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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 13th February 2015 (Kym)

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 13th February 2015
Colchester, Essex

Area: Room 6
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Glass Work

Group B – With my first group we started by using the rods & pendulums, and some guests had movement to their surprise and were able to ask the spirits some questions.  We had two spirits with us – male & female.  Whilst I was standing between bed & window I had an odd feeling, felt I was being pushed too.  Asking the rods to point where the spirit was standing they pointed to that area.  Others stood in that area and felt it too.  Whilst trying the scrying the guests were seeing a male face each time, but was also seeing their face disappear too.  One guest was feeling a strong pressure to his lower back, and then suddenly it went.  With the glass work, the glass started moving around the table slowly at first.  We asked spirit to move the glass towards the torch for yes if willing to answer some questions, and away for no.  We established this was a female spirit, who I had met here before.  I asked her to draw her first initial, which seemed to resemble an I or A.  I think it may have been Alice with us.  Knowing Alice likes to move the glass a lot I asked a guest to think in his head, whilst he wasn’t touching the glass, for Alice to take the glass to a certain person.  The glass moved to where he was thinking.  Again he asked again, and the glass moved correctly again.  We then asked Alice to draw a big circle around the table which she did.  The glass stopped moving, so we were asking out to spirit to do other things in the room, like make a noise, move something,  and two guests sitting on the bed felt like someone sat down behind them, no-one did, and another guest who had her foot slightly under the bed felt it go down on her foot.  We were also hearing noises in the corridor, but when we opened the bedroom door we heard nothing more.

Group A – My first session with group A we started by using the rods & pendulums.  Many were familiar with communicating with spirit and got answers to many questions.  We had a male and female spirit with us.  We tried some scrying and again they were seeing male and female faces, glasses, and moustache and dark eyebrows.  When Chris (guest) sat in front of the mirror, he started swaying back and forth.  His breathing started getting very heavy.  Asking if he was okay we had no answer.  Spirit had stepped a little close and was preventing him to respond.  I put my hand on his back and asked spirit to step away, calling Chris’s name several times before he was back with us.  He could hear us, and felt my hand but felt distant.  Helen, another guest, tried and again she went into a trance but this is something she had done before and didn’t mind.  We then tried some glass work, and the glass started moving immediately.  We had a male spirit with us but seemed reluctant to answer any questions at first.  He had been murdered within the last 50 years.  Had visited Colchester when alive, and had been married with a child.  Chris kept getting the name James, Helen had the initial J but thought Jack, I then had the name Emma.  Spirit confirmed he was called James, his wife Emma and his son was Jack.  We asked if it was James that had affect Chris, but no it was another spirit, asking if we should be wary of that spirit the glass answered yes.  One guest on the bed kept feeling her hair being touched, asking spirit to take the glass to where he was standing and the glass moved to that person.  Asking spirit to make a movement on the bed, before I had finished saying it, the guest felt someone sit down on the bed behind her.  Asking spirit how they passed, one guest felt a sharp pain on her head.  Asking spirit if that was how he died, answered yes.  We then asked spirit if he had enjoyed being in Colchester when he was alive – yes.  He had had some fun times here.  Him and his family had passed to the light, and the person that had murdered them all had been punished.  The guests did ask spirit to move the glass while they wern’t touching it, although it didn’t move, whilst their hands were touching the table they did feel the table move.

Area: Restaurant
Equipment: Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette

Group B – We initially started with Ouija and table tipping but had no movement.  I then split the group with three trying table tipping and three with the writing planchette.  The table did started moving, and the writing planchette was also moving slightly.  All guests then switched back to the table tipping, which lifted up a few times.  We then tried the Ouija again and received the letters T and G for the spirits name, and age 6.  We were feeling cold spots around us, on our hands, and also on the empty chair at the table too.  Did try table tipping again, and it did lift up and try to spin a little too.

Group A – Starting with the Ouija the spirits that came through were all connected to those sitting at the table.  First we had Chris’s Granddad called Pat aged 75 and had passed 1 year ago.  Chris was able to receive some lovely messages.  Then the glass spelled Jennifer which was Chris’ Nan.  Then the glass spelled Tony age 52 and knew Helen, this was an old customer from when she worked in a pub.  Then an Aunt came through for Marc.  We then tried some table tipping, and straight away we had lots of movement, rocking, spinning, with many random unexpected twists and turns.  With the writing planchette they had one big curve, similar to the letter C.
A great night with such lovely guests making the evening truly entertaining – thank you!

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