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Red Lion Hotel – 22nd November 2014 (Kym)

Red Lion Hotel 22nd November 2014
Colchester, Essex

Area: Rooms 6 & 7
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group D – We started with scrying in room 6, and instantly guests that were taking it in turns to sit in front of the mirror and those standing behind were seeing an older man, moustache and beard, droopy eyes and cheeks, and whilst the first lady was wearing glasses everyone saw them disappear.  Some were seeing icy blue eyes.  One guest felt a cold breeze past her face but nobody moved to cause it.  We then moved to room 7 to use the rods & pendulums so we could connect with the spirit more, and everyone had movement.  However just before this, whilst standing in the room, some heard a noise on the bed, similar to someone sitting down on the bed.  Some sat on the bed and it felt cold in the middle, and they were feeling movement or vibrations next to them.  We asked spirit to point all the rods (four of us holding them) to wear the spirit was, and all pointed to the middle of the bed.  We then heard scratching on the wood at the bottom of the bed.  One guest sitting on the bed asked spirit to touch her, the rods moved round to touch her.  When we all asked spirit the same questions we were all getting the same answer on our rods & pendulums.  One guest (Sam) her pendulum was moving very erratically, large fast circles, but her arm was totally still.  She was feeling a static energy going up her leg and through the arm she was holding the pendulum.  Then shortly after it was completely still.

Group E – Started with scrying and again were seeing an older man with a beard and moustache.  One guest was suddenly surprised to see the face go dark and the eyes bright white with dark circles around them.  The eyes seemed to be looking straight at her which unnerved her slightly.  Then the face seemed to change to a boy then a young male.  When using the pendulums/rods the spirit said he was from 1700’s, age 40, married and lived in Essex.  One guest noticed whilst holding the pendulum, each time she moved the pendulum towards her very slowly, the pendulum swayed away from her.

Group F – Again started with the scrying and were seeing an older man with a beard.  He had grey bushy eyebrows and a dark moustache.  Initially the moustache was described like hitler’s, but then started drooping down the sides.  The eyes were flashing bright green and white every so often.  Almost witch like.  Then the face started drooping on the left side, then on the right side.  One guest sitting in front of the mirror was feeling very tingly on her face.  The forehead suddenly seemed very large then disappeared.  One guest felt very sad, wanting to cry.  In room 7, whilst using the rods & pendulums, it seemed the spirit of Alice was with us.  She answered questions, one being that this was the room she died in.  Asking to point the rods to where she was standing, all pointed to the door.

Group A – Again in the mirror all were seeing an older male with a beard and a moustache.  White eyes too.  One guest thought she saw a woman wearing something on her head that made her look like a nun.  In room 7 everyone had their rods & pendulums moving, the rods pointing to the window this time to show where Alice was standing.  Asking if her killer was in the room with us now, answered yes.  Asked to point rods to wear he was standing and they all pointed to the door.  One guest asked for his name and got William in his head.  Asking the pendulum to confirm this was correct – yes.

Group B – Again in the mirror we were seeing an older man, described similar as before, then suddenly we saw what looked like a nun.  In room 7 we had Alice with us again, and asking to point the rods to where she was standing they pointed to between the two chairs the two ladies were sitting in.  We then heard a noise in the bathroom, the door being open, and asked spirit to point the rods to where they had made a noise and they pointed to the bathroom.  Asking spirit to point the rods to where they were going to make a noise next, they pointed to the bed, but we didn’t hear a noise.

Group C – With our last group of the night, we again started with scrying.  Some being slightly sceptical saying our eyes are seeing things, but were surprised when they started seeing the face changing.  They were again seeing an older male, described similar to the previous sessions.  We then moved to room 7 and used the rods & pendulums to communicate with spirit.  Again we had Alice with us, saying she was pregnant by the Judge, who had killed her by beating her to death.  Two guests had decided to stay in room 6, and using a a mug turned upside down on a small table they tried some glass/mug work.  They had a male spirit called Hugh, who didn’t like women.  The mug continued to moved around the table, with just the two of them touching, even with their fingers turned nail side down.  They were very surprised it even worked with a mug!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
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