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Landguard Fort – 29th November 2014 (Kym)

Landguard Fort 29th November 2014
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Area: Mine Room – used to create sea mines
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Table Tipping

Group C – We started by using the rods and pendulums to communicate with the spirit with us, initially there was a female spirit, aged over 20 years, and had worked here.  Her husband had also worked at the Fort and was with us too.  We tried the table tipping and had some creaks and slight movement.  We were feeling cold touches on our hands.  We also explored the surrounding rooms too.

Group D – Again started with the rods & pendulums, we had a male spirit with us, aged over 100 years!  Not sure if that was true.  He said there were between 15 – 20 spirits with us.  He had worked here in the army in the 1900’s.  He was married with no children.  We then tried the table tipping and this time the table started moving immediately.  It would lift and spin in many different ways.  We were also hearing noises in the room near us, and out in the corridor, we were seeing shadows in the doorway, and continued to hear what sounded like people talking in the room we were in.

Group A – We used the rods & pendulums again to communicate with spirit, and it was the same male spirit that was moving the table previously.  We were hearing noises outside, very loud similar to heavy footsteps.  Tried table tipping and lots of movement as before.

Group B – Using the rods & pendulums as before, and again we had the same male spirit with us.  He said he was in his twenties, and was a British Soldier here at the fort in the 1900’s.  He said his name was Robert.  Again Robert stepped forward to move the table with us, twisting, spinning as before, slow at first, then increasing the speed when asked, and changing direction when asked.  We asked the spirit to ‘walk’ the table to the door, and it did by spinning in different directions.
During the free session i joined several groups of guests, but what did amaze me, and all others that saw, some team and guests had started in an upstairs room table tipping, however the table ‘walked’ out of the room, all round the upstairs areas of the fort, and then finishing by coming down a full flight of stairs.  Pretty incredible!

I absolutely love coming to Landguard Fort, there are always new places to explore, and something different happens every time.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
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