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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 10th January 2015

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 10th January 2015
Rochester, Kent

This was the first public event of 2015 and Fort Borstal is a favourite location for many of the Ghost Hunt Events team we were all hoping for a good start to 2015. We were not disappointed.

We were joined by a mixture of familiar spirits and new / unknown spirits but the general theme seemed to be a physical one.

The first group consisted of lots of arm movement and people being pushed and pulled by spirit. Some of the guests heard odd noises and seeing shadows in the entrance to the room we were in. Several people were pushed to the floor, which is not unusual in this room.

The second group received lots more arm movement and pushing by spirit. This time though it was a little different as everyone was being pushed or pulled in a different direction, most people ended up against a wall. Two people who ended up on the floor (usually spirit stop affecting people once they are on the floor) were pushed continuously until they were lying down, which was a little strange.

Noises were also heard during this session which had no explanation.

The third group received some arm movement and pushing but a lot less than the previous two groups. However the people either side of me were pulled down towards the floor but there were little movements elsewhere in the group. This was caused by the group not encouraging the spirit or in some cases not even speaking at all.

The free session which we always hold after we have held our controlled sessions, I joined a group in the same room that I held the séances.

Once again lots of arm movement and pushing and pulling sensations. We were joined by a spirit that I had seen in earlier sessions. He was called Porker (a nickname) about 5’9″ in height, very portly, bald head, but a full beard. He was a prisoner who was conscripted to build the fort. During the séance there were lots of surprising movements, people who were standing firmly one minute, the next pulled to the floor and twisted with other who were already on the floor. Towards the end of that session everyone was pushed or pulled backward until they were against a wall. This is possible in this room because it is not a square room. One person had to be removed/rescued from the séance as she was affected by the spirit and was shaking uncontrollably. Once removed from the séance circle she recovered from these effects.

This was a brilliant start to 2015 with lots of paranormal encounters experienced by the guests. It was also the first night that we had VIP guests. For more info on this see

There will be a separate report from the VIP guests.

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Fort Borstal – 31st October 2014 (Kym)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Fort Borstal 31st October 2014
Rochester, Kent
Halloween Special

Area: Counterscarp ‘Dungeon’
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette & Glass Work
This was a new area, of which we had only investigated on our recent live event, so was interested in what spirits liked to do here.

Group D – We started with the writing planchette as some of the guests had done that before, but unfortunately initially no movement.  We then switched to glass work and we had a male spirit wishing to communicate with us.  He had been married with children, lived in Kent, had passed over from an illness before the 1800’s, he was over 60 years old.  Asking spirit if they would like to use the writing planchette, with a yes we tried again.  We had a lot of writing, his initials were possibly M or W, he wrote the guests initials, he also copied a triangle and number 8 that I had drawn on a pad, not showing the guests, on to the paper.  He then copied what the guests were thinking in their head.  The planchette started tipping up randomly too.  We did hear a bang in the room next to us.  The spirit finished the session with lots of random patterns on the paper.  The spirit felt happy for us to be there.

Group A – Started with the writing planchette, and again received lots of random drawings, nothing too specific, except one of the guests initials when asked.  Some guests were using the rods and pendulums, and were asking spirit questions.  Two guests, when comparing information after, had both got the initial D for the spirit, and the name Daniel.  Remembering my previous session, we had got the letter D a few times on the paper.  Just when I thought it might be a good time to experiment, I asked Carol (guest) to write something down for the spirit to copy (she was standing away from the table), and at that point the planchette stopped, and Louise (guest) felt a thump on her side.  It was as if the spirit thought “sod this, I’m off!”.  We did get some slight movement with the glass, but decided to try table tipping briefly.  Just before we started though Emma (guest) heard a gust of wind pass her (no windows/doors open to cause this).  We did get quite a bit of lifting on the table.

