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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 12-4-2014 (Kym)

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 12th April 2014
Colchester, Essex

Area: Rooms 9 & 10
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Glass Work

Group D – I started with explaining how to use the rods & pendulums and immediately we had lots of movement.  We then asked spirit to show movement for yes & no answers, and guests were then able to find out what spirits they had with them, one of them being a male.  Those people sitting on the bed felt the bed move, which has happened many times before in room 10.  They were also looking at the light showing through under the door from the hallway, and could see a shadow which appeared to be moving.  We were also hearing taps & creaks in a different places in the room.  We tried fingers on the glass to see if spirit wanted to communicate this way, and after a couple of short movements, the spirit did answer by moving the glass to yes to being a male, but then no more.  Then Ellen felt a touch on her face, looking to see if her friend’s hair had touched her, she was too far way but she had felt her hair being touched.  At the same time I saw a flash of white light on the bed behind them.  In this room there is a short corridor to room 9, and the guests took it in turns to stand here with both doors shut.  They had similar experiences; touches, with noises and creaks in that area, and what sounded like movement in room 9 – no-one was in there.  Also two guests had seen light coming from under the door, but then it disappeared and everything went very dark.  Annette (guest) who was sitting on the bed could feel herself being pushed back.

Group A – Started with rods & pendulums which moved immediately, guests then established their yes & no movements, and were able to ask spirit questions.  We tried the glass work – but only slight movement.  I then asked if anyone wanted to spend some time in the closed corridor, and the first two females after what seemed like less than a minute came rushing back out.  They had both seen a face in front up them – they described it as being a face lit up under moonlight.  The glass started moving around the table more, and answered yes to being male and a judge.  Asking if he had been the face in the corridor, he answered yes.  He then was unwilling to answer any more questions and just kept randomly moving the glass.  However when he wanted to answer a question he would take the glass to one person in particular, and would then reply to his questions.  We then realised our session had over-run by 10 mins and the glass returned to the centre of the table as if to say ‘goodbye’.

Group B – Again started with rods & pendulums, and one person in particular, Hannah, had lots of movement with her pendulum.  She was able to establish – sometimes with the pendulum answering yes or no, other times with thoughts in her head, the spirit was a boy age 7, called Percy.  He was the oldest of four, had a brother called Jack, and two sisters called Penny & Molly.  He lived in a house here before the hotel was built with his mother & father.  There was a garden with flowers, and he liked climbing trees, but had fallen out before.  His dad built houses, they had servants, and he didn’t like vegetables, but had birthday cake.  We asked for him to jump on the bed, but he said no, saying he had something wrong with his leg.  We asked how he passed, and he said he was poorly/sick, he had a bad head, and had died of a brain tumour.  During this session two guests stood in the corridor, and were very alarmed when they heard footsteps in room 9 and the door handle turn.  I suggested they go in that room, and whilst on the bed they saw the curtain move (no windows open and the radiator underneath was turned off) and they heard more noises around the room.

Group C – Starting with rods & pendulums we had lots of movement.  After establishing their yes & no’s, they asked if the spirit was Alice – yes.  Whilst talking to Alice two male guests went to stand in the corridor, but came out extremely shaken saying “have any of you been walking around in room 9”.  None of us had moved, and as it was now the free session I suggested they stay and experience the two rooms a little more.

A fab night as always at the Red Lion, until next time….

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