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Reculver Towers, Reculver. Kent Ghost Hunt

Reculver Towers Ghost Hunt 19th February 2011.

We made our way from the cark park to the Towers, it was an extremely windy evening with rain in the air, but the sound of the sea made it relaxing.

After a short while a male energy made himself known to me, he stood 5’6″ in height, quite a stocky build gentleman and he was a monk or a religious character, dressed in a cream robe, mostly bald and wearing round spectacles. He looked to be in his late 40s or early 50s. He didn’t interact as such and continued to carry on with his work, he looked as if he was tending a garden. He gave me the period of time that he was from as the Jacobean period, which is in the reign of King James I 1603 – 1625.

Whilst Standing directly beneath the towers (sheltering from the wind) I conducted a number of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiments. Whilst doing this I was aware that there was another male energy standing and walking behind me. He seemed very reluctant to make himself known, he seemed shy.

However after a female guest also noticed shadows moving in the dark, he stepped close enough for me to describe him. He stood 5’8″ in height, approximately 25 years old with a rough shaven or the start of a beard look. He was wearing a brown or black cloak, but did not seem to a religious figure. The female guest said that she felt there was a rope hanging in that part of the building where this male energy stood.

He gave his name as Dougal and he was associated with the Arch Diocese of Canterbury, although he did not explain how. He seemed to be shy gentleman who would greet people as they entered the church, when he spoke he had a nervous fidget and would caress his cloak.

He proceeded to touch the guests and give them a gentle push to let them know he was indeed there.

After a short wander around the whole site we decided that it was too cold for further investigation and we made our way back to the warmth of our cars.

Yet again there are no photographs as my camera once again refused to work, even with new batteries.

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