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Red Lion Hotel, Colchester – 11-8-2012

Red Lion Hotel, Colchester ghost hunt 11th August 2012

This ghost hunt we normally set up our remote cameras so that the guests can watch the activity in the bedrooms and the cellar, as these are usually the most active. However our set up on this day was hampered because it was so hot and that we had decided to set up three times more cameras than we normally do. We recorded over 110 hours of footage and this has led to the delay in the report. We are still going through the footage!

This particular ghost hunt was attended by the most people so far this year and conversely so few Ghost Hunt Events staff, just three of us. However the spirits had definitely come out to play and all groups had some excellent paranormal activity.

My first group in the cellar witnessed orb activity which was visible with the naked eye although the spirit energy who was in this area didn’t treat these particular guests to the activity that the other groups encountered, nevertheless the activity that they did encounter no one else experienced.

The spirit energy that was responsible for all the activity in the cellar was called Catherine, she was a school teacher aged in her late 50s and about 5’10” in height, she wore a V neck sweater which I thought was rather strange. Catherine was however quite strict, although a happy person and through various questions asked by the guests throughout the night she was not married and did not have children.

The second group to the cellar were moved beyond their wildest dreams with many people being pushed or bent over, twisted into really uncomfortable positions and generally pushed into positions that they would not voluntarily have moved into. I suggested to spirit early on that she might like to move some guests into a particular shape “I’m a little teapot” sprang to mind and without anyone noticing it wasn’t until everyone had been pushed or pulled that I had remembered what I had said earlier and to the guests’ surprise one particular guest was in the position of a teapot!

The third group in the cellar also were pushed, some of them quite violently and some were pushed to the floor. Arm movement was also felt by the majority of the guests and Catherine even held the hand of one of the guests, much to her amazement, the guest not the spirit.

There was so much physical movement achieved by spirit in the cellar towards the guests that there is not enough space to write about it. But needless to say that all the guests thoroughly enjoyed the experience because what they had experienced was amazing and profound.

Towards the end of the night we let all the guests go to areas in which they enjoyed or had experienced the most activity, we basically chaperoned them. Once again I was called to the cellar with a few guests and a different spirit energy made himself known to me, his name was Arthur, he was aged about 65 years old and walked with a hunch back and wore a flat cap. Mark (guest) said that this description was identical to his grandfather and through one of our communication devices he asked questions that would only be known to him and Arthur and concluded that it was his grandfather.

Carl’s (Paranormal Investigator) notes for his groups;

First Session in the Coffee shop & cellar, all guests witnessed high levels of KII activity and quite a lot of communication via our electronic devices. Whilst in the cellar of the coffee shop the whole group heard the distinct sound of someone in the coffee shop moving furniture and when the group investigated, nothing was found to be out of place.

The second session in the bar and Parliament Restaurant the group used the writing planchette and had a female spirit by the name of Alice who used the planchette to write “AM” which could be the known ghost Alice Millar.

The third session in rooms; 6, 7 & 10, strange noises were heard in room 7 near to the wardrobe and there were high levels of KII activity as well as very good communication via electronic devices. Some of the guests ventured into room 6 opposite and tried scrying in the mirror. All guests who were participating saw an angry man with a comb over looking back at them. Even when the guests changed places the angry man was still seen.

Marc (Paranormal Investigator) recorded some audio during the evening to try to record a ghost voice or EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) you can hear the best at:-

A very enjoyable ghost hunt at The Red Lion Hotel in Colchester and one in which all guests either participated or witnessed some amazing activity. We as a team cannot wait to return.

GHE Team
Steve – Psychic Medium
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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