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Pluckley Screaming woods ghost hunt

Pluckley Screaming Woods Ghost Hunt – 5th March 2011

After leaving the car park, I remembered the route (unlike the last time) to the familiar place that we have always encountered spiritual activity from previous investigations.

Once the group had rested after the long walk deep into the woods, we formed a séance circle and I asked spirit to join us, after a short while the atmosphere changed in background, for me this is a good sign as it usually means that spirit energy is present. Within moments Lynn (Sensitive) noted that she could smell Ale, no-one else could at this time. Lynn also commented that the name Mark seemed to be right. I asked the spirit to move any member of the group or move our arms. The energy Mark gave me a name of Buckmore or Buckman, whether this was his surname remains unknown. He stood about 5’9″ in height, jet back hair with a square face and very unshaven. He seemed to be in his late 20s or early 30s wearing a white granddad shirt, with no sleeves, a dark material, possibly green, trousers which had what looked to be leather patches on them and brown well-worn leather boots. This energy told me that he was returning from a local Inn and was curious of our presence. I noted that the smell seemed to be that of ethanol, whereas Marc & Jeff (guests) noted that they could smell a sweet smelling scent, someone noted that it reminded them of Parma Violet sweets. The male energy did manage to move mine and Julie’s (guest) hands briefly. During the séance I was aware of other energies however no one stepped forward. Both Marc and Jeff were drawn to looking further down the track, as it seemed to close in.

After we ended the séance circle I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment, where each guest in turn asks a question, generally directed at the male energy called Mark who was still with us.

After a short smoking break we continued down the path, both Peter and Keely (guests) noted that it felt like we were being followed by the spirit energy. The walk of about 200 yards was strange because although it always looked as if we were heading towards a section of the woods that was more enclosed, it was in actual fact more open.

We stopped at a crossroads of the paths, the temperature seemed to drop considerably, it wasn’t a windy evening and there wasn’t any rain in the air, as most of the time the stars were visible.

Once again we formed a séance circle and the atmosphere from a spiritual nature changed many people noted that it seemed darker behind me, although I did not sense any energy behind me. There was however an energy that approached the group from behind Jeff. Marc suggested that I ask for this energy to make a noise that we could all hear, within moments we all heard a noise that resembled a stick or twig being snapped, and this sounded like the noise emanated from higher up. During the séance Marc, Jeff and myself all heard what sounded like footfalls or footsteps in the surrounding wood, from various directions but mainly from behind both Marc and Jeff. These noises did not sound like animals as it was only one set of footfalls. At various times we heard what sounded like someone blowing over a bottle, this also seemed to emanate from behind Jeff. The male energy that was with us stood approximately 6′ in height, in his late teens and had fair hair. He was dressed in a cheap material which I likened to hessian. He gave me his name as Simon and he proceeded to move the hands of mine and Lynn, then Lynn and Peter and Peter and Keely. Both Jeff and Marc did not get any movement but they both felt cold rushes of air between them. I also felt a sharp breeze on my face, although it still wasn’t windy. I noted that I one point I felt taller than normal, as it felt like I was several inches taller and looking down on the group. Jeff also noted that he felt a similar sensation. I also saw flitting lights at various time behind Jeff, I commented at the time that they looked like flies, but whether or not they were I have no idea. Towards the end of the séance I heard a noise which resembled rain drops on leaves, but the trees had no leaves and it wasn’t raining.

At one point we all heard a female scream from a long way away that lasted for several seconds. There was another group of people within the woods when we arrived but whether this was them remains unknown.

At the end of the séance I conducted another EVP experiment (the results of which have yet to be analysed – at the time of writing this report). Marc also conducted his own EVP recordings, and both he and I took digital still photographs.

We decided that it was now really cold and headed back to the car park.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and this was probably the most active investigation that I have encountered at Pluckley Woods.

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