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Burham Cement Works ghost hunt 24-3-2012

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Burham Cement Works ghost hunt 24th March 2012

Having visited this place in the day time I was very keen to come back at night, as the spirit energies here were very friendly and I felt sure than at night, when it is quieter, we would record some very good EVPs (a.k.a. spirit voices).

After much wandering around and taking many photos we settled into a spot where our K2 EMF meters were “kicking off”.

A female energy called Ems (which I understood for being short for Emily) stepped forward, she was approximately 17 or 18 years old, wearing a white and blue dress, which was fairly soiled with clay and mud. She was also wearing brown leather ankle boots, which in later communication with her, we established were work boots and that she thought they were uncomfortable. Emily had light brown hair and was wearing a floppy hat. She gave me the year as 1880. Emily was at first cautious of us which I misinterpreted as being shy in the first instance, although after 10 minutes I realised.

Whilst in this area our respective K2 EMF meters and ghost communicators (six meters in total) were amazing to watch as the energies wandered amongst us. Many of the guests felt hot and cold spots, which considering it wasn’t a cold or windy night was fairly interesting all by itself.

Another male energy also joined us, his name was Mack Tippery (or something similar to Tippery) and he was Irish, he was from the same period of time as Emily, although he was approximately 50 years old, a foreman when the Cement works was in full production.

Between both the energies they answered many questions via our communication equipment about their lives and the working conditions at the Cement Works.

During this phase of the ghost hunt I recorded the questions the guests were asking on our communication devices as part of my EVP experiment. There were about five or six EVPs recorded, however some of them are inaudible, the best three are below.

Many of the guests including myself heard lots of strange noises in the woods, these noises sounded like footfalls (someone walking over the broken sticks) and some of the guests saw varying coloured lights within the woods.

Whilst we were walking out of the woods, beside a spur of the river, there is a wooded area here, which doesn’t look very inviting, even during the day, but since we were on a ghost hunt it seemed the most sensible thing to do. Many guests photographed Orbs (light anomalies) in this part of the wood. However the most interesting photo was one of mine which contained a very interesting mist formation. It was no colder here, nor had any mist drifted off the river, yet the mist formation seems to have a defined shape.

Strange Mist at Burham Cement Works ghost hunt

Another very interesting location and one which is rather remote, which makes it perfect for our ghost hunting activity as it is also very quiet.

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