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Spooky Inn ghost hunt – 17-8-2013

Spooky Inn Paranormal Investigation and Ghost Hunt 17th August 2013
Minster, Kent

This was the first paranormal investigation that we have held. Not to be confused with our ghost hunts, our paranormal investigation events are where we set up our remote cameras and have dedicated rooms within the venue for different activities and where only one group of people are investigating at a time, with the other investigation team watching on the cameras what the other group are doing.

The whole point of this type of event is for everyone present to use some of the more interesting and scientific tools that we use which will include using more of our ghost hunting equipment to gather evidence.

The hope is that whilst one group is investigating then if any noises are heard we can quickly verify with the monitoring team if they heard anything and with so many cameras (we have over 30) there is every chance that whatever the anomaly, it would have been recorded.

This was the first time that we had set up this venue with the majority of our cameras, although due to cabling issues we didn’t have time to set up all the cameras, however we did have a camera in every room.

The event also enabled us to review the audio recordings as we progressed with the investigation so that the guests could hear the responses to their questions immediately.

During the first session lots of banging was heard by both the investigation team and the monitoring team, not always from the same place and although the building had many doors, it wasn’t windy and we couldn’t re-create the sound that various people heard.

There was a young male spirit called Timmy who was about 8 or 9 years old and stood by the investigation group and many of those in the investigation group felt that there was a child around. Various spikes were noted on the MEL meters as well as fluctuations in temperature.

EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken by guests and whilst nothing could be heard at the time or in the immediate analysis on the night, our analysis has found there was in fact a voice from the first session. That EVP can be heard at:-

There were others but they were either too quiet or too much background noise from the people present from shuffling their feet, not speaking towards the microphone or recording when everyone was talking.

The second session was more productive with a howl or a cry heard by the investigation group but nothing heard in the hub room, oddly no cry or howl was recorded on any camera.

Whilst watching the cameras I was able to tell everyone in the hub room that there was a spirit standing next to Marc (GHE team) tugging on his left side, within a matter of minutes, Marc reported on the radio that he felt that his shirt was being tugged on his left side. The Spirit’s name was Sarah who was about 6 or 7 years old and had told me previously (when I first visited the location) that she had passed away in a fire at the property.

When the groups swapped over the investigation group were trying a glass work experiment, firstly Sarah the spirit from the earlier session joined them and started to confirm questions asked and then we tried a different experiment. Carl (GHE Team) who was with me in the Hub room drew a shape on a piece of paper, then once we informed the investigation group that we had drawn something Marc asked Sarah to look at it and draw the shape with the glass. We also asked Sarah to go to numbers that we had written down. All of the answers that Sarah gave were the correct answers. However when we moved on to letters the investigation group were repeatedly told ‘M’ whereas Carl had drawn a ‘W’.

At the end of these sessions I held a séance in the top room, the strangest room, so that all guests could hopefully feel spirit energy move them in some way.

A spirit called David joined us, he was in his mid-30s and started by doing exactly what I asked, moving people arms, and usually on command of the person as I asked those guests to ask in their heads and not say which direction out loud.

Many guests were also pushed and pulled backwards, some guests were also pulled or pushed towards the cupboard and some of us were pulled to the floor by our hands or lifted to the ceiling which was only about 6’5”. As the séance progressed more and more people were beginning to feel their own arms move, much to their amazement and surprise and toward the end one particular guest felt that she wanted to cry and became very warm, another guest also had trouble leaving the room because every time she tried one of her arms would violently shake, this eventually stopped happening and she could leave the room.

For our first public paranormal investigation (we conduct many of these as private or team events) it was very successful and although we didn’t record the sort of evidence that we would have hoped we will be returning to this venue again to try to record something amazing.

Below are some photos from the event.

Hub Room 1

Hub Room 2

Hub Room 3

Guests using equipment 1

Guests using equipment 2

Guests using Ouija board

Guests using writing planchette

Guests experimenting with table

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