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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 6-4-2012

Pluckley Screaming woods ghost hunt – 6th April 2012

After entering the woods and heading for my usual spot, one thing surprised me; the lack of any sounds at all. It was extremely quiet, probably the quietest I have known in these woods. This made the guests even more scared, since for most of them it was their first time.

Once we stopped walking, deep in the middle of the woods a male energy stepped forward, his name was Timothy, 27 years old, from 1870s that had a rough shaved look about him and he told me that he was a trader. One of the guests wanted to know whether she could feel him. I asked her to walk away from the group to the general area where he was standing after about 1 minute the guest came racing back to the group, apparently she heard the sound of footsteps behind her, the sound of crunching twigs and that was enough for her.

During the following séance Timothy stayed with us and was able to move the guests’ arms. There was also a female energy that joined us, her name was Bethany and she was in her early 20s but seemed to be shy or reluctant to join in.

During this séance some of the guests heard a growl behind them, which made some of the guests nervous. As I have heard growls before in these woods, I thought it best not to tell them this on our way into the woods as I didn’t want the guests to be too scared.

Many guests took photographs before and after the séance. Several of their photographs had light anomalies (Orbs) in them. One or two guests had some very unusual light anomalies, which were not the usual kind of perfect Orbs, but instead were rod shaped.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Two of the guest’s questions had audible answers. You can hear the EVPs below.

Our second area a male energy by the name of Jake aged 34 came forward. Jake proceeded to answer many questions via our communication electronic equipment and the K2 EMF meter readings were also very high and consistent.

The third area was one which I don’t often go into, because even I find this area daunting, it doesn’t have a nice feeling, in fact it feels very oppressive and unnerving, but I didn’t tell the guests what I thought about it until after we had finished. Many guests also felt vulnerable whilst in this area. During the séance there was a very angry male energy present, he pushed many of the guests and rocked them from side to side, but I decided to stop the séance because I felt hands or something around my neck. I have felt this sensation before in this area of the woods!

Once again a successful ghost hunt where the guests experienced paranormal activity and communication with spirit.

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