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Shepton Mallet Prison

Event Showcase: Shepton Mallet Prison
History of Shepton Mallet Prison
HMP Shepton Mallet, located in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England.
The prison was opened before 1625. In 1843 the number of cells was increased by adding a second storey to each wing. The prison was damaged during a fire in 1904.
Following the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 the prison was reopened as a military prison. It was initially used by the British Army and later by American forces. It was also used for the storage of important historical documents from the Public Record Office in London, including Domesday Book.
Much of what has taken place here was brutal. In the 17th and 18th centuries men, women and children were kept in horrendous conditions, starving in packed, smallpox-infested cells. Former inmates lie in unmarked graves throughout the grounds.
Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating #SheptonMalletPrison since 2019. On our site visit during the daytime we didn’t like the atmosphere in A Wing as it had a bad feeling. We didn’t know at that time what A wing was used for. We found out after our site visit that this wing was used to house lifers and murderers! On our first #ghosthunt at this prison we had a group talking to our Medium Steve around the Hangman’s cell and the execution area. Everyone here heard a snap of a rope and the floor “bounced” as if someone had been hung.
Our favourite areas are; A Wing, this proved to be a great area for tech and gadgets, B wing was good for Ouija board and table tipping. C wing was good for solo vigils (C wing was where the Krays were held). The infirmary was good for séances and human pendulum. Not forgetting the small D wing where the hangman’s cell and execution area is, great for EVP, gadgets, solo vigils and séances.
Currently we don’t have any video from the Prison.
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