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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 27-4-2012 (Psychic Medium)

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 27th April 2012

It was touch and go whether this ghost hunt would take place due to the weather, as all week it rained very heavily throughout Kent, however on the night, the weather was absolutely perfect; no wind, no rain and very quiet.

After walking to my familiar starting point, we gave the majority of the guests some electronic equipment to use to investigate, as there were several spirits in the area.

One of these spirit energies, a male energy by the name of Tom, a soldier from the Second World War gave a group of guests’ lots of information via our ghost communication devices, a spirit box and spoke the customers surname via an Ovulus. Which the guests found very surprising, as did my team and I.

Other guests were also getting activity via our K2 EMF meters and our other ghost communicator.

Many guests took photos and photographed many orbs or light anomalies. As a group we heard many footfalls in the woods and at various time saw strange lights.

After moving from this area we held a séance and the male energy from the first location joined us, as did another male energy, who did not give me his name, but he was about 57 years old, quite tall at about 6’4” and was wearing a Royal Navy uniform and the insignia of a First Officer. Both these energies tried to move the guests but nothing was actually felt by any of the guests.

At this location various noises were heard, many of which sounded similar to someone approaching, but no-one ever arrived. Both Marc & Carl (team members) walked further down the path as they were keen to do some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments. As they were returning to walk back to the group (they stayed within a visible distance) we all heard a very loud crack deep inside the woods, considering there was no wind, we ruled out anything falling from a tree and since we saw no lights assumed no human was responsible. (I find it very hard to believe anyone could walk through the trees and plants of these woods without a torch).

Whilst in this location we conducted a group EVP with some of the guests and a response was clearly heard at the time. This sounded like a female voice saying “It’s cold” and then a few seconds later “Men in village”, however when this EVP was analysed the first part sounds like something different and currently our experts cannot agree on the actual words spoken by the female voice. As soon as we can establish what exactly is being spoken we will add this to our ghost voice page on the website.

From here we moved to a location that I do not often walk into, mainly because I find it a very uncomfortable area, the woods here do not seem very welcoming and the first time I came here I felt hands around my neck. However since this was a big group I felt that there was a certain amount of safety to proceed. This was definitely a good idea because the photo below was one of many that I took, however this photo was the only one with a mist formation. To us the mist formation has form and looks as if it is formed from the ground upwards. In the full sized photo there are many colours within the mist, namely blue, orange and reds. This is undoubtedly one of the best mist formations pictures that I have ever taken.

Strange Mist formation in Pluckley Woods

Strange Mist formation in Pluckley Woods

I conducted another EVP experiment in this area, which was recorded by all the team (three people) and two of us had spirit voices recorded, however one of the answers to the question posed, we cannot establish what the exact words spoken say. However there is a good response to a guest’s question, you can hear this at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and some good quality photographs and EVPs recorded.

Apart from myself, Carl & Marc who are experienced Paranormal Investigators were in attendance. Marc has also written a report.

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