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Red Lion Hotel – 14/4/2012 – Part 1


WOW – what an amazing night with so many experiences for everyone;

1.  Group B
For my first group for the evening we started standing in the Bar & Restaurant, and immediately the EMF lit up showing spirit present.  We started hearing noises so sat down at tables to reduce our sounds and asked out to spirit to copy our taps.  As this seemed inconclusive we started a séance circle.  Some guests felt they were being pushed or pulled including myself.  Using the EMF to answer our questions all we could determine was it was a female energy.  Sean was filming and had to return to base for a new battery (which should not happen as it was a new battery) and immediately the guests started to feel movement, sensations and coldness.  A guest opposite me saw a shadow move in front of her, and myself and another guest started feeling a tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing.  I then started feeling very lightheaded and thought I was going to faint.  After unsuccessfully being put in the circle to recover I had to step away from the circle.  Feeling much better I observed the guests within the circle and guests were continuing to feel unusual sensations and coldness.

2. Group C
For my second group of the evening we remained in the Bar & Restaurant.  Again we had spirit showing us they were present by lighting the EMF.  We tried a séance circle but as nothing was happening we broke hands and moved to different areas.  We had little movement on the Ouija Board so tried glass movement on a table.  Four guests sat around a square table with their fingers placed lightly on an upturned glass.  By asking questions on the EMF we determined this was a male energy and immediately he started moving the glass around the table.  Guests were asking the spirit to draw shapes (ie. square, zig zag & triangle) on the table and move the glass to specified areas on the table which the spirit did.  The glass was moving around the table very fast.  We also asked spirit to twist the glass so fingers were tangled up, to which spirit did.  Whilst this was happening Carl who was filming started feeling sick and dizzy and asked me to continue filming whilst he stepped away.

3. Group A
Just before we started, my third group had heard a breath in their ears whilst in the Tudor Room on break so we decided to start in this room.  We started with a séance circle and immediately we had spirit present.  I felt like someone was holding my lower arm and asked spirit to do this to others or move my arm but had nothing more.  We then decided to try glass movement on a table, and it wasn’t until all the guests had put their fingers on the glass did it move.  I kept my finger off the glass, and all the other guests took it in turns to do this with the glass still moving, however often the glass would move to the person without their finger on the glass and wait until they had done so. We asked for shapes to be drawn which spirit did (ie. squares, triangles, zig zags & the number 8).  We then specified to spirit different sides of the table as a yes & no, and asked spirit questions.  We determined the spirit was female, a teenager, had brown hair & blue eyes, lived in Colchester but had never been to the Red Lion Hotel.  She had passed over within the last 100 years.  She liked having her hair made pretty.  She had no friends but had brothers and sisters.  Whilst asking her what things she liked to do, many of the answers being no, we asked if she liked dancing, with this question the glass flew so fast to no it went off the table and smashed on the floor.  We got another glass and apologised for upsetting her.  We then asked if she wasn’t able to dance and it went to no. We then asked if she liked to draw and she said yes.  One of the guests asked if her name was ‘Alice’ (a known spirit of the Red Lion) and as the glass moved to no I had the name Polly in my head, I asked spirit if this was her name and got yes.  We asked Polly if we should go to the Bar, replying yes.  We moved to the bar area and tried the writing planchet, a device similar to a Ouija Board allowing the spirit to draw.  With this Polly was able to draw a picture of a house for the guests to take home, along with a heart and a kiss.  We then tried the glass moving again and whilst we were starting this I was telling the guests of a previous event where the glass was being moved along the edge of the table, around the corners and underneath the table, and amazingly Polly attempted this.  She managed to move the glass around the whole of the rectangular table on the edge, even trying to move the glass under the table.  We thanked Polly for her fantastic efforts and finished for the evening. An amazing night – a fantastic venue – one of which I can’t wait to return to.

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