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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 9th October 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 9th October 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Being that this event was the last ghost hunt here for 2015 we had decided to try an experiment after our normal controlled sessions. It was a partial success and one in which we will try again at other venues as well as Rye Castle.

As usual my sessions were in the upper floor of the Keep, both sessions we had active spirit in the room with us and both times they (the spirit) were able to move people on command. In the first session there were two jailer spirits, one aged about 18, the other 32, both were dressed more in military uniforms than what we would regard to be police or jailer uniforms. White or cream trousers with red jackets and black hats. Both looked a little scruffy but gave the year as 1735. Neither one gave their name, but both responded to us and when people asked to be moved or pushed eventually the request was fulfilled.

The second group we were joined by Tobias who preferred to be called Toby, aged in his late 30s, Toby was able to move just about everyone in the circle either by lifting their arms, pushing or swaying them or by dragging people to the floor by their arms.

The Experiment was carried out by using a glass on a table and a writing planchette, with each table in different parts of the tower. The writing planchette on the top floor of the Keep and the glass on a table on the lower floor (the old mortuary). I stayed on the ground floor and held a numbered set of cards (0-10) and selected one at random. The object was to ask the spirit to move either the glass or the writing planchette and once movement was underway, someone on each table was to ask “their” spirit to go and see what card I was holding and the shape that I drew on a piece of paper and then repeat it on either the glass or the planchette. The first experiment didn’t really work as few people understood what they were supposed to be doing. However once we swapped the groups for another chance. The number was successfully drawn by the glass table but not the planchette. The shape no group managed to get.

We have tried this type of experiment before at other venues and have previously had some great results. Usually it is with a child spirit that this can work well, but we will continue to experiment with this idea at future events.

Whilst this event was the last of 2015 and we will be returning in 2016 although we are only holding two events at Rye Castle in 2016.

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