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Landguard Fort – 5-10-2013 (Kym)


For the evening I was on the upper level in the ramparts with Jason filming with me.  In our first room we explained how the equipment (Ghost Pro & KII) worked.  The guests had some interaction with spirits on the ghost pro’s.  We then moved to the Gun Room and held a séance circle.  It felt very uncomfortable in that room, I was feeling dizzy with a headache and difficulty breathing.  Jason was feeling it too with a headache.  I kept being pushed back – I felt the spirit didn’t want me or us there.  A male guest was being pushed back too.  The female guest to his left felt blowing in her ear.  To her surprise when asking spirit to blow in her other ear it did, and not just once.  Another female guest felt her neck being tickled, then she felt it continue down her back.  Noises were being heard around us too, and Jason and Simon (guest) heard a ringing noise.  We then moved to the next room where we had set up the Ouija table and more equipment for the guests to use.  The glass on the Ouija table moved slightly, guests were feeling cobwebs and tingling, one guest whilst touching the glass felt his finger go very hot.  Gemma (guest) was having positive responses with the dowsing rods.  We swapped the guests on the table so everyone got an opportunity to try, and we tried some table tipping.  We were hearing creaks underneath the table but no movement.  When we asked spirit to copy our taps we heard some taps back in response but not to our pattern.  However some of the time one of the guests could feel the correct taps underneath his hands.  As we all left the room, Jason was last to leave and heard a loud bang behind him.  Thinking it was a ghost pro fallen, he looked and couldn’t find anything.

With the second group again we explained the kit in the first room as they hadn’t used any on their first session.  Some interaction with spirits was experienced.  We then all went to the gun room and held a séance circle.  The guests standing to my left, their hands holding each other started moving up.  They took it in turns to ask spirit which way to move and to their surprise their hands moved to their request.  Other guests were being swayed.  We then went to the next room and tried some glass work on the Ouija table but nothing.  Tried some table tipping and felt some vibrations and taps.  Jason and guests heard what they thought to be the chain moving on two old bikes in the room.  We could hear some noises outside the room too.  Some guests then went into the cells for a short while before the break and one guest heard the door creak but when moving the door to his surprise it did not creak!

With my third group we went straight to the gun room and held a séance circle.  To our surprise we had activity on the KII for the first time.  The guests were asking the spirit communicating with us on the ghost pro’s if they were related to anyone here, and were receiving positive responses.  As no-one was having any type of movement we stopped the circle and as we all left the room, with Jason last, the doors at the opposite end flew open.  The doors were only pulled shut, not properly closed with the latch so we all questioned whether it was wind (although it was not a very windy night).  We all reconstructed the event, opening the doors one end to leave, all left the room with Jason remaining to film.  We all stood outside the opened door and watched through the room to see if the other doors opened.  To our amazement after a few minutes they flew open again.  Then as Daniel (guest) went to walk back into the room the door he was about to walk through closed on him.  This happened again when he tried to enter the room.  I left five guests and Jason in that room and took Drew and Tanya (guests) to the Ouija table as they thought they had a family member with them.  Although no movement with the glass, we had turned the Ovilus II on and the words coming through had personal meanings to the guests connected with a relative passed over.  With the remaining guests and Jason joining us, Drew & Tanya stepped away from the table to continue with the Ovilus, whilst the other guests sat at the table.  Immediately the glass started moving for them and by asking a few specific questions were able to verify that Daniel’s (guest) mother was with them.  This brought joy to them all and many questions were asked, with some amazing replies.  Daniel’s mum remained with them for the next hour.  All asking questions to validate more the spirit that was with them.  Much happiness was felt, along with lots of tears.  Daniel’s mum was taken too early and it was clear that she was dearly missed.  Throughout we also had lots of KII activity, always around Daniel, showing where he mum was standing.  When we felt that area pockets of warmth was felt.

Now into the free session the guests decided to have a wander with kit, and Jason & I stayed in the room.  Jason was playing some WWII music, and the atmosphere started to change.  The temperature dropped rapidly until we were both shivering with cold.  We felt that several spirits had joined us.  The empty chair next to us kept creaking as if someone was sitting there.  Other noises were heard around us.

A great night as most of the guests were new to ghost hunting and many were sceptics…but all seemed to be converted by the end of the night!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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