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Fort Burgoyne

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Event Showcase: Fort Burgoyne
History of Fort Burgoyne
Fort Burgoyne in Dover, Kent was originally known as Castle Hill Fort. Work was completed in 1868.
The main fort comprised a large parade ground, to the North of which was a long row of casemates, which provided the barrack accommodation for soldiers and officers. Above the casemates,  were Haxo Casemates, which housed the guns.
This was to guard the high ground northeast of the strategic port of Dover.
The fort is named after the 19th century General John Fox Burgoyne.
After the First World War Fort Burgoyne was used as military depot.
Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating #FortBurgoyne since 2017. This fort is one of the larger venues that we visit and certainly the largest fort that we investigate. There are also lots of areas that we haven’t explored or investigated yet. We have witnessed; disembodied voices, footsteps, whistles, shadows and many more visual oddities as well as audible noises. The best evidence came on our first visit in one of the lower rooms during a séance. One of the guests was on the floor unable to get up, because a spirit was holding him down, when the guest noticed the door to the room had closed. Immediately I asked for the spirit to open the door, and it flew open. I then asked for the spirit to close it and the spirit complied. After that various people asked for the door to be opened or closed, slammed or gently pushed and the spirit complied.  You can see the video, link below.
Our favourite areas are; The Caponier where we get a lot of EVP and audio responses, The casemates (the are two sets, but the right-hand set is more active) for Table tilting and Ouija boards. The lower rooms below the casemates are better for séances, although we have had good results in casemates too.
Watch our videos at
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South Foreland Lighthouse ghost hunt – 29-6-2012

Friday, July 13th, 2012

South Foreland Lighthouse ghost hunt – 29th June 2012

Last years ghost hunt at South Foreland lighthouse was excellent however the weather in October was a little bit windy so we were hoping for a better day for June 2012 and because of the tine of year we were able to see France with ease and much of the coastline of Kent as well as the infamous Goodwin Sands where many ships have sunk over the years.

Fortunately due to the location there weren’t any noises apart from an occasional announcement from Dover docks which was carried on the wind to interfere with our investigation.

After a brief history and tour of the building from the National Trust representative the majority of the group headed into the lower ground floor room, as this was the only room which was completely dark, however myself and Carl (team member) remained outside of this room as we were conducting a special EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. The difference being that both Carl & I were wearing our respective hearing amplification equipment which meant that whilst we could hear the other group clearly we could also conduct our own quiet recordings without interrupting the other group.

During this session many bangs and tapping sounds heard by both of us were heard. These all sounded like someone on the floor above us but no-one was on that floor. We also heard whispers and voices which once again sounded like someone above us. I however had the sensation that my shirt was being pulled out from behind me, but I did not sense any spirit present at that time, although the other group had asked the spirit with them to do something to either of us. (Their report will follow).

When the group had finished in the lower ground floor, myself & Carl ventured into that room, as soon as I took two steps into the room I felt an amazing amount of pain in my right knee, it felt like someone had just kicked my knee. The rest of the group found this very funny as they had asked the spirit that was present to do that to another guest. I had trouble walking for a couple of hours and it hurt every time I went up or down a step.

The second session was held in the Control room of the lighthouse; a female energy called Elizabeth came forward and told us that she lived in the lighthouse with her husband who was a keeper. During this session many bangs and knocking was heard by everyone. Marc (team member) went to investigate one of the knocks as it sounded like the outside door and although we were sure it was locked he went to check. As soon as he was outside the room he exclaimed to himself that it felt odd, although we could clearly here him. He later explained that the atmosphere on that part of the staircase felt strange and stagnant.

Our third session was once again split; some guests followed me into the lower ground floor and others onto the upper ground floor and control room. We were joined by a male energy called Timmy Sullivan who was about 17 or 18 years old and he presented himself as being a simple person. He had dark short hair and was very slim or skinny and about 5’9”. He gave the year of his passing as 1891.

Lots of audible noises were then heard by everyone present, some of the noises sounded like a clock (although there were no clocks in the room) and then just as I thanking Timmy for making a noise we all heard an extremely loud crack right behind me, what this was I have no idea, because nothing in the room was on (there were electrical meters and general lighthouse workings behind me). Tapping on the metallic objects in the room also were repeated back to us as were whistles.

One of the guests who was sitting in a chair felt uncomfortable, so she moved to the other side of the room. This corresponds with a male energy who had turned up, he was 55 years old and basically came in swearing at us, although I was the only person who could hear him, but the guests present felt the atmosphere change. Many more noises were heard including a very loud bang which occurred right in front of me. From this point on one of the team entered the room and sat in the chair that the female guest had sat in and within a few minutes he too wasn’t feeling well and had to leave the room. One of the female guest also left the room as she was frightened.

I then conducted a series of EVP experiments, during which a number of noises continued, mostly it sounded like someone tapping on the metallic objects in the room.

The best EVP can be heard at

Also during the experiment a guest asked a question but instead of an EVP a loud “tick” was heard, you can hear it at The tick sound had no obvious explanation as nothing in the room had previously made this noise all night.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of activity. Many Thanks to Janet and the National Trust for making this event run smoothly.

