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Perry Wood Ghost Hunt 9th April 2011

After a strenuous walk from the Car Park to the part of the
woods which had me looking over my shoulder when I visited in the day time, we
had arrived at the first investigation point.

The sky was fairly clear and the moon could be seen through
the trees, but as I started to talk some of the guests noted that according to
them it was getting darker. Two of the guests had a coughing fit and a
tightening of the chest (One a smoker). Within a short amount of time a male
energy presented himself to me, in his mid-20s he was also accompanied by his
father, both were Coppices and were dressed in light and roomy shirts with
waistcoats, dark coloured trousers and leather boots. The younger one was
called Michael and he was about 5’10” in height with dark hair. He
proceeded to make his way around the circle and started moving the hands of
Nathaniel (guest) who was to my right, much to Nathaniel’s surprise and

Michael then moved various people around the circle either
by moving their hands or by pushing them forwards or backwards or just rocking
them. Several times I called out to spirit in general to make a noise as it was
a still night and very few animal sounds were heard, but to no avail.

The use of the K2 Metre was interesting since there are no
electrical sources in the woods, the energy Michael had no problem lighting up
the metre almost on demand. I asked if he could light the metre up out of sequence
but he did not manage that. He did however manage to light up each one and hold
the energy at the same level for several seconds before lighting the next

After an EVP experiment we carried on walking to the lookout
point of the woods. This area was open to the elements and very cold in the
wind. However a very strong male energy was present and gave his name as Daqan
(pronounced as Dakin), he was 5’11” in height and of a muscular build he also
seemed to be Mediterranean or what was Yugoslavia. He had a square looking face
and black hair and a stubble beard. He gave his job as being similar to brick
making, although I didn’t recognise the bricks, they were a lot bigger than the
bricks we use today. Daqan moved just about everyone in the circle, some of the
movements were very forceful and purposeful, yet other movements were gentle
(as happened with Joan, Max & Rochelle – guests). At one point Kym
(Paranormal Investigator) saw a red light on the ground behind me which could
not have come from anything physical, as there are no lights for miles from
where we were. After about 40 minutes I conducted another EVP experiment and
then we made our way back as we were all a bit cold. On the way back I took
many photographs, one has a familiar person shape orb or collection of orbs
from deep within the woods (this will be uploaded to the Flikr photostream) and
Louise (guest) found a raffle ticket with her lucky numbers on it and then lost
it whilst walking.

Once again a very enjoyable evening for all.

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