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Nothe Fort ghost hunt

NOTHE FORT 24th November 2012

For our first session, myself, Carl and guests entered the Gun Room, and started with 6 x KII’s and 2 x Ghost Pro’s.  After a few minutes we had Ghost Pro activity, but no KII.  We started a séance with Carl filming.  No movement, but we heard noises, akin to footsteps, from both ends of the Gun Room.  We stopped the séance and split the group into two, one group going to one end of the Gun Room with myself, the other with Carl at the opposite end.  My guests were asking out for noises, footsteps and any spirit activity.  We had some activity on the Ghost Pro.  Then one of the guests asked to hear some “footprints”.  We all pointed out that we cannot hear footprints!  However soon after this Carl came and asked me to join his group as they had some wet footprints on the wooden floor.  We all gathered down that end of the room.  The floor in one part was wet as the rain had leaked through the roof.  All guests could clearly see footprints on the floor where no guests had been.  We were still not convinced that this was by spirit and asked for more footprints to appear.  We couldn’t believe what happened next!  A footprint appeared on the floor in the middle of the group and this time it was a naked print showing all five toes!!  As all the guests had shoes and socks on we knew it couldn’t be anyone in the group.  We asked for more but nothing, however here is one of the photos taken……

Nothe Fort - Footprint

Our next two sessions were not as exciting as the first, however we did notice the “footprint” gradually fading/drying (but at a slower rate than all the shoeprints) on each of those sessions, until it was gone by the end of night.

However, during our last session whilst in the Whistling Tunnel, we heard a door bang, one of the guests seeing a door open and bang shut.  We initially thought it was the wind, but at that time the wind was not that strong, and the door was an internal door which wouldn’t have moved by the wind.

A really interesting investigation and one we can’t wait to return to.

Sean McMillan & Carl Hutchinson
Paranormal Investigators
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