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Old Forde House

Event Showcase: Old Forde House

History of Old Forde House
Old Forde House in Newton Abbot, Devon has provided hospitality for kings, queens, princes, princesses and numerous lords and ladies since the reign of Elizabeth I.

Although there has been a house on this site since 1539, the present house bears the date 1610 and is built in the shape of the letter E. Commonly thought to be in honour of Queen Elizabeth I

King Charles I visited Forde House in 1625, on his way to Plymouth to inspect the fleet. In 1646 (Civil War) Sir Thomas Fairfax, accompanied by his lieutenant-general, Oliver Cromwell, stayed at Forde House on their way to capture Dartmouth.

It was in the year 1688 that William, Prince of Orange sailed from the Hague and landed at Brixham to lead his army to the capital. Two days after his arrival the Prince reached Newton Abbot. Prince William proceeded to Forde House. Prince William stayed overnight at Forde House in the first floor room known ever since as the Orange Room.

Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating the #OldFordeHouse since 2016.

Our favourite areas are; The Parlour for Table tilting and Séances (quite often people get touched or pushed during a séance!). The main hall is also good for table tilting and Ouija boards. Upstairs the Orange room and The Library are both good for Ouija boards, Séances and tech sessions. One of the most active ares where we haven’t held any sessions is the Male Toilets, not sure why but we have heard whispers, whistles and voices emanating from there when we’ve been upstairs. Strange smells (rotting flesh) has been smelt on the staircase too along with faces looking out of the rear facing windows. Many people have also had a paranormal encounter whilst in the snug room.

We don’t have any video footage from this location because we generally don’t bring our cameras to this venue.

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