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Bicknor Woods – 2-12-2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 2nd December 2012
Bicknor, Kent

Bicknor Woods is one of those locations that always gets the adrenaline going, it is a strange woods, it is also the only woods where I would not venture on my own after dark.

Our first session we were joined by a male spirit energy by the name of Timothy who was in his 60s and a female energy who was 33 years old and from the early 1800s.

Both energies were able to communicate via our electronic equipment and their respective energies also showed up on our KII meters.

Whilst we were asking questions and getting responses several guests and I heard footfalls near to us, some admittedly sounded like small animals, but some sounded a lot heavier and more like the sound a person would make.

After a while I decided that the best way for the guests to really sense the spirit energies was to hold a séance and Timothy was happy to oblige. He started to move the hands of the majority of the guests and just as the guests got used to this strange sensation, Timothy then changed tactics and started to push people forwards and backwards. Many of the guests found this slightly odd at first and then really amazing as they were trying (unsuccessfully) to fight this and no matter what any guest did to stop themselves moving, Timothy just pushed them harder.

After just about everyone had been moved Timothy’s energy seemed to dissipate very quickly and therefore we stopped the séance. However as I was talking to some guests who had really enjoyed the pushing and pulling and were trying to explain how they were trying to resist we heard more footfalls behind us, which was exactly the direction that we were about to walk.

In another part of the woods whilst using the laser grid as I could sense the spirit energies and was hoping that they would interfere with the grid so that the guests could see them.

Whilst we were standing and looking there were many unexplainable noises, many of which sounded like people approaching, although we saw no torches. Several guests also commented that they could sense spirit energies sitting around the trees.

At the same time as watching in the grid I also turned on the Spirit Box (This is a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) in the hope that if we heard anything then we can be sure that no radio station broadcasts in this way. Although we heard several strange noises on the Spirit box, some could have been words, albeit very quiet nothing notable was heard, although a couple of guests had been touched and their jackets pulled whilst we were listening and watching.

Unfortunately nothing really happened at this location, but since all the guests were now feeling the cold we started to walk back.

Also due to the coldness no EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken because the cold had drained the batteries on my recorder. Which was a shame because in these woods we usually get some great EVPs.

Once again an enjoyable ghost hunt which gave the majority of the guests some physical spiritual movement which they enjoyed.

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