Group B – Glass work – drew the letter I for initial – name Ian – yes.  British soldier connected to the fort, fought in France in WW1, but died in Kent of natural causes aged over 70.  He died in Medway Hospital, and at this point one of the guests, Amanda, asked if she had cared for him when she worked there.  Yes – in Keats Ward where she worked.  Asked if Byron ward – no.  He died in 1999 when she was a student nurse there, but she couldn’t remember him as she had cared for the elderly and many had passed.  He did confirm there were 9 spirits with us, and he knew them.
Group C – With my last group we started with the rods & pendulums.  Again asking spirit questions.  We tried the writing planchette but had no movement.  Tried the glass, and had some slight movement, but not enough to ask questions.  We then tried some table tipping and had a few lifts/tilts.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Borstal 30th August 2014 – Paranormal Investigator Kym

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 30th August 2014
Rochester, Kent

Area: The Cartridge Stores
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ouija

Group A  – Tonight I was lucky enough to be in a new area, and with my first group we started with using the pendulums.  Everyone started receiving movement, and once they had established their yes/no answers we asked the spirits questions.  Various spirits joined us, male & female, old and young, we had 9 spirits with us in total.
We then tried using the Ouija table and after a short while the glass started moving.  However after about 20 minutes of random words coming through, it seemed the spirits were staying with us briefly, then changing over.  We did notice the table creaking a lot from the frame underneath throughout.

Group B – With my second group again we started with the pendulums, and guests were able to ask the spirits questions about who they were.  We had similar responses to the first group.  We did then try the Ouija table, but only received one slight movement when just two people touching.  Again the table was creaking underneath.  We did then spend sometime on the Gun Emplacement area above, and some guests kept seeing a white shadow.  When we returned downstairs to return equipment to our room, two guests heard an unusual noise, growl/stomach noise.
Free Session – I joined most of the guests back in the cartridge stores as they had been trying to get some glass movement.  Again we had some slight movement, but as the table kept creaking underneath, we tried some table tipping.  However the table only lifted up once.
Interesting area, and one I look forward to returning again.

Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 21-6-2014

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 21st June 2014
Rochester, Kent

This was a combined ghost hunt and paranormal investigation night and we had set up six of our cameras so that the whole of the Officer’s Mess could be monitored from one room, the object of the night was for one group of guests to investigate the Officer Mess rooms whilst another group watch them and see if any paranormal activity occurred.

Whilst two groups were investigating the Officers Mess the other two groups of guests would be engaged in ghost hunt sessions, with one group table tilting and trying communication in the Caponier and another group in the Counterscarp galleries engrossed with séances.

I joined the first group in the Counterscarp Galleries where Jo was starting the séance as the second camera operator, there were two spirits, one a familiar male spirit who is called Captain Daniel Bedford and another prisoner spirit called Munro who I have never seen before. Both spirit energies were able to lift the arms of the guests and pull them backwards and forwards and even pull them to the floor by pushing their knees and pulling their arms down.

The second session I joined Kerry in the Caponier who was trying to get the spirit to communicate via Ouija board and glass movements or table tilting. Kerry’s first session the spirit were reluctant to move anything however the Ouija board started promisingly but didn’t last long. I then suggested that the two tables were placed in the corridor with half the guests on each table and I would try to start one table and Kerry on the other. Eventually a spirit was able to move the tables, which started with Kerry’s table first and whilst they were being spun around our table started to rock and wobble. It took a while but eventually the spirit managed to lift the table. Many times though this seemed to only want to move in one direction; towards the floor. After some encouragement from the guests the spirit did start to obey the instructions and eventually we had two tables being moved and twisted and turned in the corridor to the Caponier.

For the two final sessions I held my normal séances in the Counterscarp Gallery.

The first group we were joined by Captain Daniel Bedford again and he was able to lift all of the guests arms on command and once he moved all the guests he quickly moved on to pushing people, which I had requested. Many of the guests found this fascinating because they could feel that I was not manipulating their hands as I was barely touching them yet they were being pulled backwards or forwards and their arms were being stretched and pulled in all directions.

