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Slough Fort

Event Showcase: Slough Fort

History of Slough Fort
Slough Fort, Allhallows, Kent is a small artillery fort that was built in the north of the Hoo Peninsula in Kent. Constructed in 1867, the D-shaped fort was intended to guard a vulnerable stretch of the River Thames against possible enemy landings during a period of tension with France. Its seven casemates initially accommodated rifled breech loading guns, which were replaced by the turn of the century by more powerful breech-loaders on disappearing carriages, mounted in concrete wing batteries on either side of the fort. It was likely one of the smallest of the forts constructed as a result of the 1860s invasion scare.

All of the guns were removed by 1912, though the fort continued in use during the First World War as a command post. It was decommissioned in 1920 and sold off in 1929 and converted into a small zoo. Before the Second World War; it was used as an observation post from 1938, became part of the local anti-invasion system in 1939-40 and was used as part of the air defence network against V-1 flying bombs in 1944. There was partial restoration in 2012-13 that uncovered previously buried features of the fort.

Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating #SloughFort since April 2019 and have witnessed; disembodied voices, laughing and other noises in the fort and in the magazine, footsteps on the upper level, table tilting which has been out of this world in the main part of the fort.

Our favourite rooms in the fort are; the cells (brig) for strange feelings and great séance activity, the courtyard of the fort for table tilting and EVP’s. The magazine rooms have also been good with tech, gadgets and EVP’s although noise travels here so a small group is ideal.

You can view our evidence at https://youtu.be/Q9ENAgFdPXA?list=PLqWQMrZeI7VRtqODKCwub3oW0dQaj5QTB

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