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Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt – 9-11-2013 (Kym)

Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt, Portsmouth 9th November 2013

Area: Main Theatre

Equipment: Ouija Table, Ghost Pro, KII, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

On entering the area with our first group we turned on the Ghost Pro’s & KII’s and explained how they work.  We then held a séance circle to bring the spirit energies forward.  Whilst in the circle Sue & the guest next to her, could feel cold on their hands, child height.  We then sat the guests around the table, fingers on glass asking spirit to step forward and communicate with us.  After a short while the glass started moving, very slowly.  We asked spirit to tell us their age – it went to 5.  Then moved to A and asked the ghost pro’s if 5A was his class – yes.  Jason (team) who was filming for us had the name Joseph in his head.  The ghost pro confirmed this was his name.  After not much more glass movement the guests used the dowsing rods and pendulums to communicate with Joseph.  John (guest) in particular was receiving a lot of response with the rods, with the spirit of Joseph saying that John reminded him of his father.  The guests then wanted to try some table tipping, and with hands on table could feel and hear taps on the table.  We were also hearing noises on the stage.  With very little time left on this session, Sue & I put our hands on the table too, and with a lot of encouragement from all of us, the table lifted once towards John.  With no more movement, and big thank you’s to Joseph for his huge effort, John wanted to try the pendulum, and was amazed by the huge circles the pendulum was moving, and when asking Joseph to stop and change direction, it did immediately.  It was also noted throughout the session team and guests, when standing in a particular area felt pain on the top of their head.  This was not felt on any more sessions.

With our second group, we had 7 guests so 3 and Sue tried the glass on the Ouija table, whilst I sat with the remaining 4 guests using pendulums and rods.  Whilst we were receiving lots of movement, with guests asking spirit to move the rods and pendulums in certain ways, including the pendulums vibrating unusually on request, Sue was communicating with a spirit called Dan age 8, he said he was born in 1478 and passed in 1486/1489, saying he went to school here, but on checking the school opened in 1748.  All the correct numbers but in the wrong order, but he was only 8!  He said he had 3 brothers (one called Alfred) & 2 sisters.  We then brought all the guests together on the table so everyone could experience the glass moving, but not wanting to break the connection the existing guests had.  The glass started moving slightly different and we had the spirit of Charles age 26 who was a teacher here.  The spirit seemed to respond to one guest, saying she reminded him of his mum.  The guests then wanted to see if Charles was able to move the table.  Lots of creaks/taps on and under the table were heard, then it lifted up one side.  The table then started sliding across the floor which was made easy for spirit as it was laminate flooring.  All the guests were able to ask where they wanted the table moved to, and to their surprise the table would slide there.  We then asked spirit to lift the table up on to one leg and rotate with everyone having to move fast to keep up.

This was now the end of the controlled sessions and the guests then explored the theatre with equipment with or without team.  I spent some time in the main area with guests, and was able to experience table movement again.  I then suggested the guests tried the writing planchette in a school room, and leaving them on their own, they were able to experience various letters/pictures being drawn.

A fantastic night – made even more brilliant by the enthusiasm of all the guests!

Kym McMillan & Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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