Jason (GHE Camera) then suggested that the spirit pull us to the floor, the guests liked the idea of this and asked as well and within a few minutes several people could feel pressure on their shoulders, backs and knees and then one by one we were all being pushed to the floor. This started as a gentle manoeuvre but once the spirit had pushed everyone down he continued to move people on the floor or used other people’s arms to push them further to the floor. This continued until everyone had been pushed to the floor and against the walls.

The final group to the Counterscarp gallery we had some gentle arm movement but nothing of the calibre of the previous group because none of the guests asked to be moved in any way. The only exception was the guest standing to my right who was pulled and pushed until his back was against the wall, but he was the only person who was moved in this way.

After these controlled sessions the guests were allowed to explore the areas of the fort that they enjoyed during our controlled sessions.

I joined the majority of the guests who were in the Caponier participating in a human pendulum experiment.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and paranormal investigation where the majority of the guests had some form of paranormal encounter or something happen to them that defied logic and gravity or was just unexplainable.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 18-4-2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 18th April 2014
Rochester, Kent

This particular venue is a favourite with many of our team, the reason behind this is that we now know what areas of the Fort are the most active and can more or less guarantee some form of paranormal activity when in those particular areas. We look forward to every visit because this fort is very active, very haunted and although we know what to expect, we still get surprised by what happens to the guests.

As always I choose to hold my sessions in the Counterscarp galleries, not only is the area very interesting as it involves walking through a very long tunnel, but it is also the most physically demanding as the staircase goes underneath the dry moat. The level of activity here changes from one investigation to another although there are always similar experiences felt by the guests.

The first group we encountered a male spirit who I have met before in this particular part of the Fort. His name is Biffa or Bernard to his mum, aged in his 30s and another spirit called Justin, both it seems were prisoners who were put to work to build the fort in the late 1800s.

The séance session started with some gentle arm movement, mostly on the instructions of those who asked for it, those guests who didn’t say anything or encourage the spirit to move them remained stationary. Once those guests who were actively encouraging the spirit to move their arms they then asked for the spirit to move or push them. Within a matter of minutes several guests were being pushed, swayed or pulled backwards. Some people were also being moved in circular motions.

The second group to the Counterscarp galleries felt some movement but the majority of the guests wanted to ask questions and conduct their own ghost hunt and use their ghost hunting equipment. It transpired from their questions that the spirit that was present was also a prisoner who had murdered his mother, a dog and prostitutes of Rochester. This spirit died in prison.

On our way out several of us clearly heard footsteps behind us as we walked out of the tunnel and back to the main part of the fort.

The third group we were joined by a familiar spirit (to me) his name was Captain Daniel Bedford, a First World War soldier. Daniel started to move the hands and arms of the majority of guests which quickly transpired into twisting people’s arms together. Several times the people either side of me felt a weight in their arms which resulted in us being dragged down to the floor by our arms. Michelle (guest) said that she didn’t want to face the floor but no matter how many times she said this and resisted the sensation, she ended up on the floor!

Many people of the group were being pulled downwards by their arms, but once on the floor the movements continued and several guests and I were pulled backwards so that we were lying on the floor. This has happened before but never have so many people been involved, it was a chaotic scene with people not only on the floor but arms entwined and to the point where none of us had any idea how we could untangle ourselves and remain holding hands. The spirit however knew exactly how to untangle people, although this wasn’t a quick operation.

At the end of this séance session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. The results of this will be published at a later date.

Unusually I decided to hold another séance with the intention this time of the spirit moving everyone in turn so that all the guests could feel and hopefully know that they were being moved by unseen hands rather than being pulled by someone they were holding hands with. Daniel complied with this and moved everyone in more gentle ways by pulling them backwards so that each person had to take a step back to avoid falling over. During this time and to avoid people being consciously aware that they were moving all the instructions to the spirit were asked by me as thoughts, therefore none of the guests knew who I was asking Daniel to move, the guests only knew it was them when they found themselves being moved!

