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Landguard Fort – 4th October 2014 (Kym)

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 4th October 2014
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Area: Guard House with adjoining cell to rear
Equipment: Writing Planchette, KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group B – I had been looking forward to coming back to Landguard Fort since our last visit in April. One of my favourite places and I started by showing the guests how to use the rods and pendulums.  Once everyone had established their yes & no’s, we asked spirit who they were.  We had a male soldier, British and over 50.  We asked spirit to point the rods to where he was standing, and three of the four rods all pointed in the same direction.  We did use the Ghost Pro too which was answering questions.  We then moved to the cell and tried the writing planchette, but no movement, however some of us were swaying whilst kneeling on the floor and leaning on the table.  We did hear noises and footsteps near us, and were feeling cold breezes.  With just 10 minutes left we moved to the shower area and spent a little time in there.

Group C – With my next group we started with the rods & pendulums and had a lot of movement.  Most guests had a male spirit, but one person had a female.  The male was again a British Soldier, and had died here in battle.  One guest’s pendulum was rotating continuously in very large circles, and would change direction when asked.  We asked spirit to do this to the rods, and all started rotating, slowly, but kept going all the way round.  Again we asked spirit to point the rods to where he was standing, and they pointed to the same place as previous group.  We moved to the cell but had no movement on the writing planchette, so we took the Ouija table to the bathroom.  Although the glass didn’t move, the table was gently rocking whilst everyone’s fingers were on the glass.  Some guests were being swayed too.  With 10 minutes left we all moved to another room and whilst doing so two guests saw a shadow of someone move across opposite.  They both went to check but no-one there.  We did all go into another room for just a short while, but with no movement on the Ouija stopped for break.

Group A – With the last controlled session we started with the rods & pendulums, and had lots of movement.  We then tried the writing planchette in the cell, and almost immediately it started moving.  We asked spirit to give their initials, and although not too clear we think it was either an S or P for their first name, and a Z for their second.  Then we asked spirit to copy the shape a guest had a drawn on paper (she was not on the planchette and didn’t show anyone).  A triangle was drawn by the planchette, a star was what we had asked for – quite close.  We asked spirit to copy again, this time a Z, but the planchette drew a circle with a square around it.  One guest who had a digital recorder hanging around his neck felt it being pulled.  We then spent the last few minutes back in the main room quietly, asking spirit to affect us, make a noise, etc.  One guest felt he was pushed a couple of times.
In the free session I joined a group of guests in the map room on the ouija table, although there was only small movements with the glass, we were hearing and feeling lots of thuds underneath the table.  Gill (guest) was also feeling taps on her back.  We then did try some table tipping, and got lots of rocking followed by the table tipping up and spinning around.


Again a fab night at Landguard, and looking forward to going back!

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