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Landguard Fort – 6th November 2015 (Kym)

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 6th November 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk


Area: Guard House
Landguard Fort is one of my favourite venues, the fort is vast, with many areas to investigate, and the presence of spirits always felt around us.  When I initially arrived I walked around, and when entering into the ground floor tunnel complex I immediately felt the presence of spirit walking with me.

I chose to work in the Guard House, doing the Human Pendulum.  With my first group we had a male spirit connected to this area, and from the 1400’s.  He was from Finland and had travelled here with his family.  His parents were smugglers and he had learnt the trade from them, including how to build his own boat.  He had met a British lady, married her and had two children.  However, they had all died at sea.  They had been selling their produce on the seas, which consisted of food and clothes bought from the mainland, when other smugglers had wanted to take his wife, and they had all perished.  The spirit gave his name of Bob, he was very tall, over 6′, and had blond hair and blue eyes.  As the guests had been here before, and encountered a male spirit in the shower room, they wanted to investigate there, so off we went.  Again we did the human pendulum, and although no male spirit was there, a female spirit they had met before joined us. She was a foreign lady, and had not committed suicide as the guests previously thought, but in fact had been pushed.  She had been seen by one of the guests before in a different room, and she wanted us to go there now, which we did.  Whilst standing in that area quietly we all heard a noise like tapping metal.  On checking, this noise could have come from pipes on the ceiling being tapped, or a chair in the next room.  Then asking for the noise again we all heard a bang on the wooden door.
With my next group, whilst communicating to spirit with the human pendulum, a female spirit joined us.  She said she was the foreign lady from earlier, and again she was pushed.  She said her name was Maria.  The next spirit that came through was female and her friend.  However, when asking a little more about them, it seemed they were not connected to the fort or the area, and both passed within the last five years, and wanted to go the light.  I had some guests in the group that were sensitive to spirit and were feeling the same, so with their help we invited the two female spirits to pass over to the light.  However, with the communication starting again with spirit, we soon realised Maria had gone over, but her friend hadn’t.  After communicating with her for a short while we helped her pass over too.  Jules (guest) could feel someone touching her shoulder, who we believed to be the male spirit that had pushed the female spirit(s).  He didn’t want to go to the light.  Starting the pendulum again, Paula (guest) to my right was still feeling incredibly upset.  Although being sensitive to spirit, she had not been able to understand her experiences, and didn’t know why she kept seeing a young girl sitting on the floor, hugging her legs, upset and not looking up.  Paula was also aware of a nun with this girl too.  We decided to communicate with the girl first before offering to help send her over.  She was in her 20’s, was in prison for doing wrong, and had starved to death.

The nun had been her friend at the convent.  The girl’s name was Josephine, and Paula could see her now looking up, and feeling happy with us trying to help her.  So we then helped Josephine go to the light, however whilst doing this we all heard a loud female whistle.

With my last group the first spirit was male who had worked here during WW2, he was an engineer who had maintained the guns.  As we had guns in the room with us, three by the door, he confirmed he had maintained the first and third one.  The second spirit was a female who had worked at the fort during WW2 as a nurse.  She had passed of old age between 1950 – 2000.  She had been married but no children, she had miscarried more than once.  She was kind enough to show me what she looked like, auburn curly hair, wearing a blue and white floral dress, medium build and possibly around 5’6″ tall.  She was riding a bicycle with a basket on the front, through open fields/countryside in Suffolk.  She was from Ipswich.  She loved coming to the fort in spirit, and liked one of the male workers here.  That person has seen and felt her here.  She gave us her name as Susan, and asked the guests to find her in the shower area.  We then had a male spirit come through, from WW1 and connected to the fort.  He had fought in the Battle of the Somme, and had died there.  Whilst talking to this spirit we all heard a female noise/giggle.
We then finished that session by all the using the dowsing rods and pendulums I had brought, and with Lynn (guest) able to use the rods very well, I took the guests to the shower area to continue communicating with Susan.  I left them there, and later they told me that after talking to Susan for a while they moved down the tunnel to the next room, but returned when they heard a lot of noise coming from that area.  On looking they saw the plastic toy rat that had been hanging on the wall/shelf was now on the floor in the next room.
Fantastic night, with such lovely guests, and all having some amazing experiences!

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