At the end of our controlled sessions, we allow the guests to go to the areas that they want to, to conduct their own ghost hunt or to experience a particular area on their own. I joined a group in the Caponier during a Table Tilting & Ouija board session.

As soon as I entered the room I saw a spirit that I had not seen before. He was called Cecil, who was a well-spoken Second World War soldier who was busy moving a table at guest’s request.

I also joined in with the Ouija board which is something I don’t often do, because as I was explaining to the guests I ask questions about things I want to know the answer to, not what the spirit did when they were in a physical body nor anything to do with my life. I want to know the answers to questions which are more spiritual in nature. The spirit energy who was called Robert, another World War Two soldier answered by using the letters and numbers of the Ouija board. Below are the questions and answers.

Q: What colour is the sky in the spirit world?
A: Red.
Q: How many levels of the spirit world exist to your knowledge?
A: 3
Q: What is the largest animal in the spirit world?
A: Oup, a whale

After asking these I then asked the spirit to use the numbers as a scale of difficulty (0-9) for different activities that we ask of all spirit.
Glass work = 3, EVP = 7, Table tilting = 8, Ouija board = 3 or 4, Séances = 9, Manifestation or moving inanimate objects = 99

This was an excellent ghost hunt, with lots of people feeling, sensing and experiencing paranormal activity first hand and participating in paranormal experiments that they had not encountered before.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 8-3-2014 (Kym)

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 8th March 2014
Rochester, Kent

Area: Officers Mess Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette

Group C  – handed out rods & pendulums, explaining how to use them.  Guests stayed for a short while outside room 1 using these, then went off to explore.  Guests were continually amazed to see the rods and pendulums move – especially when they established a yes & no. We tried the writing planchette, and glass on table but received no movement, however we moved the table to room 6 and the glass started moving.  The spirit was willing to answer questions by moving the glass to the light for yes, or away for no.  The spirit confirmed he was a prisoner, had murdered someone, was in his twenties, had died in the prison, and his initials were G O.  Asked if he meant “go” – he said no.  Some of the guests felt they were being touched.  As the questions being asked (and not answered) were about his death, to lighten the mood we asked spirit if they wanted to play with the glass – in answer to this the glass started moving in rapid circles.  All guests took it in turns to ask the spirit to stop the glass and change direction – to which it did.  The glass also started twisting around, with the guests moving around the table with the glass.

Group A – A sheep had been spotted roaming the fort when we finished the last session, and being told that it could be in our area, we was very cautious when entering.  I think I was more scared of a sheep jumping out on me than a ghost! With no animals found we started with four guests trying the glass work, whilst the other four tried the rods & pendulums.  I went back to check on guests with glass, and after encouraging spirit to come forward we had some movement, but only for a short while.  I then swapped the guests over, and although we did receive some glass movement, the table started rocking at the same time.  We tried some table tipping but only received slight movement.  All the guests then explored the area with rods & pendulums, I also handed out some Ghost Pro’s and KII’s.  We had two spirits come through on the ghost pro’s; male in his thirties – worked as a cook at the fort, and female who worked at the fort for Sgt Andrews.  Asked if she had passed to the light, she replied yes.  Asked if with her loved ones, replied yes.  Asked spirit to touch any of us or make a noise – we heard one bang.  Asked spirit to repeat with two bangs, but heard nothing.

