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Rye Castle – 22nd August 2015 (Louise)

Rye Castle ghost hunt 22nd August 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Rye Castle is an interesting Venue, albeit small the activity and atmosphere is different on every occasion, which makes it one of my favourite places to visit.
Only having one group made the ghost hunt more interesting as the guests had all got to know each other before I started my table tipping and glass work session in the Women’s Tower. This meant that the guests were much more comfortable, willing and not afraid to encourage spirit to come forward

Women’s Tower
Table tipping and glass work
At the start of each session, I split the group of eight guests into four so everybody had a chance to participate in each activity. Some of the guests had already done table tipping so were eager to get started.

Group 1
The first group of guests on the table immediately started to encourage spirit and the table begun to move straight away. Movement was slow at first, but with a bit more encouragement the table started to spin and carry out random movements having us running around in circles.
One of the guests then asked spirit if they could possibly walk the table, and to our amazement the table started walking towards the door, up the steps and into the courtyard. All guest were shocked by the way spirit seemed to keep stopping the table as if to work out how to move the table in the right direction to negotiate the steps.

Group 2
With the second group, we had some light movement of the table, but it was quieter. I then asked spirit if they would like to communicate to us by using the glass instead of table tipping. We asked spirit to move the table to the right for a yes answer, and to the left for a no answer. Spirit agreed to speak through the glass work. Some of the guests didn’t want to participate in this activity, but were more than happy to watch.
Once again asking spirit to move the glass left or right for yes and no answers the glass moved immediately. We had a male spirit come through who told us he was a guard at the tower and looked after the ladies, and told us he very much enjoyed his job as he liked making the ladies laugh.

Very enjoyable sessions with some amazing table tipping, can’t wait for our next visit

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