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Red Lion Hotel, Colchester – 21-1-2012 (Team Two)


Our first group went to the Tudor Room, this is where the hotel holds meetings.  We started with a séance, and immediately we had spirit present.  The spirit of Jeffery at first came close to Rachel (guest). She could feel very cold behind her and was moved.  Spirit then moved around the whole circle, giving guests a cold sensation on their backs, and giving them some movement of their arms, or pushing/pulling them.  We could also sense the spirits of an elderly couple observing what we were doing.

We dropped hands for a short while and Jo (guest) sat in a chair at the back of the room, and whilst sitting there felt and heard what sounded like someone jumping in front of her.

We then all decided to sit very quietly around the large table with our hands on the table.  Immediately we had the spirit of a large male energy present who didn’t like us.  He gave his name of Henry James.  He was known to use this hotel to lure his prey of young women, raping and murdering them.  He was later hanged nearby for his wrong doings.  We could hear his footsteps moving up and down the room with various other unexplained noises around us.  One of the guests had a laser pen with a grid filter on it pointing towards one end of the room.  This displayed an array of small lights.  This did go off and on, we asked Henry if he was doing this to do it again which it did a couple of times.

For our second group of the night we all went to the cellar.  After starting a séance we immediately felt Henry had followed us.  We were looking towards the entrance of the cellar and could see shadows.  We then heard a very loud bang which made everyone jump.  On checking it out we established the noise came from people walking on the cellar door on the path above.  Marc & Kate (guests) went to stand underneath the cellar door in case it happened again.  The noise occurred again but much quieter and each time Marc & Kate could see the shadows of people walking over it.  Then there was a very loud bang again, which came from the cellar door but no shadows were seen.  We couldn’t explain this.  Marc stayed under the cellar door and whilst looking towards the entrance of the cellar he saw a beam of light on the floor.  This later corresponded with what Sean saw whilst filming later in the same place.

Lynn had also been feeling unwell, so she was put in the centre of the circle for protection.

For our third group of the night we went to the Coffee Shop downstairs, but after only seeing one light anomaly and the EMF going of just once we returned to the Tudor room.  Once in the Tudor room we settled around the table again and asked out for spirit to make some noises.  Immediately Marc (guest) felt a sharp stabbing pain in his left lower back.  I was seated next to him and the second time he had the pain I had it too but on my right lower back.  We had the EMF on between us which was lighting up.  The pains continued several times each of us feeling the pain at the same time.  Marc sensed a young lady had fallen to her death down the stairs outside the room, were we feeling her pain?

We were then all spilt into smaller groups and went to some of the rooms that were occupied by the team for the night.  Myself & Lynn took a small group to Room 9, and after settling down we started hearing noises around the room.  There were noises coming from the bathroom where the taps and shower had been found turned on earlier in the day.  We were also hearing knocks on the dressing table and footsteps around the room.  Lights were being seen too.

I then returned to this room with two guests and again we were hearing noises and saw two flashes of light.

Thank you to the Red Lion and all guests for making this a truly memorable night, I can’t wait to return, Kym

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