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Rye Castle – 9th October 2015 (Kym)

Rye Castle ghost hunt 9th October 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Area: Womens Tower/Prison
Equipment: Writing Planchette, Glass Work, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group B – We started by using the dowsing rods & pendulums and everyone had movement except the male guest and Ted (curator).  There were several female spirits communicating with us, and we could feel the energies walking amongst us.  Ted was getting pushed back, sensing the energies didn’t want the men in the room.  We tried some table tipping and had continuous gentle rocking, no difference with females only touching.  We tried the writing planchette, but the table just kept rocking.  Tried some glasswork but only a little movement and again the table still rocked.  Switched back to table tipping which moved a lot, but gently.  Chloe (guest) started feeling sick, and felt like someone was holding her hips and gently rocking her.  She went outside for a short while, and came back when feeling better.  She also had an odd sensation of feeling like she had been here before.  We were all feeling a lot of energy around us, and were also being rocked with the table.

Group A – Started with the rods & pendulums but not much movement, although using my pendulum spirit confirmed he was the male spirit I had encountered before, and he would move the table for us, so we tried table tipping.  The table moved immediately however Tania (guest) felt the spirit did not want her on the table, and when she stepped back the table moved a lot more.  Again we were sensing when the spirit was behind us, and some of us felt unwelcome prods to our backs and arms.  We did also hear one heavy footstep near us, then a loud tap, then also a tap on the door, but when we looked out there was no-one there, and we hadn’t heard anything in the gravel outside.  We did some glasswork and got some answers: male spirit, was a jailer here, abused 30 women prisoners here, and other women that he brought here.  He was here in the 1200’s.  Using the writing planchette he drew the letter B.  Asked if this was his first initial he said no, asked if this was the initial of someone here – yes, however no-one had a name starting with B.  I asked if he knew someone here from a past life, he said yes, and that person’s name started with B.  Not everyone was comfortable knowing who it was so we didn’t ask.  We had some more random writing, then finished that session with some table tipping.

In the free session we wanted to try an experiment:  in the main tower we had some guests on the top level doing writing planchette, and some guests in the basement doing glasswork.  Some guests with Steve chose a number/shape for spirit to copy on both experiments, and was very pleased when the glass copied the number correctly.

I then joined some guests in the Women’s Tower and we started with table tipping.  We had the male spirit again, and were amazed by the amount of energy the spirit had.  We felt this by trying to push the table back down but was unable to.  The table would spin and walk around the room too.  We tried some glasswork and the spirit confirmed he was the jailer.  Asked if had done another job, yes he was a fisherman.  Neither paid well, but he stole.  He was caught and sent to prison.  He was murdered in prison.  Whilst he was a jailer he confirmed again that he abused the women here, but that he also liked men sexually.  Asking the colour of his hair, he had ginger hair and beard.  As the spirit seemed very willing to work with us we asked him to rotate the glass fast around the table, and then guests took it in turns whilst not touching the glass asking in their head for spirit to stop the glass and change directions, and to their amazement this happened correctly every time.  Guests also took it in turns to think of a shape/letter/number, and spirit would draw this about 50% of the time.

A fabulous night at Rye Castle, and we all look forward to returning there in Spring 2016.

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