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Bilsington Priory

Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Event Showcase: Bilsington Priory
History of Bilsington Priory
St Augustine’s Priory, Bilsington, Kent was founded by John Mansel in June 1253 with the consent of Henry III and the Archbishop of Canterbury professing the rule of St Augustine.
St Augustine’s Priory was surrendered to the crown in 1535 and it was abandoned at Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries in 1538.
During the 1820s it was a base for smuggling gangs namely the Ransley Gang and The Aldington Gang. The Priory was restored in 1906.
During the Second World War troops were billeted at St Augustine’s Priory and at some point it was also an infirmary.
Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating #BilsingtonPriory since 2017 although we held one event in 2008 and have witnessed; disembodied voices, cough, whistles and footsteps. We have had people pushed to the floor and held there during séances. Lots of personal information has been received via Ouija boards.
On one occasion we had someone go into a trance and attempted to walk down the spiral staircase on their own!
On another occasion there were two team members who both had groups, one in the tower, the other in the celebration room and they both heard footsteps coming towards them, apparently it was so real that they both went to investigate and found each other!
Our favourite areas are:- The celebration room for all activities but especially tech and gadgets. The ground floor/bar for tables and ouija boards, although the kitchen can sometimes can be spooky too. The rooms in the Tower though are where most of the unexplained activity takes place, from interesting séance sessions and human pendulum sessions.
We have been meaning to put our underwater microphone in the pond for a few years but the weather has usually hampered our experiment, but one day we will.
You can watch our video at
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