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Landguard Fort – 5-10-2013 (Sue)

Languard Fort Saturday 5th October 2013 – Sue & Sean Report

1st Vigil Group B Sean and I were based in the Guard Room. We began by calling out to spirit to make themselves know to us and almost immediately the Ghost Pro meter began to light up. We encouraged the guests to ask questions to the spirit that was engaging with us and the guests were getting responses to their questions via the ghost box pro flashing either once for yes or twice for no. We attempted to get spirit to talk to us via the Ouija board but the glass moved only very slightly. I could sense the presence of a female spirit that had entered the room. I was overcome with extreme sadness and had the feeling she felt isolated and that she had felt betrayed by a man. She did make me feel very upset and emotional but this was the only time this lady interacted with me. We all heard what sounded like a pebble or something similar rolling off a shelf and hitting the floor behind us.

The strange thing is there was no shelf and we couldn’t find anything on the floor that could have made this noise, although it was heard by all the guests. We decided to move into the single prison cell that is at the far end of the guard room. We all held hands and formed a séance circle. Sean and I called out to Spirit and asked them to let us know if they were present. Almost immediately one of the guests began rocking and was being forced backwards, he said he could feel a heavy presence on his chest. My team member Sean and Misha (a guest) began to have their arms moved upwards and twisting. Several other guests but mainly the men, were having there arms moved. We noticed that Daniel (one of the guests) was being pushed backwards quite forcefully. His legs were rooted to the spot but he was bending back from the waist upwards. Daniels breathing changed, it became heavy and he seemed breathless. Sean and I asked if he was ok but we got no response from Daniel, he had gone into a trance like state and appeared to be starring straight through us. This is very unusual and does not normally happen. Sean placed his hands on Daniels back and very quickly he came out of the trance like state. He was ok but said he felt extremely hot. Daniel was not aware of what had just happened, he just remembered the feeling of being pulled backwards. I do stress that after a few minutes Daniel was completely fine and he continued to participate. Whilst we were in the cell, the ghost pro meter and K2 was continually lighting up.

2nd Vigil Group C We decided to start off our second vigil with a new group of guests in the Cell area. We formed a séance circle and almost immediately one of the guests Angie said she felt very light headed, faint and as if she was going to blackout. We placed Angie in the centre of the circle for protection and so she could sit down. Within a minute or two she said she felt better. We decided to leave this area and move into the main guard house area. We placed a table in the middle of the room with 2 x K2 and 2 x Ghost box pro’s and formed a séance circle around the table so all the guests could see the equipment. Myself and Angela (a guest) both said we felt sea sick and we felt as if we were rocking gently, as if we was on a boat. Angela said she felt a bit drunk and merry. When we asked spirit did he like a drink the K2 spiked. I asked the guests could any of them feel or sense anything happening. One of the guests Daniel who had been very quite said Yes something has pulled my trousers down, when I asked Daniel, how far have your trousers been pulled down he replied, right down to the bottom of his bum. With this everyone began laughing and we all said I wish this was on film. Once we all began laughing this seemed to raise the energy because all of the guests apart from two ladies began having their arms lifted in the air and twisted. Guests were having there arms pulled down and pushed into the floor. One gentleman said to Sean (my team member) it feels like they are trying to push my hand right through the floor. It was most amusing to watch as it was if they were playing a game of twister. I have never before witnessed so many people being touched, moved and pushed by spirit. It appeared as if the male spirit was trying to pull (a guest) Simon’s body round so he had his back to the rest of the circle. Simon, Gemma, Sean and several other guests were all pulled down to the ground. We were all laughing as we were so shocked by how physically we were being touched when Gemma said Simons hand had gone very limp. Simon had gone into a trance like state just like Daniel had in the 1st group. It took a few minutes but we brought Simon back round but when he went to stand he had lost the feeling in his legs and they felt like jelly.  Simon has no memory of what had happened but after a few minutes he was ok. This really is strange and something that I have only ever witnessed once before so to have this happen twice in one evening is extremely unusual.

3rd Vigil Group A Our last group experienced similar to the other two groups although they were not pulled to the ground but there arms were moved, lifted up into the air and twisted. When we were in the cell area several of the guests and Sean were pushed up against the wall and Spirit was pulling Sean and other guests around the room.  A guest said he could feel a cobweb on his face. There was no cobweb but when a spirit steps close it often feels although you have walked into a cobweb. The other strange thing that did not happen on the 1st or 2nd group was we noticed how dark the cell had become. This area should have been quite light as you have a window in the cell and also we had set up in the corner a camera that was recording and a torch was on the bed. However the cell was extremely dark. Through out the night we had activity on the ghost pro meters but the k2 only spiked occasionally.

Free time For the final hour the guests are allowed to investigate the fort by themselves. They can go anywhere they wish and use any of our equipment. They can investigate by themselves or grab a team member is they wish to. Simon, Gemma and few other guests asked if they could come with me. We headed for the room that had the baths in. This room made you feel uneasy and we did get some responses on the ghost pro but this is a small area and there was quite a few of us so we decided to move on. I then took the guests to the room that they store wood in. As soon as you walked into this room the atmosphere changed and the guests did not like the feeling of this room. We asked a few questions but within a few minutes the guests wanted to leave this area as they just didn’t feel comfortable. Simon, Gemma and I went back to the guard house. We began using the Ouija board and connected to the male spirit that had been so physical with the guests. The spirit was reluctant to use the letters on the board. We asked if he could spell his name for us but unfortunately he could not spell. So we communicated with him by asking questions and the spirit using the yes and no and the numbers on the Ouija board. The gentleman told us he was married and had two sons. One of his sons had died in infancy. The year the gentleman had died was 1847. He was a sailor and I sensed his death was an accident. So by asking several questions we established that his death had been caused by an explosion. He felt he was to blame for this.

Overall Sean and I have a very interesting night. I don’t think either of us has ever seen so many guests and Sean being pushed, pulled and twisted. The level of activity we have had has been amazing. This Fort is huge and has so many areas to investigate. I cannot wait to come back again and investigate other areas of this Fort.

Many thanks to all the guests

Sue Kyle & Sean McMillan
Paranormal Investigators
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