Group B – We started with all guests at the top of corridor using the rods & pendulums – and were amazed to receive lots of movement.  Myself and guest to my right both felt a cold breeze on our hands holding the pendulums.  The rods & pendulums were moving on command which amazed many.  Some then tried the glass in room 6, but with no movement moved table to room 5 and tried the writing planchette.  The writing planchette started moving straight away.  We asked for spirit to write his intials and we got S A.  Asked spirit if he was Sgt Andrews to draw a circle – and it did.  We asked spirit to draw the number of his room that was his office – he drew the number 4.  Whilst the planchette was moving around the table, the table started rocking too.  Randomly the planchette would also lift up.  We asked how many spirits were in the room – drew the number 9.  As there were nine of us in the room – we asked if each spirit could touch us in the same place.  However one guest started feeling sick and unwell, and as our time was up we finished the session.  On checking with guests if they felt a touch, one guest had a touch on her knee, another had a touch on her hand, and I had felt a touch on my head.

With the free session I joined guests back in the officers mess.  Some wanted to try the glass on table, and whilst the glass was moving around the table, the table was rocking slightly.

An interesting night tonight – with movement on table in more ways than one at the same time – very unusual – but of course Fort Bortstal always surprises us.  Until next time…

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 8-3-2014

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 8th March 2014
Rochester, Kent

The majority of the team enjoy Fort Borstal as we always get some good activity, this evening was no different and some of the séance sessions in the counterscarp galleries were very memorable to some of the guests. This area is one of the best areas for the feeling of being touched or moved in some way.

The first group to the counterscarp galleries I started asking for some gentle arm movement from the spirit energy who stepped into the room, an old prisoner of the fort who had lots of energy and Captain Daniel Bedford who usually gets some guests on the floor. The prisoner spirit started by moving my arms and the two people either side of me. Most of these movements were gentle touching of faces and some of the men’s chests. This quickly moved onto touching people shoulders and one particular guests fur jacket although he was intrigued by a female guests’ jacket which had the appearance of someone in authority.

Several times the people who were standing beside me were pulled by their arms down to the floor or made to bend over as there was a heavy weight on our arms. Several times my hands touched the floor and then it was wiped clean on some other guest’s jacket!

When asking for the spirit to sway or push people only one of two people could feel his presence and they felt a gentle or slight pull back or push forward.

The second group to the counterscarp gallery the movements started almost as soon as I asked for spirit to move us, with the two people either side of me. This started as gentle arm movement, which quickly descended into various people’s arms being twisted and entangled with some guests being forced to twist and turn to face the opposite direction. Several guests also had their faces touched by spirit via other people’s hands, this some people found unnerving. One particular guest asked to be pushed into the centre of the circle and although it didn’t happen instantly, eventually this guest found herself standing in the middle of the circle with her hands entwined with other guests that didn’t know what the spirit were intending to do. The spirits that were responsible were two prisoners, Biffa & Justin and these spirits I have met before. They are particular with making sure the guests want to be moved and if the guests didn’t ask to be moved they weren’t moved.

At various times the majority of the group were pulled by their arms and hands onto the floor and even when the guests were able to stand up, many of them felt that they were being pulled back into the wall or rocked gentled, sometimes forward and backwards but also in circles. This is a common experience from these two particular spirits, this seems to be their thing and it usually happens first to a female member of the group and then once the spirit knows that people don’t resist then they do it all the more. This can make some of the guests feel unwell as we conduct all of this in virtual darkness. People find it a little disconcerting to be rocked and swayed when they cannot see what it causing the movement and no matter how much they try not to move the spirits are always able to move people in one direction or another.

The third group to the counterscarp galleries was a larger group than the rest of the groups although this seem to have no effect on what the spirit could do, we were joined quite quickly by a spirit who I usually encounter in this area, a First World War soldier; Captain Daniel Bedford. This spirit also has a particular thing he likes to do, which he didn’t achieve with the first group. This always ends up with many of the guests being dragged to the floor by their arms and after initially asking for him to lift people’s arms, which he completed just to prove that it was possible he then moved onto moving people in the way he wanted to. This involved the two people either side of me first (Kat & Neil) and then the people standing next to them until the majority of the guests were being moved. Arms were being lifted towards the ceiling, whilst others were being pulled to the floor. This proved to be quite painful for some and involved just about everyone being touched in some way. At various times many of us were twisted and entangled by our arms, sometimes whist we were on the floor.

