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Royal Gunpowder Mills

Event Showcase: Royal Gunpowder Mills


History of Royal Gunpowder Mills
The Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey, Essex was one of three Royal Gunpowder Mills in the UK but is the only site to have survived virtually intact. The Royal Gunpowder Mills, were in operation for over 300 years.

Throughout the First World War the number of workers exceeded 6000, mostly local and female workers. After World War I production continued and crucial development work was carried out on TNT production and on the new explosive RDX.

During World War II it an important cordite production unit and for the first two years of the war was the sole producer of RDX (the explosive that was used in the Bouncing Bomb).

The Royal Gunpowder Mills finally closed on 28 July 1945.

In 1945 the establishment re-opened as a research centre.

In 1984 the South site and the Lower Island works were handed over to Royal Ordnance Plc immediately prior to its privatisation.

After various reorganisations of Governmental research, the research centre finally closed in 1991, bringing to an end 300 years of explosives production and research.

Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating the #RoyalGunpowderMills since 2017 and we have witnessed a lot of interesting paranormal occurrences. Most of what has been witnessed has been personal to the guests present. We have also done some lone vigils and EVP recording in the Spinks Gallery and some other buildings which have been successful.

Our favourite areas are; The Museum – has been really good for tech and gadgets as well as lone vigils and potential EVP’s, The Old Fire Station building which is now The Lab – has previously been good for séances, The buildings on the Mead have been really good for tech and gadgets as well as Ouija boards and Table tilting.

So far we haven’t had any video recorded during an event.

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