Spiritualist Medium
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South Foreland lighthouse ghost hunt – 29-10-2011

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

This was the first time that this lighthouse had ever been investigated for paranormal activity and it proved to be a very interesting night. South Foreland lighthouse stands high on the cliff just outside of Dover with commanding views over the English Channel. Eerily the cross channel ferries glide past noiselessly.

After a quick historical lesson from Jon (Assistant Visitor Experience Manager – National Trust) and standing outside on what was a lovely windy evening we settled down into two groups.

My group stayed on the second floor, which was the control room. After a short while a male energy made himself know to me, his name was William and he was about 5’11” and of muscular build (he looked like a naval man), 57 years old and he told me that he was a lighthouse keeper in the 1830s, however as he wandered around the circle Kym (guest) jumped and was startled. When questioned why, she said that she heard a whisper in hear ear. After Kym had settled down again we all heard something resembling piano music, which was very odd because it sounded like it was coming from downstairs and there is no piano anywhere in the building. We also heard whispers, voices and general mumbling, both children and adults.

Whilst we were listening for the various voices another male energy arrived, several of the guests smelt Brandy and he gave his name as Turnbull but no other information. Also a very strict woman called Darby Miniot, who was the wife of a past lighthouse keeper also made her presence felt, and a Fisherman who was 19 years old and called Chris, who drowned off the coast in bad seas in 1930s also made their presence known. There were some light pushing from these energies, but it was the sounds of all the whisperings and voices that captured our imagination at the time, as they were in some cases really loud and distinct although the actual words we could not hear.

After a short break we made our way into the boiler room this was a very echoing room and no one wanted to look at the door or be near the door as they kept seeing shadows and movement around the door.

I also started tapping on one of the metal items and we all heard those same taps repeated to us and a few louder thumps, creaking and whistling. Although the whistling could have been the wind but considering it was very windy outside the whistling only seemed to occur very sporadically.

This session was abruptly stopped when I was needed by the other group as one of the guests was trying to get out by any means necessary and since the whole building was in darkness and the stairs are very narrow and steep I needed to escort the person down safely. After this guest had come downstairs, our group moved to the first floor to continue our investigation although once again it was interrupted the by same guest as he now felt physically sick. We carried on for a little while but very little happened and then the other group came down the stairs.

Our third session we all stayed in one group with people spread out on the staircase from the ground floor to the second floor, many noises ranging from whistles, taps and raps were heard by everyone and the loudest of bangs was coming from the Control room, so a couple of guests stationed themselves in this room and still the noises continued, apparently the bangs were coming from an old wooden cabinet and footsteps we also heard in this room. Down on the lower floor myself and another guest could see shadows moving across the room and at one stage I lost my vision, it was like someone had just shone a torch in my eyes in complete blackness, my eyes were rapidly trying to re-adjust, when that happened I moved away from this area as that was quite painful.

As I was tapping on a metal box on the wall for spirit to repeat the series of taps I heard a whisper which said “what is that” however no-one else heard anything apart from me asking out to spirit and the taps that I made.

This venue is one that we may return to at a later date to investigate the nature of the noises that we heard. However everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night and for some of us it didn’t end there.

We would like to thank Jon Barker from the National Trust for his patience throughout the night and Gareth Wiltshire for allowing the ghost hunt to take place.

Since the clocks were going back that night and we had finished at 1:00am from the lighthouse, some of us decided that we would investigate the WWII bunkers that were accessible from the track way leading from the lighthouse. This consisted of two rooms, linked together with a medium long tunnel which split in a Y shape into each room. Having no idea what these were used for, although from my knowledge of war time bunkers I would hazard a guess one of the rooms was used for storage of ammunition since there was a lighting tunnel. It was in this room that we started and almost immediately a Sergeant McBride and Private Jenkins made themselves known to me. They were from a Scottish regiment from WWII. I asked if they could make a noise that we could all hear. They did. It sounded to everyone that they were walking amongst us, we could very clearly hear footfalls on the dusty floor all around us, many of the guests found this very frightening because when a torch was switched on no-one had moved nor was there any sign of animals which could have made the same sort of noise. Every time the torches were switched off the footfall noises continued. A couple of guests also saw lights in the corner of the room and many of us heard whistling, although we ruled out the wind, because we were below ground and it wasn’t windy through the tunnel or outside the entrance to the tunnel.

One of the guests asked me whether they knew that they had passed over and unfortunately they did not, so then the investigation turned into a rescue as their Brigadier (who did not give his name) asked that all his men were led to safety. I sensed that he might have known, but didn’t have the courage to tell his men, which is very typical of what we know of WWII commanding soldiers, that carry on regardless attitude. We made our way to the entrance tunnel where the rescue was going to take place. Many orbs were captured by us in this tunnel, especially towards the entrance and as I said that all the men (One hundred and twenty three of them) were lining up and walking towards us. The photographed orbs also seemed to be heading towards us and getting brighter and more intricate. After the rescue had taken place there seemed an air of tranquillity in the tunnels and that our investigation had been worthwhile so we headed home.

This was an excellent end to an already interesting night and all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially those who had an extra ghost hunt in the WWII bunkers.

Spiritualist Medium
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