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Nothe Fort – 20-4-2013

Nothe Fort ghost hunt 20th April 2013
Weymouth, Dorset

The team were looking forward to returning to this amazing place, and the night did not disappoint.  Sean & I took our first group to the gun room, and immediately we had activity on the ghost pro.  We tried some glass movement on the Ouija table, and although the spirits responded on the ghost pro saying they would make it move, nothing happened.  We then did a séance circle to build up the energies.  Immediately to my left Christian (guest) had both his arms being moved.  He was able to ask spirit to move his arms in a particular way of which spirit did.  The guest to his left thought he was moving his arms, so we suggested she ask in her head for spirit to move his arms.  Although Christian’s arms moved to her response she still remained sceptic.  Spirit continued to move around the circle and move almost everyone, in many different ways, and often to their response.

For our second session, Sean & I were again in the gun room and tried some table tipping.  Myself and three guests very lightly placed our fingers on the table and asked spirit to step forward and move the table.  We were encouraged by the very high levels of activity on the KII,  that the spirit with us was a strong energy.  Although we only had very slight movement on the table, what amazed us all more was the continuous tapping under the table, on the metal frame and the wooden top.  And this would happen when we asked for it.

Sean & I then took the group down to the Caponier, and after some initial exploring we held a séance circle.  Sean & Pete (guest) were starting to feel some swaying, and at this point Steve (medium) joined us.  He told us the spirit with us was a policeman called Sergeant Terry.  The spirit was able to move around the circle and move many of the guests by gentle swaying.

This was the end of the controlled sessions, and at this point all the guests had the opportunity to explore the fort with ghost hunting kit, with or without team.

I returned to base, and took the guests that were there to a quieter end of the café and showed them how to use the pendulums and dowsing rods.  All were amazed by the movement when they were holding them.  We then tried the Ouija board, and were pleased to have some movement.  Although very slight, we were surprised by the gentle twists we received, even continuing when just two people were touching.

Great night – great venue – can’t wait to return.

Kym & Sean
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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