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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 16-12-2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 16th December 2012
Pluckley, Kent

The weather forecast for this evening was mixed, with some rain due in the early part of the night but more importantly that when we were due to be in the woods no rain was forecast. This was rather important because the pathways at this time of year are very muddy, let alone with the extra water from rain.

I started the ghost hunt in my usual place, as it is a very active area and guests always feel something on this path, sometimes they also see paranormal occurrences and take some very interesting photos.

We were joined by Philip a male spirit energy who passed away locally in a motorcycle accident, this particular spirit energy I have seen on a number of occasions. There was also a female spirit energy although she seemed shy and didn’t want to communicate with me. However there was lots of activity on our KII meters and on our communication equipment.

During the séance some people wanted to remain outside the circle, which was not a problem although this did not stop the spirit energies affecting them.

Several of the guests in the séance circle felt spirit move their arms and push them gently.

After I finished the séance, Perry (guest) wanted to be pushed as he was being affected throughout the séance even though he wasn’t in the circle. I placed my hand lightly on his shoulder and the spirit energies pushed and pulled him, which he found surprising.

Our second location (after venturing through more mud) we had lots more communication via our electronic equipment and lots of activity on our KII meters.

I set up the laser grid, but nothing was seen in this. I also turned on my SB7 (a spirit box, which scans the FM radio stations in reverse at 100ms) and we heard the name “Philip” plus “Hi”, “Hello” and some other names, none of which were the names of people present (which is what I asked for).

Unfortunately this session was then brought to an abrupt halt as it started to rain and we started to make our way toward the cars, just in case the rain didn’t pass then we would be nearer the cars than stuck in the woods, which weren’t offering much protection from the elements.

Fortunately by the time we had walked onto what is my final area of the woods the rain had stopped and we could continue with the ghost hunt. Once again there were lots of activity on our KII meters and lots more communication on the electronic equipment.

I noticed that we were being watched by a strict female energy, she was aged in her late 40s and gave me the impression of being a school mistress. Perry was drawn to a particular area of the woods, so we all followed.

Several guests took some photos in this location because it felt odd to them, to me it felt very active. Many of the guests had some very interesting mist photos at this point as well as some “weirdness” to them. One guest said that the spirits name was Geoffrey, (which it was and the electronic communication equipment confirmed it) but the fact that she had got it right she found scary. Perry also felt a physical touch on his shoulder and at first thought it was me, but when he turned his torch on, he could see that I was nowhere near him and neither was anyone else.

At this time I conducted an EVP (electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment and there were many responses but only one that is clear to understand. This can be heard at:-

As we were walking out of the woodland, some guests heard the sound of a metallic clink, which they described as being similar to the sound a blacksmith would make when hammering out horse shoes.

This was a good ghost hunt with quite a lot of physical and auditory paranormal activity witnessed by the guests and fortunately the weather did not hamper the ghost hunt.

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