Kat was pushed down until she was kneeling on the floor, yet each hand was being pulled away from her. Then she asked whether the spirit wanted he on the floor face first, she asked that her left hand be raised if this was true and immediately her left hand was raised, then dropped and pulled away from her until she had no choice but to obey the spirits wishes.

After asking for the spirit to push and sway people many people were swayed and pushed into a wall, Neil found himself being pulled backwards towards a wall to the point where he had no option but to sit on the floor with his back against the wall and once he was down then the spirit were able to pull the people either side of him down (Me and Harry) and then subsequently the people next to us.

At various times those who were being moved were twisted and squashed up together so that all the dust that each of us had collected on our clothing was now being “transferred” to those who were less dirty.

All of this twisted and entangling went on for a long time and every time that I asked for the spirit to put us back to where we started with all our hands by our sides, so that we could finish the séance part, it just didn’t happen, this just made the spirit want to continue moving us. After the third time of asking I told the guests to let go and thus break the séance circle. I don’t like to do this as I know that it has taken a lot of energy for the spirits to move us but had we not let go this twisting and pushed and being pulled to the floor would have gone on for a longer time.

After the three controlled sessions, all the guests were then allowed to go to various parts of the fort with some of our ghost hunting equipment to hold their own ghost hunt. Many guests used this opportunity to try some table tilting, Ouija boards and semi-solo vigils to record EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice experiments) and Spirit Box sessions (a device that scans the FM radio band at 100ms in reverse) to hear a spirit voice. Some of these sessions that the guests undertook on their own were very successful, although those that heard responses asking them to leave the room or area did so.

This was an excellent ghost hunt which was very enjoyable to those guests who were moved or manipulated in ways that they never thought possible and many were surprised what could be achieved, especially the more physical nature of the movements.

There will be an event video (edited into a shorter video) of some of the group sessions.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Fort Borstal Paranormal Investigation – 15-2-2014

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Fort Borstal Paranormal Investigation 15th February 2014
Rochester, Kent

We arrived early to set up camera’s in the Officers Mess area.  This is a long corridor with six rooms, probably used for army personnel to work & rest.  Room 1 was set up to watch the four cameras.  We had cameras set up in room’s 4, 5 & 6, and one looking down the corridor.  The only equipment we had to use was hearing enhancers and electronic voice recorders.  Our aim was to gather evidence.

Group A sat watching the camera’s with Kerry, whilst I took Group B into the rooms.  In room 4 only myself was swayed back & forward.  Room 5 not too much, but one guest stayed in there whilst we moved to room 6.  That guest shortly joined us as he heard shuffling next to him, and an intake of breath as if someone was about to speak.  He had no hearing enhancers on.  The last room felt very different, all females being pushed/pulled/swayed.  Felt a lot colder in this room, was feeling cold spots, and one guest felt a cold touch on their hand.  Tingling feelings on head and face too.  Guests didn’t like the far right corner, feeling very uncomfortable whilst standing there.

After 30 mins we swapped – Kerry took Group A and they experienced swaying in rooms 4 & 6, although only myself and Kerry in room 4.  Someone heard whispering with the hearing enhancers on.  Another guest was touched on their leg.  Again this group didn’t like the far right corner in room 6.

After a short break we took Groups C & D.  I took Group C first and again we were experiencing swaying in room 4.  In room 5 I was sure I saw a male spirit standing in the far left corner, others were feeling uncomfortable in this room.  I then saw a shadow move a few feet away from that corner.  Time was approx 22.45 – not sure whether our camera was facing that way.  In room 6 many of the guests were swaying.

Jo then took group D first to room 6 – a loud noise was heard by someone with the hearing enhancers on.  When in room 5 they felt uncomfortable in this room.  In room 4 many were swaying again.

