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Landguard Fort – 30th January 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 30th January 2016
Felixstowe, Suffolk


Landguard Fort is one of my personal favourite venues. I always look forward to going here and using a different room or area since the site is so vast with many rooms that we have yet to experience.

For this event I chose two of the rear facing gun rooms, I had never worked in these rooms before so thought it would be a good place to be for the night.

The first group experienced a Boer War Soldier (1880) who had murdered his wife because she had an affair and subsequent baby with another man.

This spirit touched and moved just about everyone in the séance circle with guests being pushed to the floor and having their arms moved on command. One guest was pushed to the floor and was unable to get up until we had closed the séance circle.

The second group didn’t seem to want anything to happen, the spirit was able to move and touch people within the séance circle although many of the guests didn’t ask the spirit to touch them, yet were disappointed when they didn’t get touched.

The third group had loads of activity and we were joined by a Policeman (a Bobby) from around 1900 who was able to push and drag people by their arms around the room. Many times one guest was pushed into an old fashioned bike, the sort that would have been used by such a Policeman.

There was also an American Soldier from the Second World War era present who wanted to move people as well. This particular spirit was the one responsible for pushing people to the floor.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we will be returning later in year to experience more spiritual and paranormal behaviour.

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