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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 27-12-2013 (Kym)

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 27th December 2013

Area: Bedrooms 6 & 7

Equipment: Ouija Table, Writing Planchette, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

With my first group we all started on Room 6, and all guests had an opportunity to try the rods & pendulums.  All were moving, to guests requests, and they swapped around to try both.  We then tried the writing planchette, but with only little movement I split the group.  Some stayed in room 6 and tried scrying in the mirror, whilst the others went to room 7 and tried the Ouija table.  The glass started moving, so we asked if spirit could try an experiment with us.  I had number cards, and I asked a guest to choose one card, not show to anyone including himself, and we asked spirit to take the glass to the matching number on the table.  We tried this three times, and although the glass moved to numbers, close sometimes, but none were correct.  The spirit did confirm she was Alice who often visits us on the ghost hunts here.  In room 6, guests were seeing an older female in the mirror, wearing glasses, and with grey curly hair.  Back in room 7, the glass was continuing to move, and we were asking the spirit to take the glass to the oldest person, the youngest, the guest with a dog, and the guest with the most children – all were correct.  The glass seemed to move in often random ways, lots of twists and turns.  The guests also thought of shapes for the spirit to draw with the glass, and to their surprise it did.

With my second group we started in room 6 using the rods & pendulums.  After lots of movement, we tried the writing planchette but no movement this time.  Some guests went to room 7 to try the Ouija table, others stayed in room 6 to try scrying.  Changes were seen in the mirror by guests.  Room 7 – the glass started moving very quickly.  It spelt out the name Carly – which was the name of one of the guests on the table.  The spirit spelt his name as Nunc, from 1474, and was married to Carly in a previous life.  Asked if she was a good wife the glass moved first to no, then to yes.  They had 3 children – 2 boys and 1 girl.  They were married for 23 years.  We asked spirit to move the glass with only Carly’s finger on it, and it moved slightly twice.

With my third group we again started in room 6 with the rods & pendulums.  Lots of movement was experienced by all.  They tried the writing planchette, but no movement.  Then all went to room 7, and had slight movement from the glass at first.  After a while the glass moved faster, and kept moving to K & L.  This was one of the guest’s initials.  It then kept going to the word GO then the letter S – this was her dad’s initial – was the spirit telling her to visit her dad?  We then asked spirit to move the glass in rapid circles, asking the glass to stop & change direction several times, to which it always responded.

Now the free session, and with some guests saying they wanted to try some table tipping, I joined some guests in room 7 to try this.  After a very short while the table started creaking, and very gently lifted up one side, staying there until we asked the spirit to take the table back down.  When we asked for the table to be lifted again, it very gently lifted up and held the table in place again.  At this point Steve (medium) came in and told us we had the spirit of Margaret with us, she had been a school teacher in life.  Asking if she had done table tipping before, she said yes at Kelvedon Hatch with another ghost hunting group.  With a lot of encouragement Margaret was able to move the table to our request, lifting, twisting, spinning, changing direction always at our request.

A fab end to the night – and 2013!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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