Whilst we were watching the cameras in room 1, the room suddenly felt extremely cold, starting with our backs, then eventually all over.

I then had Groups A & B again, and this time the focus was on EVP’s.  Jo took group A and one guest whilst standing in the front right corner of room 6 was feeling very sick.  When someone stood in the far right corner they felt static around them.  Also Jo & guests being swayed and pushed in this room again.  Whilst playing back their first EVP in room 4 someone asked “did you die here” and they were sure they heard a male “yes”.

I then took Group B, and when playing back our first EVP in room 4, we were sure we heard a male whisper after Justin’s (guest) question.  In room 5 before we started the EVP Lee (guest) whistled out asking spirit to copy.  No reply was heard but I suggested Lee do this again on the EVP, which he did.  Whilst playing it back we heard two whistles before Lee asked his question.  However, whilst wearing the hearing enhancers Lee heard a whistle after his question/whistle request, but on playing back again it was not heard, concluded Lee may have heard the whistle in ‘real time’ not on the recording.  We moved to room 6 and Karen (guest) was shoved back three times, she asked spirit for more, saying “is that all you can do”, but received no more.  However, she was the last person to leave that area when we finished, and whilst walking out she thought someone was walking alongside her, she looked but no-one there.  She had the feeling the spirit was escorting out.

Myself and Kerry took Group’s C & D for the final session of the night, however with both groups feeling tired, each time EVP’s were recorded, nobody could be serious and kept laughing.

A brilliant night – great fun and lots of very different experiences.

Kym McMillan, Jo Baker-Anderson, Kerry Gasiami
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 15-2-2014

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Fort Borstal Paranormal Investigation and ghost hunt 15th February 2014
Rochester, Kent

This event was always going to be different as it is the first time we have attempted a paranormal investigation. This involves setting up one area with our CCTV monitoring equipment. We had intended to set up two areas but the staff attending this determined how much we set up. In the end I decided that we would do both a ghost hunt and a paranormal investigation, this was a brave plan because it meant that there would be four groups, however two groups at a time would be involved in the paranormal investigation whilst the other two groups would be participating in a ghost hunt.

As always I chose the counterscarp galleries for my sessions, which meant walking up and down 200 steps each session.

The first group Jo (GHE second Medium) joined me and she picked up on a relatively recent spirit by the name of David, both Jo and I could sense him and I described him as being either late 20s or early 30s, fair hair, fair skin wearing modern clothing including jeans and we both had the impression that he was from the 1980s.

Asking David to move the guests started well with the majority of people feeling gentle arm movement, although very quickly Dianne (Guest) to my left felt a downward pressure on her shoulders and she was forced onto the floor, sometimes her head was also pushed onto the floor, which Diane found very amusing. The rest of the guests were pushed, pulled and generally manipulated by their arms and Jo kept asking for the spirit to knock off my hat. Many times I saw out of the corner of my eye hands looming towards me and I was able to duck out of the way.

There was also another male spirit called Justin present. I have seen this spirit before and he was just laughing at us and the strange positions that David was able to push us into.

The second group we ventured into the same room hoping that these guests would also be able to feel David energy, but instead there was just Justin (the laughing spirit). Once again after asking out for everyone to be pushed or moved in some way I saw a familiar spirit energy; Capt Daniel Bedford who frequents this part of the fort and he quickly started to lift the arms of the guests and when I asked for people to be pushed he very quickly moved people into his “trademark” position. This position is pushing people against a wall, to get people against a wall he drags one person and because we are all holding hands as part of the séance we all have to move. When we are closer to the walls it is then easier for Capt Daniel to pull people backwards against a wall. This happened three times in three different directions with Jo, Justin & Lee (guests) being pushed against a wall.

When we weren’t being pushed against the walls there was lots of arm movement with just about everyone being moved in some way, usually the guests found themselves swaying or rocking uncontrollably.

