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Oliver Cromwell’s House – 13th September 2014 (Kym)

Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt 13th September 2014
Ely, Cambridgeshire

Area: Kitchen
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ouija, Table Tipping

Group A  – As always, just a little bit excited when going to a venue for the first time, and Oliver Cromwell’s house did not disappoint.  Rather than start with the Ouija straight away, I passed around the pendulums and explained how to use them.  Everyone was surprised when their pendulums started moving, and once they knew their movement for yes & no, asked the spirits questions.  One person had a male spirit, the rest of us had female.  We then moved to the Ouija table, and with this being the first time for all the guests, they were thrilled to see the glass moving around.  We had the spirit of a boy aged 7, but he didn’t stay too long before he took the glass to goodbye.  We waited a couple of minutes before the guests wanted to try again.  This time we had a male spirit aged in his 90’s, but not much more movement.  However some guests were feeling hot & cold next to them.  We did try some table tipping, but only received lots of creaks under the table.

Group B – With my second group again we started with dowsing rods & pendulums.  Everyone received movement, and started asking spirit questions.  With my pendulum the spirit was male from the 1700’s, lived here but didn’t work here, and there were 4 spirits in the room with us.  We tried the Ouija table but received no movement on the glass.  Some of the guests spent some time in pairs in the larder area.  We then moved the table in front of the fireplace and tried some table movement.  After a short while the table slid one way (the table had a metal frame, and was easy to move on the ceramic floor).  Then it moved again the other way.  It then moved so it was touching someone’s foot, and seemed to use this stop and lift up on that corner.  I then said the floor is probably too slippery to lift up the other side, and with the spirit not wanting to be outdone, the table started lifting the other side!  With all seven guests’ hands on table, and myself observing, we were all amazed how the table moved very easily around the room.  Often lifting on one corner and spinning around.  Some of the guests were feeling cold spots around them.  We also noticed if I turned my torch off, or a guest that was filming on his camera stopped recording, the table would then start moving faster.  Before the table started moving, we were hearing knocks/bangs in the room.

With the free session I initially joined 3 guests that hadn’t experienced the table tipping earlier, and we were able to see some the table moving.  We asked the spirit some questions by asking the table to be moved one way for yes, and the opposite for no.  The spirit that was with us, and had been moving the table on the earlier session was female, and was known as the ‘lady in blue’.  I then ventured upstairs and with some guests doing some scrying in the mirror, and getting some great results, we went downstairs to the panel room with a Ouija board and glass.  We were all sitting on the benches, and could hear movement in the room all around us.  Of course being in a room full of wood, you will hear noises, so will be unsure of what we were hearing.  However, I did feel someone touching my leg, thinking it was a guest next to me, was surprised when turning on the torch to see he wasn’t near me.  We could feel the glass moving slightly on the Ouija board, but seemed to move a little bit more on the bench without the board.  The guests then wanted to return to the kitchen to try table tipping again, and once more the table started moving around the room in the same way as before.

A fab night !




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