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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 25th April 2015

Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt 25th April 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Given that this event was our first at Rye Castle for 2015, we were very keen to see if it were comparable with previous visits. If anything it is more active now than it used to be but now the improvements and building work have finished for the time being and maybe the spirits are happy with that.

As with all our events I like to vary the types of things we do in each group, so this time around we had three sessions for the guests to participate in, one with me holding séances, one with Wayne & Paula holding a tech session and another Kym in the Woman’s Tower.

Upstairs of the Keep I held the séances sessions and we were joined by Godfrey, a 56 year old portly gentleman wearing a three piece suit who repeatedly jingled the money in his pockets to inform people that he was rich. Godfrey was from the 1830s.

There was also another male spirit called Freddie who appeared from time to time. Freddy was a more modern spirit as he was dressed in a more modern fashion of just an open necked shirt and plain/grey trousers, aged in his early 20s.

Many of the guests in the first group felt their arms and hands being moved by the spirits and being pushed and pulled to the floor and the circle being pulled and twisted towards the cell that has the graffiti. I moved the least as people seemed to move around me, with those opposite me being moved more often.

During this session we all heard what we thought was the main door to the keep being closed or slammed. Considering the outside gate was locked and the other group were in the lower ground floor of the keep it was a bit unnerving, so Ted (Rye Museum custodian) went to investigate. He found nothing out of place or unusual.

Many guests saw a face on the headless mannequin or thought they saw a face at the window, this wasn’t a person as we were on the first floor and about 20 feet above ground level!

Also whilst standing in a particular spot near the window many guests felt the unfathomable experience of being “sucked” into the wall.

Odd lights and strange noises were heard as the session continued, but none of these had any obvious or explainable answer at the time. We will have to see if they happen at future events at Rye Castle.

The second group didn’t get anything like the activity of the first group because either they didn’t encourage the spirit to do anything or just took the mickey out of the spirit. Godfrey was present but became disinterested and left. After 40 minutes I ended this session as it was pointless continuing.

After we finished our controlled sessions the guests were allowed to investigate on their own and use our ghost hunting equipment. Many went back to the Women’s Tower or sat quietly in the keep to see if spirit would interact with them. Some interesting photos were taken by guests and some felt spirits presence.

Once again another interesting ghost hunt with lots of guests feeling and sensing spiritual and paranormal activity.

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