Towards the end of the session we all heard a strange “Woo Hoo” noise this sounded like a child’s call of excitement.

The third group to this area didn’t have as much movements as the previous two groups however there was still some gentle arm movement and some gentle swaying to a few guests, one guest was moved by her feet in a ballet style movement but generally the spirit movements were weaker, although the group of guests didn’t encourage the spirit to move them and obviously if you don’t ask to be moved then you won’t be moved. Spirit need to have your consent.

The fourth group only had some light arm movement, no pushing or swaying of any kind but this group didn’t really want to be moved or touched and the spirit therefore didn’t move them.

All in all this was a great ghost hunt and paranormal investigation and the audio and video recording from the paranormal investigation side are still being analysed and anything interesting will be published as soon as the analysis is complete.

Psychic Medium
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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 7-12-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 7th December 2013

Area: Officers Mess

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

After handing out equipment, the guests were surprised with the movement of the rods & pendulums when they were holding them.  We were communicating with spirit with the ghost pro’s too.  Four of the guests were sensitive/mediums and were able to pick up on the spirits with us.  We had a female that seemed agitated, possibly raped.  Then a male officer who raped the female.  He was not happy, was lonely and had been found out.  The name for the female was either Annie or Annabel.  In a later session the ghost pro confirmed her name was Annabel.  There was possibly a child born out of wedlock.  We also had a male prisoner that had helped build the fort.  Guests reported they were feeling being touched, and one guest felt like a human finger touched his head.

My second group were five ladies on a hen night.  Some were particularly nervous, but when offered pendulums and dowsing rods to use, they felt surprisingly calm.  One guest in particular felt very connected to the crystals, and hers was moving the most, swinging from side to side at force.  It looked like someone was tapping the pendulum with their hand.  With one ghost pro between them they took a wander down the corridor.  Whilst I was walking next to Alicia, who was the hen, her ghost pro lit up.  I innocently said “you have someone with you”, with this she went into panic mode, thinking I had seen a spirit next to her.  Of course there could have been, but when she realised I just meant the spirit had lit the ghost pro up, she relaxed and was able to ask spirit a few questions.  The guests started to relax and moved freely throughout the rooms, using the equipment.  We also stood looking through the camera at what was being filmed down the empty corridor, and Carl was able to point out the difference between the dust and orbs.

With my third group, again we stood at the top of the corridor using the rods & pendulums, again with guests being surprised at the movement whilst they held them.  One female in particular, whilst holding the pendulum, it was moving & swaying continuously at speed, so much so at one point the pendulum went over the top of her hand.  When the pendulums rotated or swayed, the guests asked for spirit to stop and change direction, or stop and restart, to their surprise it did.  All standing halfway down the corridor, the boys were challenging the girls to walk down the dark corridor, with no torch, and turn into the last room.  With all mostly doing it, the boys were challenged back, to which they did!  We then all went into the last room, and stood quietly in the dark for a while, listening out, and possible taps were heard in the room.

With the controlled sessions over, the guests had the opportunity to explore, with kit.  I joined a group of four in the Officers Mess with the Ouija table.  Immediately we had movement with the glass, spirit wanted to communicate.  His name was Mark Peters, age 30 I think, here at the fort in 1946.  He was accused of stealing money from the military, but did not do it.  He went to prison for it.  He said the Sergeant Andrews that is often in this area was the person who stole.  He said he was a liar.  And he was still angry for this.  Then the spirit spelt Russ, this was the name of one of the guests on the table.  The spirit wanted Russ to apologise.  I then asked if it was possible Russ was Sergeant Andrews in a previous life, Russ said yes as he was aware of some of his past lives.  We asked spirit if this was correct – he said yes.  Russ felt unsure at first about apologising for something he didn’t do, but once realising his soul did it, he apologised.  With this the glass moved to ‘goodbye’, and the spirit had gone.

What an amazing end to the night, that was one experience I did not expect, certainly a surprise to us all!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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