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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 11-4-2014 (Kym)

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 11th April 2014
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Area: Guard House with adjoining cell to rear
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Glass Work

Group B – I started with showing the guests how to use the rods & pendulums, and immediately they had lots of movement, and established their yes & no answers.  We had a male & female spirit with us.  Guest were amazed by the movement they had, especially when the rods started spinning like a helicopter.  We also had some matched responses on the ghost pro.  A female guest had felt a touch on her arm.  We moved into the back room had continued to have responses on the ghost pro, with some little movement on the glass.  I asked spirit if they would prefer the five female guests on the glass, and not the male guest, replied yes on the ghost pro, and with that changed, the glass started moving more.  The glass would move in rapid circles, and stop & change direction when anyone asked.  The guests then would ask for spirit to move the glass to certain persons i.e. the person with a black dog, the person who had just had 22nd birthday, person going on holiday next, person with a particular car, and each time the glass moved to the correct person.

Group C – Again started with the rods & pendulums and had lots of movement.  With all of us standing around I asked spirit to touch someone as in the previous session, but said to all if we stand around and wait it won’t happen, spirit like to surprise, and sure enough 5 mins later one lady suddenly stepped forward.  She had felt as if someone had pushed her ruck sack on her back.  No-one was near her.  We then moved into the back room and had little movement on the glass at first, then it started moving around the table a lot stronger.  The spirit answered a few questions, he was male, not married, had no girlfriend, but had a male friend.  It was the 1500’s and he went to prison here for liking men.  We did turn on the Ovilus and had some words come through, the strongest and more apt were “shoot”, and asking if spirit had shot someone, answered “possible”.  Again one guest got touched, and we all heard what sounded like the metal bed springs being moved or touched.

Group D – Started with rods & pendulums and had movement.  Moved to the back room, and the glass started moving.  The spirit confirmed he was Peter who had been with the guests from the last session.  He was then able to answer some personal questions from the guests about themselves.  The spirit also said there were three spirits with us.  One lady who was kneeling felt she was pushed.  All then returned to the first room, and the ovilus was turned on.  The name Carol was shown, and using the ghost pro spirit confirmed this was her name.  I then asked if anyone wanted to spend time in the cell on their own, and Dawn did this for a short while.

Group A – started with rods & pendulums and lots of movement – guests were amazed by the way they all moved.  Again they were able to ask questions to spirit.  Went to back room and had a little movement, but could feel tapping and vibrations on the glass.  A noise was heard next to us, sounding like a male groan.  We tried a little table tipping, but only had some creaking under the table.  We returned to the front room, and some guests did solos in the cell.

Free Session – after a short break I went off to explore and stopped in a trio of rooms with guests – Jackie, Steph & Dawn.  We stood in the end room with metal wardrobes and asked spirit to copy our taps on the wardrobes.  We did this a couple of times, and one of the guests commented that she wasn’t very patient waiting, and all of a sudden we all heard a very loud bang.  After calming down very quickly I knew we need to check no -one was there.  With guests in tow – Steph holding my hand very tightly – we walked through to the middle room and realised it was the far door that had closed.  This door had no handle on it, but we were able to open and go through.  To our surprise nobody else was there or even on that top level.  Steph and I went back in, whilst Jackie and Dawn stood outside looking through the window.  Steph & I again stood in the wardrobe room and called out for spirit to open and close the door again.  I was sure the door had moved so we ventured back into the middle room.  We could see it had moved a little.  Asking out for spirit to open the door again, we were both amazed to see the door open in front of us, and at our request the door slammed shut again.  Jackie & Dawn were watching through the window and were amazed to see the door open and close too.  We were all very excited by what we had witnessed.  Asking for spirit to do it again, we heard one thud on the door, and saw it move slightly at the same time, but no more.

Great end to the night !!

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