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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 11th April 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

This was our third visit to Marwell Hall and we were hopeful that it would be as active and interesting as our previous visits, as there are certain rooms which similar activity occurs every time we visit.

As always I chose the room upstairs to hold my séances, this is the room the staff don’t like, things happen in this room, it is also the room that the window bar moved on our previous visit.

In this room there were a couple of spirits; the first one I saw was a Footman he was about 5’11” and quite portly for his height, wearing faded navy trousers with leather boots and a dark Navy jacket, he was dressed similarly to the old Royal Mail uniforms. His name was Andrew although he wasn’t a talkative person he was able to move people.

The first group there was some arm movement although by comparison to other groups this was very minor because no-one (apart from me) encouraged the spirit to do anything.

The second group Andrew was able to lift everyone’s arms and twist people’s arm in the centre of the circle. He was also able to push and rock people and in some cases pull the people down to the floor by their arms. Many of the guests felt the pressure that he was able to assert on to their shoulders to force people to move. This pressure was forceful but not malicious in nature. He was also able to pull people backwards, usually quickly and surprisingly which the guests found fun and interesting because it happened so quickly and without warning. The majority of the movements were asked for and the spirit obliged with the requests.

After we finished with the séance as this room became very hot we sat around the table and asked for spirit to make some noises or repeat our knocks on the table. Many times we heard knocks and taps that sounded like they were made from underneath the table (all our hands were flat on top). Many times when everyone heard the knocks from spirit everyone pointed to a different part of the room or the table.

Whilst we were sitting around the table there was a female spirit who seemed to affect one end of the room. She was Victorian in dress but did not give me her name, in fact she didn’t really talk to me, and she just paced around the other end of the room. I stated at the time this was probably because all the men were sitting at the same end and she was affecting the women of the group. Several people felt a coldness like someone breathing on them, however this moved around the table and one person felt a brush across her face whilst another felt a physical touch, a finger or hand poke in the back, which surprised her!

The third group to this room, Andrew made himself know and moved just about everyone’s arms, he also was more able (or willing) to move people. He pushed one person down to the floor in a very embarrassing manner and lifted another person’s left leg a few inches off the floor much to her amazement and surprise. Whilst this was going on other people had their arms raised above their heads and arms and faces stroked, sometimes this was asked for other times not.

Once again after finishing the séance we sat around the table in the hope that we would hear more noises, but alas we didn’t. However the female spirit came through again and affected the same end of the room, with various people feeling cold spots and they too said that it felt like someone breathing a coldness onto them.

After all groups had spent time with all the team members doing different activities in different rooms. We then (as we always do) allow the guests to investigate on their own in any of the areas that they have been and the guests may borrow our ghost hunting equipment and Ouija boards. Many guests had great paranormal experiences on their own or in small groups. One group used our writing planchette and had various letters and names written as well as objects that they asked to be drawn.

Another group upstairs the room that I held the séances managed eventually to get a long table to be moved by spirit.

This was another excellent ghost hunt and we are looking forward to our second visit later in the year.

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