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Marwell Hall – 24th October 2015 – Steve

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 24th October 2015
Winchester, Hampshire


This was our fourth time at this venue and we were hoping that some of the previous paranormal occurrences would happen again to corroborate those occurrences. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as expected although we did have an excellent night.

My séance circles were held downstairs in one of the rear facing rooms and we were joined by a spirit called Richard, a First World War soldier who was wearing puttees, he was 56 years old.

A female spirit called Alice aged in her 40s and a Nanny aged in her 20s were also present. There were also a number of spirit children in the room. This is unusual as I normally do not pick up children due to my dislike of them.

The first group experienced lots of movement, pushing, twisting and unusually we all ended up facing outward, when we started all facing inward. We had no idea how this happened. Towards the end of the session we all heard a child’s trumpet sound.

The second group also experienced lots of movement, but not to the same extent, this time it was just people being pushed and pulled whilst standing.

The third group however experienced lots of movement with everyone being touched, pushed, pulled or swayed as well as being pulled down to the floor by their arms and hands.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity experienced by all those present.

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