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Pluckley Screaming Woods 20-9-2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods 20th September 2013
Pluckley, Kent

Normally we don’t write reports from our private events, however this particular night was too good not to write a report as the level of paranormal activity felt by all the guests was on par with what we would have expected at a public ghost hunt.

We split the whole group into two smaller groups and each headed off in different directions. The area that I had chosen for the night is an area which I often take people because it is one of the most active areas within the whole woods and usually people experience something.

I started off by handing out some of our electronic ghost hunting equipment and within a few minutes everything started to light up, which meant the spirit energies were with us, some briefly whilst other stayed longer so that questions could be asked and answered.

Harry (guest) felt his hair and neck being touched which slightly unnerved him and when this occurred he wasn’t quiet about it, which made everyone else in the group jumpy.

Various spirits joined us throughout the session, from a young female energy who was about 18 years old to a young boy called Tommy who was about 8 years old plus two male energies one who was 23 years old and the other was much older at about 40 years old, this particular spirit I had met only a couple of weeks ago in this wood during a public event.

Throughout this whole session lots of odd and strange noises were heard within the woods including a few noises which sounded like footfalls and since most of this group were a little jumpy every time a noise was heard the group huddled closer together.

On our way back to the meet point I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment.

There were two clear responses which can be heard at:-

The second group to the active pathway (which is what I call it) once again after handing out the electronic gadgets, spirit energies started to join us, this time the spirit energies were spirit who were going about their daily lives and were just passing us, one of which called Gordon stayed long enough for me to hold a séance.

During the séance Gordon who was about 70 years old was able to move many of the guests arms, usually on command but he also managed to use our arms to stroke the faces of some of the group. Many guests felt a very hot or burning sensation in their hands throughout the séance. However Gordon seemed to be able to push people which ease, which is generally what happened to those who didn’t have their arms moved. After much swaying, rocking and pushing of people I ended the séance and moved onto another interesting area of the woods.

This area we often hear sounds especially when using the spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms). When asking for the spirit who was a school teacher roughly in her mid-40s to say any of the guests names we heard two faint or quiet names spoken on the box, both of these names were of those present but when asking for the spirit to repeat them, nothing was heard.

Just as I was about to stop the spirit box we all heard what I can only describe as an odd tapping sound on the speaker, it sounded like someone physically tapping but what was strange is that one of our KII meters (EMF meters) also picked up on this tapping sound and the lights flashed on the KII meter in the same manner as the audible sounds. We can be sure this wasn’t a mobile phone because all the guests had turned their phones off before we started the evening. Not only that but if it were a mobile phone then we would have heard the normal search tones on the speaker on the spirit box. The noise we heard sounded nothing like a mobile phone, more like a real tapping sound on wooden furniture.

At this point of the night I also held another EVP experiment.

Once again there were several responses but like the last experiment we couldn’t hear the word spoken on all of them, the clearest ones can be heard at:-

After re-grouping with everyone at our designated base point we decided to hold one large séance as the first group with me didn’t experience a séance as they were all too scared of the woods.

We were joined by a male spirit in his mid-50s who had lots of energy and was able to push and pull people backwards with ease. He was also able to lift the arms of many guests and those who he couldn’t push he pulled them down towards the ground by their arms.

Other guests had their faces and shoulders stroked by others in the group as the male energy moved around the circle making sure that he moved as many people as possible. At one point Harry had both his arms moved above his head which was strange because the event was for Harry. Many people then either side of Harry also had their arms moved upwards, whereas on my side of the circle we were being pulled downwards most of the time.

This was an excellent night and one in which everyone eventually had some form of paranormal experience.

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