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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 21-12-2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 21st December 2012
Pluckley, Kent

We were a little worried that holding an event so late in December would be too cold for us and our guests to enjoy the ghost hunt. However the weather and temperature was actually quite pleasant considering the time of year, albeit rather wet and very muddy on the pathways.

After making our way to my usual spot, which took longer than normal due to the vast amount of mud on the main pathway we gave every guest a piece of electronic equipment.

Within a matter of minutes our KII meters (EMF meters) started to light up with detected spirit energies passing us and since every guest had either a communication device or a KII we could actually see the motion of the spirit energies as they walked past us.

A male energy stopped and actually stuck around to talk to people and using the communication devices guests were able to ask him questions and get sensible responses. The male spirit energy however didn’t want to reveal his name to me, but he was approximately 45 years old and of a strong build. He also responded to questions but didn’t like us. He told us (via the communication devices) on more than one occasion to leave.

During this period many guests heard some strange noises and saw odd lights, these were not noises that could be related to the woods as they didn’t sound like any animal I have heard before. The lights too were not in the sky, but much closer to the ground although they didn’t look like animal eyes as they were the wrong colour (white and blue lights).

Many guests took photographs whilst we were using the electronic equipment and several guests photographed some strange mists and other anomalies on the pathway.

Strange lights and mists on the path

Strange Mists

From this point we moved further along the path and through yet more mud until we came to a crossroads. This crossroad in past investigations has been the spot of some excellent paranormal activity witnessed by the guests.

Here we held a séance and a spirit energy called Jeffery joined us, he came from the direction that we had just walked. He was aged in his late 40s and from 1950s era and was a happy fellow who was able to move the arms of the guests and some guests were also treated to him pushing and pulling them backwards, nothing violent, but enough so that the guests knew that they were not responsible for losing their balance as it was controlled and on command. Some guests were also swayed from left to right as he passed them.

After the séance we set up our laser grid and some guests saw shadows within the grid and further along the path, this is something which happens a lot on this particular stretch of path. The shadows look human shape, although they are never totally clear.

We then turned on our SB7’s (Spirit boxes, which scan the FM radio stations at 100ms in reverse) and asked the spirit energies to say the name of a guest, or their own name. We repeatedly heard “Tom”, “Catherine” and “Tim” and considering we were using two boxes the names were not repeated at the same time but over the course of several sweeps alternatively. We also heard the name of some of the guests “Emma”, “Derek” and “Sharon”.

It was however noticeable odd that the high KII activity that we had at the first location had not repeated itself at this location apart from some brief moments when those who were holding the KII meters walked away from the group. When they were 6’ or more away from the group the KII meters lit up much like the activity that we had at the first location. Whereas the communication devices didn’t make any difference as we had good communication throughout the whole ghost hunt.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with varied and interesting paranormal activity witnessed by the guests.

Carl Hutchinson (Paranormal Investigator) and myself we present from Ghost Hunt Events.

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