also moved other people within the circle but this was brought to an abrupt stop because a less than friendly energy appeared quite close to the group. At this point more unusual noises were heard and many members of the group commented that it had got much darker (I couldn’t tell as my right eye was still not working properly) but the K2 Metre which was on the ground was flashing continuously, firstly just to the orange light (in the middle of the scale) then the red light (the maximum). Whispers were also heard and mumbling which seemed to come from all directions. The RM once again investigated as they thought they could see something behind where they were standing, but every time they moved in one direction the sound came from a different direction. After a while it became apparent that this is all the evidence we were going to achieve, which was fantastic since those noises were not created by something in the physical, at one point we all heard a male scream or shout and I decided that I would conduct another EVP experiment, this time the guests asked questions of a similar nature and I have captured four EVPs (these will be on the website, Facebook and YouTube as soon as possible [1-2 days] after publishing this report).

All in all everyone including the RM Commandos enjoyed the evening, as it was filled with spiritual activity right from the start, possibly the most active night that Ghost Hunt Events have had at Pluckley screaming woods.

Spiritualist Medium

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Kits Coty Ghost Hunt – 26/3/2011

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

After leaving our cars we walked down the road to the
Countless Stones (a.k.a. Little Kit’s Coty) during the séance there a female
energy made herself known to me, she stood about 5’5″ and was of slim
build and about 55 years old. She looked like a typical grandmother, she also
had the air of calmness about her, at this time two guests noted that they
could smell an ‘old fashioned’ perfume or a smell like talcum powder. Kayleigh
(guest) also said that she felt warm and cosy. The weather was windy and
slightly chilly with rain in the air, although it wasn’t raining. Lynn (seasoned
ghost hunter) said that the name Hetty seemed appropriate, however this was not
confirmed. Natalie (guest) who was standing to my right, felt a very warm
sensation through her arm, as did I. This was attributed to a male energy who
was standing behind me, he was in his early 20s and from 1870s, he proceeded to
move various people’s arms to my right, mainly Rochelle (guest) and Natalie.

There was also a 3rd energy present, another male
energy who stood at the entrance fence, he was in his mid fifties and well
built in stature, about 5’10” in height and was dressed as a typical
farmer, he seemed to be just watching what we were doing.

Louise (guest) who was standing to my left kept being pushed
forward by spirit, and in fact every time this happened Louise looked behind
her to see what it was!

A couple of guests also noted that when spirit were moving
their arms that they either felt a warm sensation or that they felt sick, after
I reassured them, they were fine. During the séance I asked whether any of the
energies could make a noise that we could all hear (bearing in mind we could
hear lots of traffic noise). At various times noises were heard by one or two
people, these ranged from either stones being thrown, or sticks being snapped
to quite a loud groan or huff that everyone heard. Most of the noises seemed to
come from behind me in the field between us and the road (which was quiet apart
from the odd car). When we moved closer to those railings the noise then seemed
to come from the entrance, which is where the groan came from in the first
place. I decided at this point that we would break the circle and see what we
could pick up using dowsing rods and EMF metres. There seemed to be a line of
energy which did not go through the centre of the Countless stones but right
alongside in a southerly direction. There were electricity pylons overhead but
this line was not parallel to them, in fact using the EMF we could not detect
anything from the overhead cables. After an EVP experiment we decided it was
too windy and headed towards Kit’s Coty.

Whilst walking up the path to Kit’s Coty, many people noted
that it felt like they were being watched or followed, about half way up I
decided to hold a séance because when I walked the path in the daylight I too
had those same feelings of being watched or followed. Not much happened during
this séance, mainly because most people looked scared or were very apprehensive,
nevertheless Rochelle’s torch, which was beside her feet suddenly switched
itself on, which made everyone jump. Whether this was spirit or not I have no
idea, but it was strange. Rochelle also tried to capture the séance on her
video camera, but after a very short time (less than 5 minutes) the battery was

Once we had made it to Kit’s Coty (which is quite a steep
path) we took in the views across the Kent countryside and then since it was
still windy I decided we would hold a séance on the footpath out of the wind.
This was a strange séance, because although I could sense the energy, it was if
they didn’t want to communicate, I said at the time that it seemed immature,
Kayleigh said that she felt as if she could bawl her eyes out. However the
energy did start to move various people’s arms and wobble them, much to their
amazement. Shadows were seen up and down the path by those people either with
their backs to the path or those looking in those directions. Lynn was standing
outside of the circle but after a few minutes she decided that she wanted to
join is as she did not feel safe on the outside.  The energy responsible was a boy called
Timothy who seemed to be lost, he was about 6-8 years old and had blonde hair.
He said to me that he was looking for his mummy. I asked my guide to find his
mummy and bring her to him so that he could go to wherever he was meant to be.
After that happened it was quieter, so we broke the circle and walked up the
path onto Blue bell hill and walked down this hill back to the cars.

Everyone enjoyed the experience and once again proved to
them that ghost hunting doesn’t have to be scary. Several guests were taking
photos and the ghost voice result of the 1st EVP experiment is on
the Ghost Hunt Events website.

Spiritualist Medium

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